Top Ten Best Free Apps to Improve Your Mobile Experience

Android devices are considered to be user-friendly and efficient devices to perform numerous tasks effortlessly. To make your work easier,


Android devices are considered to be user-friendly and efficient devices to perform numerous tasks effortlessly. To make your work easier, you can use various apps which is a useful addition to various smartphone platforms. You can find various apps for almost all your needs on Android platform easily. Let’s discuss some of these useful and awesome Android apps in this article.


1. Duplicate Files Fixer

This amazing app helps you fix duplicate files problem instantly. It uses smart algorithms to find and delete all sort of duplicate files on your device accurately. This app helps you recover a lot of storage space effortlessly to improve your device speed and performance. With intuitive UI and super-fast scan engine, it offers accurate results.


2. LastPass

This password manager and password generator app keep your passwords safe in a secure vault. It helps you auto-fill web browser details and app logins for you. Using this app, you can generate new, unique and secure passwords. You can even keep private notes safe using this app.


3. CM Game Booster

Choice of users around the world this app is a proficient tool for game management and speed boosting. It helps you fix RAM (memory) issues automatically while running your favorite game. It improves your gaming experience significantly.



4. DU Battery Saver

With features like one-click optimization, smart pre-set modes, phone cooler, battery monitor, power-saving widgets, and smart charge this awesome Android app proves to be a complete package. It helps you deal with battery related issues conveniently and efficiently.

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5. Android Cleaner App

This useful app helps you boost your apps and gaming performance. With single touch option, you can speed up your device performance from your Home screen. This simple yet powerful tool help you deal with all Android related problems instantly.

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6. Best Weather App

Use this amazing app for real-time weather updates and hourly & daily forecasts. This app provides accurate weather forecasts on your device lock screen. You can even add other locations and different cities to view weather forecast including weather alarms.


7. Maps, Navigation & Directions

Use this app to plan your trips, route your travel plans and find restaurants to nearby places. It helps you navigate your destination using Google Maps or OpenStreetMap (OSM). You can find all kind of maps on this app including city maps, traffic, cycling or hiking maps etc.

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8. Photo Editing App – PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector helps you turn your regular pictures into professional-quality artwork. You can use this tool to enhance landscape pictures, photoshop travel photos, edit other pictures easily. You can add photo frames, filters, and multiple other effects to make your pictures look good. Here are some more apps to make your selfies beautiful.


9. Cloud Backup App – Right BackUp Anywhere

This awesome Android app helps you store sample of your data to cloud servers effortlessly. It helps you declutter and organize your data in a seamless manner. It also helps you improve your device speed and performance significantly. It uses strong SSL encryption process to keep your data safe on the cloud.


10. Scanner App – Tiny Scanner

This useful tool helps you turn your Android device into a portable document scanner. It scans everything as images or PDFs. Using this tool, you can scan photos, documents, receipts, reports or anything else. You can share these scanned documents via email, Dropbox, fax etc.


These are some of the most useful and awesome Android apps available on Android platform. You can use these apps for improved Android phone experience. In fact, these tools can help you make your work easier on your device.