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Deezer Music Player Premium [Mod] APK Download

Deezer Music Player Premium mod apk for Android phone and tablet devices, modded and cracked version of popular music streaming

Name: Deezer Premium Mod
Developer: Deezer Mobile
Category: Utility
Size: 22.82 MB
Package name:
Price: Free
Release: 21 - 05 - 2021
Availability: WorldWide
Safety: Safe
Language: English
Playstore: Open Play Store Link
Requirements: Internet connectivity,
Deezer/Facebook/Google account for login.
Rating: 4.3
Downloads: 100000+

App Details & Guide

Deezer Music Player Premium mod apk for Android phone and tablet devices, modded and cracked version of popular music streaming and song companion app offering following premium features:

  • It offers over fifty-six million songs, soundtracks, music, podcasts, audio channels, and radio stations so you can always discover something new to listen to and enjoy.
  • Deezer Premium apk with ad-free music listening experience along with the ability to switch audio quality.
  • Fully working offline mode lets you easily download your favorite music or soundtrack for ultimate offline listening without WiFi and Internet connectivity.
  • Enjoy features like unlimited skips and no shuffling, which means you can listen to whatever song you want.
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What is Modded in Deezer Premium for Android?

In this section, we have mentioned all the premium features that are modded, mod lite, cracked, and unlocked in Deezer Premium apk, and you can enjoy all of them free:

  • Ad-free music, podcasts, radio stations, and audio listening experience with fully blocked visual and audio advertisements.
  • The offline listening mode, along with the ability to download any music or soundtrack.
  • Unlimited skips that let you skip any music whenever you want.
  • Play any song or music you want from the playlist. No shuffling.
  • Unlocked audio quality switches that let you choose superior quality 320 kbps for sound/music playback.
  • Option to seek soundtrack and listen to any part of music or podcast.
  • You can easily put any music on repeat.

If you are a music enthusiast and want to keep yourself updated with the latest soundtracks and music albums from all genres, then Deezer Music Player Premium is the best choice for you. This app offers a massive variety of songs with better sound quality and on-demand streaming of more than 50 million songs, audio, music, podcasts, and radio stations.

Deezer is considered one of the world’s largest music repositories available online. And with the availability of the Deezer Premium version, you can listen to your favorite music anywhere anytime, even when you are offline.

Features of Deezer for Android Premium

Here are some of the most notable features of the Deezer app and premium variant for Android:

  • It provides access to unlimited music tracks, audio, podcasts, and radio stations from all across the world.
  • You can listen to the music in online mode when you have Internet access, or download your complete music playlist and listen in offline mode anywhere anytime without WiFi.
  • Deezer Premium mod apk offers you the option to download soundtracks directly on your Android phone or tablet device and gives you ad-free music playback.
  • The music and podcast player app is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, as well as other connected devices for quick wireless playback.
  • An interactive and easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly browse through millions of music and soundtracks neatly organized in different categories.
  • The sound playback quality can be adjusted between basic, standard, and high quality, depending on your personal preference and bandwidth availability.
  • You can completely customize your categories, playlist, appearance, and sound quality so that you can enjoy music according to your liking.

Deezer has got one of the biggest music libraries as compared to any other music streaming app like Spotify (which means all the music available on Spotify are also available on Deezer along with the music downloading and offline playback support). It has affordable pricing packages too that will suit your requirements.

There are three types of subscriptions available. Firstly, a free subscription, which allows you to listen to free unlimited music but contains advertisements. The second is Deezer HiFi, and the third one is Deezer Premium.

Both the second and third ones are paid subscriptions and provide ad-free experience with high-quality soundtracks and other premium features. The paid subscriptions also allow you to download songs to listen in offline mode. We will discuss all of them later in this article.

For those of you who are new here, Deezer is a smart and simplified music library that allows you to access millions of songs, soundtracks, podcasts, and other audio tracks from around the world. It has got a pretty simple interface with lots of exciting features.

You can search for your desired song, play it, and create your personalized playlist. You can even download soundtracks and music on your Android device for offline playback experience.

The app also allows you to follow different artists and keep yourself updated with the latest music trends and upcoming albums because this is a complete catalog of music, and you can listen to any type of music including pop, rock, rap, and classics.

That is not all as the music is classified in regional-based categories like Asian, African, American, Brazilian etc. That is the best part of Deezer as the developers have sorted every music in a very organized manner that helps us to discover the right track.

User Interface of Deezer Music Player

The user-interface of Deezer Premium apk is extremely easy and interactive. It grabs the attention of the user right away with the most recommended playlist displayed on top.

The app requires you to log in via the Deezer account, Google, or Facebook. If you choose Google or Facebook, then you can link your social media account with Deezer and quickly share songs, music, and complete playlists on social media profiles with your friends.

There are four tabs available, which makes the navigation straightforward. The home page contains soundtracks divided into playlists like recommended playlists, music by genre, recommended latest releases, rewind to previous years, popular playlists, midweek motivation, music by mood, charts, most-streamed albums, and the good old days.

Well, what does anyone want more?

Deezer Music Player app for Android has just sorted everything for its users. Whether you want to listen to old classics or want to follow the songs at the top of the trending chart. You will get all the types of music on your fingertips.

It not only serves as a global music library but also allows you to personalize the playlists. Things you can do include the ability to create multiple playlists, follow your favorite bands, create albums, and even download music. All of these customization features are available in the My Music tab.

You can shuffle your music to enjoy a different variety of songs from the playlist. There are other options available, including downloaded, favorite tracks, playlists, albums, artists, and mixes. There is a number written against all these options allowing you to keep track of all the activities.

Deezer Music and Audio Player

Deezer Premium apk for Android allows you to listen to the music in online and offline mode. You can continue listening to music in the background or when your phone is locked.

There are different options available during the soundtrack playback, as if you can choose to remove any music from the recommendations. This alone helps learn Deezer about your personal preferences, likes, and dislikes. The app then shows relevant songs in the recommendations.

You can click on the heart button to add any music to your favorites, and all these tracks are updated in the flow tab. You can also see other information related to the soundtrack or music by clicking the three dots. Apart from favorites, you can create your personalized playlist by manually adding music.

There are artist and album pages where you can find detailed information about the song. The artist page will take you to all the top tracks, latest releases, discography, similar artists, and playlists.

One of the most amazing features embedded in Deezer is the lyrics option. As the song proceeds, the lyrics are highlighted and shifted accordingly. The queue list is present at the bottom right corner where all the played songs are displayed.

Setting Up your Deezer App

There is a settings option at the top right corner that lets you customize and personalize your Deezer app. So tapping on the Settings option will lead you to the basic settings and preferences that can be modified:

  • Manage My Account – You can change email ID, password, personal information, and communication preferences. Enable or disable different notifications and update alerts by Deezer.
  • Display Settings – You can switch to dark mode and monochrome player. Or you can simply disable these options.
  • Audio Settings – Four types of audio quality available: Better, Balanced, Compact, and Custom. Better provides the best quality available. Balanced improves audio quality when connected to WiFi. Compact adjusts the audio quality to reduce data usage. And Custom lets you customize the audio quality settings. You can activate equalizer to enhance your music listening experience.
  • App Settings – You can activate notifications that send you a beep whenever new music is available through discovery based on your personal preference.
  • Share Settings – Adjust music sharing settings, which let you share music with friends and social circles on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Audio Playback – A phone call can instruct the Deezer player to pause and resume music playback automatically. Hide tracks unavailable in your country. You can even hide explicit content from the recommendations.
  • Disk Usage – As the app provides music download functionality, you can use this option to keep an eye on the available and consumed storage space of your Android device.
  • Connected Devices – Here, you can see all the connected devices that are linked to your Deezer account.
  • Offline Mode – You can enable/disable offline mode, which lets you listen to music with/without data or WiFi usage.
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66 Replies to Deezer Music Player Premium [Mod]

  1. I downloaded the latest apk. But on the Deezer setting it says free plan is that permanent or something wrong?

  2. It’s the standard version. Idk if I’m doing something wrong, are there some steps?

  3. Great APK, thanks a lot. But one thing Audio quality can’t be selected to custom in MOD version. And when entering in custom you find only two choices Basic or Standard, no Hight quality or Hight fidelity. Return to MOD version.

    1. I always recommend users to stick to the version that is working fine for them. There is no need to experiment with newer versions just to get the latest features. People usually end up with a broken app.

      If you are looking for anything specific then let me know.

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