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MP3Studio Flvto YouTube Downloader APK Download

Flvto YouTube Downloader apk, also known as MP3 Studio YouTube Downloader for Android is a fast and convenient tool to

Name: MP3 Studio Flvto YouTube Downloader
Developer: MP3Studio
Category: Utility
Size: 20.98 MB
Package name: crab.mp3.converter
Price: Free
Release: 18 - 04 - 2020
Availability: WorldWide
Safety: Safe
Language: English
Playstore: Not available on Play store
Requirements: Internet connectivity,
Storage space to download MP3 or video.

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App Details & Guide

Flvto YouTube Downloader apk, also known as MP3 Studio YouTube Downloader for Android is a fast and convenient tool to download any video from YouTube and convert them to all major media formats including mp4, mp3, and m4a. The overall operation of this app is quite smooth and user-friendly with options available right on the main screen.

The required file format can be easily downloaded on the user’s Android phone. A state-of-the-art YouTube video downloader and converter that offer multiple options to the user to enjoy favorite YouTube videos and audios on the phone while offline.

About Flvto YouTube Downloader MP3 Studio APK

It has always been a hassle for the users to download their favorite songs and videos from YouTube. Moreover, it is also not a recommended option to have music videos on the phone as those files are in FLV format and utilizes more space.

Flvto YouTube Downloader apk makes it simpler and easier to download videos from YouTube that can be easily converted into mp3 or any other preferable audio format. It is almost like a dream come true for music lovers.

This YouTube app is not just about converting songs from YouTube to mp3 format. It serves as a platform to download any kind of video from YouTube platform and then gives you possibilities to convert that video file into any preferred format including MP4, M4A and other video formats.

Therefore, it serves a dual purpose: One is the video downloading from YouTube and the other is to convert YouTube video into any desired format.

This way, the user does not have to worry about the format conversion procedure. Everything related to downloading and conversion is done in the background by the Flvto YouTube Downloader app. This app let you download any video from YouTube directly on your phone at a single tap.

The app developers have recently rebranded their Flvto YouTube Downloader app to MP3 Studio YouTube Downloader app. We believe this happened because YouTube no longer provides FLV file format so the name became irrelevant hence, developers decided to give it a new name.

Apart from downloading, other interesting features include a built-in video player. There is a complete library of videos available within the app that allows the user to select and play any video and even download it on their Android device. The app also allows the user to maintain a playlist by adding the video to favorites and then download it whenever they find suitable.

User Interface of Flvto YouTube Downloader

It is very easy to access the downloader as it does not require any kind of sign-up. The interface of Flvto YouTube Downloader for Android is extremely simple with all options available right on the front. The home screen has a video link input bar where the user can paste the link of the video to be downloaded from YouTube. The user can simply copy and paste the link and tap the download button present on the main screen.

There are five options available at the bottom. One is the home screen where the user is directed after the app is installed. Other options include discover, search, my music, and downloads.

The discover option is a library of videos available on the interface. The videos are categorized by popularity, latest, and genres. This library allows the users to listen to the videos to check the overall sound quality before downloading. Also, the user can search for a particular video in the library. It is an added-on bonus for the users to check the video on the in-build player before downloading.

There are three dots on the top right corner of the main screen. These dots lead to the options of settings, feedback, and subscription. The user can set a save location for the downloaded videos or can proceed to download video to a pre-defined path. However, the path can be chosen on runtime as well if not set in the settings.

The MP3Studio Flvto YouTube Downloader app is not free from ads so if the user finds those advertisements irritating then they can buy a subscription to remove ads. There are additional features included in the subscription other than ad removal, which includes high-quality sound and video/audio cutting options. These subscriptions are available in different terms like three months, annual, and lifetime.

Features of MP3 Studio Flvto YouTube Downloader for Android

Flvto YouTube Downloader apk offers a lot of features however some of the prominent ones are mentioned below:

  • A multi-purpose platform that allow the user to download YouTube videos and convert them into audio mp3 format.
  • The user can access the in-built multimedia library to explore different options.
  • The videos can be downloaded in different formats including audio, video, and high-definition quality.
  • There are multiple options to download videos. User can download by inputting the YouTube video link or directly from the library.
  • The user can select any location on the phone where the videos and mp3 formats can be downloaded directly.
  • Fully utilize the video player by creating playlists of their own and by adding videos to the favorite tab.
  • It also allows the users to share the videos with other friends.
  • The user can also opt for the paid subscription to remove the ads and to enable the video and audio trimming options.

How to Download Videos with MP3Studio Flvto YouTube Downloader

As described earlier, there are two options to download a video from YouTube using Flvto YouTube Downloader apk.

The user can copy/paste the link of the YouTube video and download it. The other option is to download from the library directly. There is a download button shown on the top left side of every video. The user is also instructed by the software to tap that button to download a particular video.

The app also allows multitasking. The user can minimize the video player while browsing in the library. The video will shrink to a smaller size and continue to play on the right bottom corner. In the meantime, the user can search for more videos and add them to download list.

There are multiple options available with the videos available in the library. One can add them to the playlist, highlight them as favorite and share with friends on other social media platforms. All the watched and played videos can be seen in My Music option available at the bottom. This option keeps track of the user’s history and also display the playlists. The user can also download any video without playing it. The three vertical dots option is available with every video present in the multimedia library. One can simply click them to access the download option. The download option has got three variants including audio, video, and HD.

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