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Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter apk download for Android, which is a multi-purpose digital video recorder platform that records YouTube

Name: Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter
Developer: Peggo
Category: App
Size: 7.51 MB
Package name: co.peggo
Version: 2.0.7
Price: Free
Release: 01 - 05 - 2020
Availability: WorldWide
Safety: Safe
Language: English
Playstore: Not available on Play store
Requirements: Internet connectivity.

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App Details & Guide

Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter apk download for Android, which is a multi-purpose digital video recorder platform that records YouTube videos and converts them into MP3 formats. It has got advanced hi-tech features related to audio and video that help the users to adjust the sound, background noise removal, title image, and tags, etc.

It can act as a simple video to an audio converter where the user can insert the YouTube video or soundtrack link and then convert it into a high-quality MP3 format. It also downloads the songs and other audio files from SoundCloud as well.

Downloading from YouTube is not a piece of cake. There are different variants available on YouTube, and the user has to select the excellent sound quality track. Again, one cannot download HD YouTube videos on the Android phone as they require a lot of space. So, one has to come up with a convenient way to convert YouTube videos into MP3 formats and download them on the device. That is what Peggo apk exactly does by providing a YouTube to MP3 format converter platform to the users.

Downloading the soundtracks of the favorite singers and bands has never been so easy before. It requires a single click from the user to get the desired song in the MP3 format. It allows the user to listen to them anywhere anytime on their Android phones without thinking about the data or internet usage required to play them on YouTube.

The music listeners not only use YouTube but also listen to other multimedia apps, including SoundCloud. Again, listening to the music on SoundCloud requires internet connection. As mentioned earlier, Peggo is a multi-purpose multimedia converter. So, it can easily download the audios from SoundCloud as well.

About Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter APK

Peggo is a smart digital video recording software. The functionality is similar to any digital video recorder (DVR) that records the video, MP3, and MP4 formats from YouTube and SoundCloud. It then converts them into MP3 format and then downloads on the Android phone. The app comes with supporting features for audio editing, including:

  • Volume normalization
  • Title tags
  • Artist tags
  • Video title image
  • Silence removal/suppression
  • Related information discovery
  • Incorporated search
  • Subtracks support
  • Real-time recording
  • Metadata recovery

Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter APK is a simple, smart, and convenient converter that anyone can use to download videos from YouTube in the form of MP3. The overall interface is user-friendly and straight forward. Once the app is installed on the Android phone, the user can input the link of YouTube video or SoundCloud audio and press the download icon. The overall operation is as simple as explained. However, the user has to sign in to enjoy the other features and functionality.

The login process is simple, and the user is asked to input some details like email, username, password, and country. The user is registered once the information is complete. The user can now login to Peggo to explore other functions.

There is a setting button on the top right corner, which contains options related to privacy and other terms. There are two options available that can be checked or unchecked by the user. The user can enable or disable the notifications displayed on the status bar. Moreover, it depends on the user to discover the correct metadata.

There is a default download location preset in the settings. However, the user can click on the option to change it to any other location on the phone as the app works by recording the audio so the bitrate can be manually adjusted.

Peggo recommends the user to record audio at 128 kilobits per second (kbps), but there are multiple bitrate options available. The sound can be recorded on a bitrate as low as 64 kbps and at a higher bit rate of 256 kbps. The in-between options include 94, 128, and 192 kbps.

All of the above bitrates are available to match with those of the videos available as most of the YouTube videos have an audio quality of 256 kbps so that the downloader app will be recording the audio at 256 kbps. However, if the audio quality of a soundtrack on SoundCloud is 128 kbps, then Peggo will be recording it at 128 kbps. The user can choose to record a video or audio at a different bitrate.

The best part of this app is that it is free from any ads or pop-ups. It allows the user to download the videos without any disturbance or any advertisement popping up on the phone screen. It is a real-time video recorder, so the downloading starts right away after the user hits the download button.

Features of Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter for Android

Here in this section, we have highlighted all the major features of YouTube to MP3 Converter Peggo for Android:

  • It is considered to be the number one choice to convert high-definition videos into MP3 formats.
  • It not only downloads videos from YouTube but also works well with SoundCloud. The user can easily download soundtracks and podcasts from there.
  • It can easily record HD quality videos of 1080p with a higher bitrate of 256 kbps from YouTube and then convert it into an MP3 format file.
  • The functionality is quite simple and can be used by anyone. One can share the video on Peggo and then click on the record MP3 option. The app will then download the MP3 on the user’s Android phone.
  • It has got features for audio editing including sound normalization to harmonize the sound of all the MP3 files in the directory
  • The noise removal feature removes the silence period at the start and end of any video clip.
  • The sound quality of the MP3 can be adjusted manually by the user. The user can select from a wide range of bitrates from 94 kbps to 256 kbps.
  • It comes with an integrated search where the user can search for the desired soundtrack.
  • The user can play the video before downloading and preview it on YouTube.
  • All the related metadata is discovered itself, and the user does not have to search for the album name, title, band, and other related information.
  • The user can clip the recording for the required time interval rather than downloading the entire MP3 file.
  • It is a sophisticated and fast software where the recording is done in real-time. As soon as the user clicks the download button, the recording is done followed by the downloading process

Good quality Conversion

Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter apk is considered to be one of the most reliable MP3 format converters. It provides high-quality MP3 conversions of the YouTube audios. There are multiple bit rate options available to facilitate the users to choose from. Moreover, the user can play the YouTube video before downloading to check the sound quality of the original track.

There is an in-built library available where one can search for the desired soundtrack or video. It means that the app comes with an integrated video search so the user can always double-check the video before downloading. The videos can be searched by typing in the video title, and Peggo will fetch all the related results. The user can browse through them and then choose the desired video. This process is termed as an “integrated search.”

Digital Video Recording (DVR)

Peggo apk is a good quality video recording software. The user can easily record the YouTube videos in MP3 formats. The app is quite a smart converter that can convert all types of videos ranging from 144p to high definition 1080p.

Sound Normalization

The recording volume is normalized to a relaxed and acceptable level. The volume is normalized for all MP3 files, and you do not have to change the volume for different MP3 files on the phone. The music library maintained in the user’s Android phone must have got harmony in the sound volume of the tracks. The user does not have to change the volume as the soundtrack changes. That is called sound normalization.

This problem is often encountered while switching between different channels on TV or radio. As different channels have different volumes and the user has to change the volume every time, then the channel is changed. The same issue can occur with the music library on the phone. However, Peggo has addressed this issue by its feature of sound normalization. It normalizes the sound of all the recordings in such a way that they reach an acceptable volume and maintains the same volume while recording all other videos and audios to maintain harmony.

Silence removal

The majority of the YouTube users are well-aware of the fact that there is some silence interval before the video starts. The video does not play at once it is clicked on YouTube. Similarly, there is a silence interval at the end of each video. Although these silence intervals are acceptable while watching a video, however, they are undesired or unwanted in MP3 formats. The user cannot wait for a silence period of 2 to 5 or more seconds to start the audio. This silence interval can be annoying in some instances.

Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter apk has resolved this issue via its in-built feature of silence removal. It removes all the undesired silence from the beginning and end of the videos while recording. In this way, the user does not have to wait for the MP3 to play after the silence interval, and the music starts right away.

Metadata Discovery

All the information related to a particular video is automatically searched by Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter and inserted into the corresponding MP3 file. For example, the discovered metadata includes:

  • Album name
  • Artist name
  • Release date
  • Album image

Once the MP3 file is downloaded, all the metadata is inserted in the file. It saves a lot of user’s time to search for the information and then modify the MP3 file’s basic info. Moreover, the user can specify the artist and title tags. The user can select to remove the undesired description like HD, pixels, and lyrics information.

Audio Editing/Clipping 

Peggo apk comes with subtrack support where the user can clip the video and download it for a given timestamp. For example, the user can choose to download a selected portion of the video from 0 seconds to 2 minutes. This feature is termed as “flexible time interval.” The user can choose the desired start point and stop point of the video and then record afterward.

Video Streaming

Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter APK comes with a video streaming option where the user can check the video before downloading. The user can preview the video on YouTube after searching on the app and then record it. The user can search for a particular video, and the results will be displayed on the screen. The user can play the video to check it, and if it is the required one, then download the video.

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