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The new and improved version of the FaceApp Pro mod apk for Android devices brings a lot more polished and

Имя: FaceApp
Разработчик: FaceApp Technology Ltd
Категория: Полезность
Размер: 61.9 MB
Имя пакета: io.faceapp
Версия: 5.0.0
Цена: Бесплатно
Релиз: 03 - 09 - 2021
Доступность: По всему миру
Безопасность: Безопасно
Язык: английский
Магазин игр: Открыть ссылку на Play Store
Требования: Зависит от устройства.
Рейтинг: 4.3
Загрузки: 100000+

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Сведения о приложении и руководство

The new and improved version of the FaceApp Pro mod apk for Android devices brings a lot more polished and advanced tools that help take your photography skills to the next level. The developers behind this app, FaceApp Technology Ltd have added several prominent features and filters that are powerful enough to let you change the age, facial structure, and even gender.

All of this is completely based on the AI, software, and your facial structure. That’s it. It can help turn a simple selfie into a model portrait with just a few simple taps.

скриншоты мода faceapp pro

Originally, the FaceApp Pro was used to provide some handy tools that help edit photos using the filters and automated tools that could transform the overall look with just a simple tap on the screen. An app that has helped save the precious time spent on editing every single photo manually. But the same app has become smarter and even more capable than ever before.

Here we will discuss in-depth about each feature, its capabilities, the new features, the working of the app, how exactly you can modify your facial features, and what parts of your face can be modified. Let’s dive into it.

Как установить APK FaceApp Pro Mod?

FaceApp Pro mod apk легко загрузить и установить на любое устройство Android. Просто выполните следующие действия, и вы сможете редактировать свои фотографии в кратчайшие сроки:

Примечание: Возможно, вам потребуется включить установку приложений из неизвестных источников через меню безопасности Android, чтобы иметь возможность загружать / устанавливать приложение.

  1. Загрузите apk-файл мода FaceApp из раздела загрузок, расположенного в начале этой публикации.
  2. Файл находится в сжатом zip-файле, поэтому вам нужно будет использовать любой файловый менеджер для извлечения apk из zip-файла.
  3. Коснитесь только что извлеченного apk и следуйте инструкциям на экране, чтобы установить приложение.

Once installed, go to the app drawer, find the app, and launch it. You should now be able to edit your photos with just a single touch on a screen and it will apply AI edits, background, effects, beautify your photos, and make them ready for Instagram and Facebook.

Что модифицируется в APK-файле FaceApp Mod?

Бесплатная версия FaceApp предлагает почти все функции, однако одна вещь, которую вы не можете удалить, не заплатив за премию, - это водяные знаки на отредактированных фотографиях, поэтому именно здесь APK мода FaceApp Pro позаботится об этом бесплатно:

  • Доступ к премиум-функции: The modded version of apk will give you direct access to the premium watermark-free edits without paying the premium subscription fee as this mod completely disables the watermark so you don’t need to pay for any in-app purchases or items.
  • Без рекламы: All the advertisements, whether it is a static ad or a video-based ad, have been removed from within the app to give you a clutter-free app usage experience that won’t distract you in any way while you are editing your photos.
  • Все фильтры разблокированы: All the locked filters available within the FaceApp app is unlocked and you will gain premium access to every filter including the ones that are paid.
  • Разблокирован мод FaceApp Pro: The expert team of well-known Android modders and developers has unlocked all the premium and FaceApp Pro features so that you can make the most out of it without paying any money upfront.
  • No Watermark: You will see zero watermarks on any of your edited pictures as all the filters and photo modification tools are unlocked.
  • Серверные функции: It is important to note here that the server-side features cannot be modded and can only be unlocked by paying for the premium through either credits or in-app purchases.
скриншоты мода faceapp

Особенности FaceApp Pro для Android

Here we have highlighted and discussed about all the key notable features offered by the FaceApp Pro version for Android users:

Hollywood Filters

There is a whole set of Hollywood filters that can give all of your photos a completely different look that compares to the movie-style look and touch. And the best thing about the filters is that they are just one-touch. However, each one of them allows manual customizations too just in case you want to modify any aspect of the filter or to give it some personal touch.

Full Premium Unlocked

The FaceApp Pro mod gives you a completely unlocked full premium version of this app where you will get all the features unlocked right from the first installation, without paying a single cent. You get to customize the filters as well as improve and enhance various aspects to give your photos a different and unique look that can fully transform your appearance.

Modified Pictures Free From Watermarks

You will not be getting any watermarks on your pictures that you edit using the FaceApp Pro app as all the watermarks from the filter have been removed through the mod. You can freely use almost any filter and edit your picture as much as you want without even a slight mark of watermarking.

However, one thing that you must need to keep in mind is that watermarks can be removed from those filters only that are locally available. If the filter you have selected is server-side then there is no way to remove the watermark unless you actually pay for it through the in-app purchases option.

Vast Collection Of Filters

FaceApp Pro features tones of filters to choose from, which can be further customized and edited according to your requirements and personal preference to give your photos a suitable look that matches your taste and the event. It is a perfect choice for those who like to upload many pictures on a daily basis and don’t find enough time to edit them as per their preference.

There are over sixty filters to choose from!

Modify Your Hairstyle and Hair Color

With just a tap on the screen, you can completely transform your overall look and appearance with the help of hairstyle and hair color modification. Hairstyle plays a significant role and is one of the most noticeable factors in changing the way a person looks.

You can even add volume to your hair to cover your baldness. And with FaceApp Pro mod apk you can achieve that within a matter of seconds.

Age Changer

The age changer feature alone has helped FaceApp gain a lot of traction among the users during the initial release of this app. The app makes use of artificial intelligence and software to recognize and transform the look and appearance based on age. All you need to do is enter the age and the app will make you look either younger or older based on your input.

Remove Acne And Blemishes

With the advanced tools and artificial intelligent facial detections and recognitions in place, FaceApp can quickly figure out where the blemishes and acne are and help you remove them within a matter of seconds, in just a few simple clicks.

Modify Facial Features

You can easily modify and change the overall size of your facial features including eyes, nose, lips, forehead, chin, and even your overall facial appearance. You can make your face look chubby or fat and slim too. You can apply whatever filter makes you look beautiful.

Mustache and Beard

Do you like a mustache or maybe a beard but you don’t have any in your picture? The app is powerful enough to help you both add and even remove facial hair like mustache and/or beard from your pictures. And it does that so flawlessly and blends in well, you won’t be able to tell if the facial hair was added or removed through software.

And all of that happens using smart tools, with just a tap on a screen.

Become Your Creative Self

With the tons of filters and facial modifications to choose from, FaceApp Pro mod apk can help bring out your creative self and be more expressive with your photos while creating something unique.

You can make several alterations and adjustments in your pictures that include, the ability to change the gender, search and apply the most suitable hairstyle and facial hairstyle based on your facial structure, smartly make changes to your age and see how you are going to look based on the entered age and AI calculations.

faceapp apk скриншоты мод

What’s New In FaceApp Pro Latest Version

In this section, we are going to share with you all the details and information about all the newly added features in the latest version of the FaceApp for Android smartphone and tablet devices:

  • Фильтры показа: Add that perfection you always wanted to have in your selfies using the impression filters that come bundled with the app and can be applied and removed with just a tap.
  • Video Editor: Since its initial release, FaceApp has been offering its services for static images only, but with the latest update, you can now apply and use your favorite filters on your videos using the video editor.
  • Live Editing: The app has become advance and so capable that it let you preview, edit, and even record with your favorite filters, live. This not only saves your time with post-editing, but you can have even more fun with the filters and modifications.
  • Изменить черты лица: By adding a beard, mustache, or modifying the overall size of any facial feature of any photo can help you give your pictures a completely new dimension.
  • Цвет волос: There have been cases when we wanted to have our hair colored but we couldn’t due to whatever circumstance, however with this app you can modify, fix, or color corrects your hair color as per your personal liking.
  • New Group of Hair Colors: A completely new group of hair colors has been added into the catalog and hair color section, you will get now about fifteen new colors to choose from!
  • Прическа: This new addition enables you to modify your hairstyle and change the whole appearance with the help of its ready-to-use hair styling filters.
  • Удалить морщины: Add smoothness to your skin by removing wrinkles and lines to give your facial skin a perfect and glowing look.
  • Acne and Blemishes: If your face has any visible acne and blemishes that are very noticeable then you can use this feature to secretly remove them with a simple tap without ruining the photo.
  • Расширенное редактирование AI: Artificial intelligence is the most powerful tool of this app as the software helps you automatically modify all the aspects we have mentioned above along with a few extra-added touchups here and there for added beautification.
  • UI Improvements and Refreshed Look: Various improvements and additions have been done within the app’s user interface to enhance the quality and overall usability of the app to make the filter application process a lot more swift for you. Moreover, the developers have revamped the look of the UI to give you a refreshed look.
  • Support for HEIF and HEIC Formats: The app, once updated to the latest version, will now offer native support for new image formats i.e. HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) and HEIC (High Efficiency Video Codec), which is the format being used by Apple’s mobile devices including iPhone.

What Facial Features Can Be Improved With FaceApp Pro?

By reading about all the features being offered by the FaceApp Pro, and how such a tiny app is capable to modify the overall look of your face, you must be wondering what facial features you can improve using this app.

So in this section, we are going to provide you with the exact details and introduce you to the handy features:

  • Gender Swap: With the gender swap functionality, you can quickly find out how you will look in terms of appearance if you had a different gender. For instance, if you are male then you can use this feature to swap yourself into a female.
  • Aging: One of the most popular filters that made FaceApp for Android and iOS the most popular filter and facial features modification apps among its users that can transform your age from old and young to even baby.
  • Future Kids: With this, you will be able to figure out how your future kids are going to look based on your facial structure, hair, and other facial feature, AI will automatically generate it.
  • Modify Your Weight: You can increase as well as decrease your overall weight in any specific section of your body and even your overall body structure, all with the help of filters and manipulation tools.
  • Morph: Morphing is one of the most sought-after features of this app, usually if you use some advanced photo editing software then as a beginner, it is going to take you several hours but with FaceApp you can achieve this within a matter of seconds.
  • Hairstyle & Color: AI-based automatic hairstyle and hair color finder will introduce you to tons of hairstyling ideas that you never previously knew are going to suit you.
  • Beard and Mustache: If you are clean shaved but wanted to see how you are going to look with a beard and mustache and want to share it with the world then this is your chance to get this done with FaceApp Pro filters.
  • Change Background: This is the simplest and easiest filter of all, although this doesn’t count as one of the facial features, however, having the ability to change the background to match with the other facial features you have improved or modified with the app can do wonders.

What is FaceApp Pro for Android?

Designed and developed by FaceApp Technology Ltd, FaceApp Pro apk for Android is one of the most popular and the best photos editing and manipulation app for mobile devices. The app is powered by neural face editing technology, and that is in its most advanced form.

The app was originally launched during the first quarter of 2017 but since its initial release, it wasn’t really popular until 2019. That’s exactly when celebrities started using the app and it went viral and became a part of a trend. And since then it has managed to gain a lot of traction among the social media consumers who love to modify their original photos and add a new twist into them to make them unique and somewhat more viral among their followers.

The app’s AI can help you enhance and improve all the photos and make them share-worthy with your followers, friends, and social media users on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even Snapchat. You are going to find all the new and trendy filters to beautify and enhance your facial features as well as to make yourself the way you always wanted to be.

All with a touch of a button. It takes seconds to apply and configure the filters. You can even apply stickers to make your picture stand out.

And yes, being able to get the desired results with fewer clicks and without any prior editing knowledge is the most exciting thing about this app. Even after editing and applying filters, the app will give you high-quality pictures without any distortions or pixelation.

Whether you have a picture or a video, FaceApp will allow you to edit almost any media file in few taps so you can get your desired results.

What Makes FaceApp Pro APK Unique and Special?

FaceApp is available in two variants i.e. a free version and a premium pro version. The key difference between the two versions is the ability to access and use special and trendy filters as well as the option to use some premium facial structure editing tools.

The free version is enough for the majority as it lets you do all the basic stuff with your photos and videos. However, it will add a watermark to your edited photos. And to remove that you will need to pay the premium price and update to the FaceApp pro version. The cost for which is a monthly recurring payment of about $3.99.

This will not only remove the watermark, but also it will unlock additional filters and gives you greater power over the videos and photos editing capabilities.

But here in this post, we have already provided you with a working mod version of FaceApp Pro that gives you most of the premium features for free and without any subscription charges. However, it is important to note here that some filters are server-sided and must require you to have a premium account. So you may expect a watermark on your photos and videos if you use those filters.

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