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HD Streamz mod apk is a powerful streaming app designed for Android smartphone and tablet devices that allows you to

Имя: HD Streamz
Разработчик: HD Streamz
Категория: Приложение
Размер: 11,7 МБ
Имя пакета: dev.stm.tech
Версия: 3.5.8
Цена: Бесплатно
Релиз: 03 - 09 - 2021
Доступность: По всему миру
Безопасность: Безопасно
Язык: английский
Магазин игр: Недоступно в магазине Google Play
Требования: Зависит от устройств.
Рейтинг: 4.3
Загрузки: 100000+

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Сведения о приложении и руководство

HD Streamz mod apk is a powerful streaming app designed for Android smartphone and tablet devices that allows you to watch thousands of live TV channels and radio channels from various countries. That is not all, they have a huge database of movies, TV series, cartoons, drama, documentaries, and various other entertainment-based content.

The best part about having HD Streamz installed on your Android is that there is no subscription fee, you can watch as much content as you want and for as long as you want. There are absolutely no restrictions.

Here in this article, we are going to guide you on how to download and install the app on your device and we will discuss the features that are modded along with the actual key features offered by the HD Streamz app.

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Как установить APK HD Streamz Mod?

In this section, we are going to guide you with the procedure for how to download, install, and set up the app on your Android smartphone or tablet devices. A perfect guide suitable for every Android user, especially newbies.

The downloading and installation process of HD Streamz mod apk is easy and simple to follow. No matter how knowledgeable you are about Android and the apk installation process, the guide is designed to make things simple and easy for you to get the app.

Примечание: You may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources through the Android security menu to be able to sideload/install the apk on your device.

It is important to note here that this is a paid and modded version of the HD Streamz so make sure you have uninstalled any existing version from your device, otherwise, the app will not be installed and might show an error.

  1. Загрузите apk-файл HD Streamz из раздела загрузок, расположенного в начале этой публикации.
  2. Файл находится в сжатом zip-файле, поэтому вам нужно будет использовать любой файловый менеджер для извлечения apk из zip-файла.
  3. Коснитесь только что извлеченного apk и следуйте инструкциям на экране, чтобы установить приложение.

Once installed, launch the app from the app drawer. You can now start watching TV channels, TV shows, series, and movies from around the world without any need for a TV or paying for a subscription.

Что модифицировано в HD Streamz для Android?

HD Streamz is not your simple movies and TV shows streaming app, but it is a very powerful app that comes loaded with tons of features, out of which many are modded to offer you premium entertainment content for free.

Here we are going to discuss in detail about what HD Streamz mod apk will give you as compared to the original app:

  • Removed Advertisements – The original app contains ads that not only distract you but negatively impact the watching experience, so the modders have completely removed in-app advertisements along with the blocking of popup ads which not only gives you an uninterrupted entertainment experience but makes the UI and UX clutter-free.
  • Junk and Location Removed – If you look closely, you will find out that the original HD Streamz app is highly unoptimized and contains a lot of junk and unnecessary files, which impacts the overall file size as well as the resource usage. All of which has been removed in the mod version to keep the file size at minimal and everything is further optimized so it leaves less impact on CPU and resources.
  • No Forced Update – Original app is designed to automatically update to the latest version without any option to postpone or delay the update. This is where the mod helps as the force update functionality has been removed which allows you to continue using the current version for as long as you want without any interruption by the update prompt.
  • Extra Permissions Removed – Since the recent updates, the developers behind HD Streamz have added extra permissions that are unnecessary and make users concerned about the legitimacy of the app. So the latest HD Streamz mod version removes all the extra permissions that are requested by the app that further improves the privacy of the user and helps regain the trust in the app.
  • Disabled Analytics and Receivers – Like any other app designed for Android devices, originally the HD Streamz also includes analytics and receivers within the code that tracks your usage and your experience, which is unnecessary and needs to be disabled. With the modded version you can rest assured that all the analytics, as well as the receivers for tracking your app usage, have been disabled.
  • Popup and Banners Removed – Advertisements are hardcoded into the app through various means including the banners and popups, which are not harder to remove but become intrusive and cause hindrance while watching movies or streaming TV channels. The mod version completely removes the banners along with the popups that improve the usability and makes the app less distracting.
  • Disabled Activity and Calls Running Services – If you have ever used the original unmodded version of the HD Streamz app on your Android then we are quite sure that you must have experienced how the app is intensive on the battery and quickly depletes the battery power. With the mod, all the running services like activity recorder and calls services are disabled to reduce the battery usage and optimized the experience for better compatibility.
hd streamz screenshot

Key Features of HD Streamz for Android

HD Streamz is one of the best movies and TV shows streaming app ever designed for Android where you can see all the major TV channels and listen to the popular radio channels from all the popular countries.

Here we are going to discuss briefly about all the key features of HD Streamz apk:

Thousands of Live TV Channels

With more than a thousand live TV channels available in different languages from various parts of the world, which is the reason why the app is extensive and allows you to watch your favorite TV shows, channels, or even watch the news whenever you want right on your Android device.

Whether you want to experience watching dramas or entertainment from other countries or looking for a way to catch up on sports or other similar channels then this is going to be your go-to app.

Support for External Player

In most cases, apps like these do not allow you to play the streaming videos through your favorite player so the only choice you are usually left with is to use the built-in player, which usually is not up to par and causes frequent buffering issues.

But with the HD Streamz app, you get native support for an external player that allows you to watch and stream almost all the content including movies, TV shows, live channels, TV series, news, drama, and other streamable content on your favorite player. The supported media player includes VLC Player, MX Player, and X Player.

Frequent Updates To The Database

The database of the app receives frequent updates to make sure all the links to the streamable content like TV channels, radio channels, and movies are updated on a daily basis. This is to make sure that the fresh content is always available while the older content and existing channels continue to work regardless of the update.

These updates also take care of any links that have reportedly become dead or stopped working. Any outdated link is replaced with a working fresh link, whether it is about live channels, movies, or TV shows.

Live Radio Streaming

Many apps don’t include this but in HD Streamz you are going to find a dedicated section for live radio channels where you can stream and listen to your favorite shows from anywhere you want. All you need is an active internet connection.

You can listen to podcasts, live shows, entertainment information, news, music, soundtracks, and other updates. And the best thing is that radio stations are available from many parts of the world.

Multiple Links for Each TV Channel and Movies

There have been scenarios where TV channels, movies, or TV shows fail to load completely due to invalid or broken links that is exactly when multiple links help the users to watch and enjoy the content without being interrupted.

To keep everything working seamlessly, developers have added multiple links for every streamable content available on the HD Streamz app.

Free Service Without Any Subscription

HD Streamz is an absolutely free-of-cost app that doesn’t require any subscription, thanks to the mods, as here you can watch all those amazing TV series and live stream those TV channels from around the world without any need to sign-up, create an account, or even subscribe.

All it really requires is to download the app and install it on your Android device using the instructions given at the beginning of the article. Once installed you can enjoy all the content for free.

hd streamz

What’s New in HD Streamz?

With every update, developers behind HD Streamz introduce new features to give its users a better streaming experience. Here are some of the most notable new additions to the app:

Request For New Channels

Originally, the app used to have a few hundred live TV channels for entertainment but from time to time, the developers continue to add new channels to their database. And currently, there are more than a thousand channels from various categories including drama, movies, news, sports, cricket, infotainment, education, cartoon, documentaries, and many more.

What’s interesting is that there is an option within the app that allows you to request any new TV channel. And the request goes directly to the team of developers who then tries their best to add those channels to the app.

Live Radio Streaming

The developers have added some of the most interesting live radio channels that allow you to stream and listen to the radio from all around the world. You can catch up on the talk shows, news, cricket updates, coverage for other sports events, commentary, music, and tracks.

More and more channels are added with every update to make sure the users have all the possible options for radio channels.

Improved Video Playback

In the world of streaming where the video is involved, the playback and streaming quality matters the most. This is where HD Streamz makes sure that each one of the streamable content added to the database is in high-definition including TV channels, movies, series, and cartoons.

And since the videos and streaming links can be opened and played on the external player of your choice so you are going to get a much better quality and speed as compared to the built-in native player.

Report Broken Links

Since all the links for content like movies and TV channels are outsourced through other existing platforms on the internet and added to the app’s database through a link to that file so there have been cases where a link gets broken and the media becomes unplayable.

This is where the feature of report broken links comes to the rescue. Any user who at any point comes across a broken link, or maybe a video is not working, can directly report that and the developer will look into it and get it replaced with a working link.

New Addition Of Movies And TV Series

With every new release and update to the app, the developers try their best to add the requested TV series and movies into the database based on the user’s demand.

Apart from fulfilling the user’s demands, developers make sure to add the latest movies, documentaries, and TV shows too to make sure the app remains fresh and has all the newly released content for the users. In most of the cases, freshly released movies have low bitrate and poor resolution. But they are later replaced with HD links whenever it’s available.

Compatibility With Android Devices

The HD Streamz app has great compatibility with different Android devices, which is not only limited to mobile and tablet but the support includes Fire Stick, Fire TV, smart TVs, and different Android boxes that are designed to convert a regular TV into a smart one.

Smart Search

Having a huge database of various types of content including movies, TV series, radio channels, live TV channels, cartoons, music, and several other multimedia contents requires the developer of HD Streamz to have a smart search functionality embedded into the app.

This smart search option comes with several filters that allow you to tweak your search query so that you can get the exact content in the search results that you were originally looking for. Moreover, these filters are powerful enough that they can help you find your favorite content without actually entering its name in the search box.

What is HD Streamz for Android?

HD Streamz - это бесплатное приложение поставщика услуг потоковой передачи телеканалов и телешоу, которое содержит более тысячи каналов из разных частей мира, включая Соединенные Штаты Америки, Индию, Бангладеш, Соединенное Королевство, Пакистан, Канаду, Турция, Франция и ряд других.

Приложение мощное и хорошо спроектированное, поскольку оно позволяет легко находить, обнаруживать и фильтровать каналы в зависимости от качества, категории, языка, страны и типа контента. Вы даже можете найти живые выступления, которые транслируются в разных странах.

И вы можете наслаждаться всем этим бесплатно, не платя ни копейки.

Вы можете найти несколько потоковых ссылок в качестве HD без особого ущерба для качества. И самое главное, приложение работает как на планшетах Android, так и на смартфонах, что позволяет превратить его в портативный карманный телевизор для просмотра каналов со всего мира.

Since there are more than a thousand TV channels, the app features a smart search function that helps you find the right channels with the perfect content that you are looking to watch, without even knowing the name of the channel. The smart search lets you filter channels based on quality, country, and genre.

Кроме того, интерфейс приложения разработан с учетом понятности и простоты использования, а это означает, что не нужно быть экспертом, чтобы понимать, использовать и управлять приложением. Расположение кнопок и функциональности продуманно.

Одна из лучших особенностей этого приложения заключается в том, что оно не требует никакой регистрации или личной информации, поэтому вы можете сохранять анонимность и дополнительно скрывать свою личность с помощью VPN и потоковой передачи контента через него, что добавляет еще один уровень конфиденциальности, если в случае потоковой передачи контент является незаконным в вашей стране.

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