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A never-ending and exciting chase between the grumpy inspector, his dog, and some naught group of friends. Play Subway Surfers

Имя: Subway Surfers
Разработчик: Кило
Категория: Игра
Размер: 146 MB
Имя пакета: com.kiloo.subwaysurf
Версия: 2.14.0
Цена: Бесплатно
Релиз: 03 - 09 - 2021
Доступность: По всему миру
Безопасность: Безопасно
Язык: английский
Магазин игр: Открыть ссылку на Play Store
Требования: Android 4.0 или выше.
Рейтинг: 4.3
Загрузки: 100000+

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Сведения о приложении и руководство

A never-ending and exciting chase between the grumpy inspector, his dog, and some naught group of friends. Play Subway Surfers mod apk (with unlimited money, unlimited keys, and unlimited coins) on your Android today to help Jake, Fresh, and Tricky escape from the inspector. It has become one of the most popular arcade mobile games developed by Sybo and Kiloo Games.

The basic goal here for you is to help the boys and the girls in escaping from the police officer using a hoverboard, jetpack, running on the trains avoiding wherever necessary, and performing quick acrobatics. Join the game as it becomes daring with every passing second and become a hero.

For adventure-based game lovers, Android games like these where you have to participate in virtually endless running games so Subway Surfers is going to be your best choice. The game is simple yet fun and exciting at the same time but what grabs the attention of the player are collectibles, vibrant colors, and amazing backgrounds.

The game is all about surfing through the subway; hence, it is named Subway Surfers. Although the game has a similar style to that of Temple Run but the graphics in this game offer you the utmost experience and force you to continue playing the game repeatedly.

Subway Surfers is a never-ending chase run of the main player along the railway tracks of different cities and countries to collect coins, keys, jumpers, magnets, and coin multipliers. The game keeps on getting more exciting as the pace of the running keeps on increasing with obstacles and narrow trails. The player has to keep up the pace with running while collecting coins at the same time while dodging the inspector and the dog running behind. The game is over once the player is caught by the police officer and the player has to start playing right from the beginning.

Good thing is that you will be able to continue playing the game again from the exact same spot from where the inspector caught you but you need to have keys to unlock the levels and escape from the police, which you can collect from within the game.

Apart from avoiding hindrances, you can use special items, powerups, and boosters like rescue keys, coins magnets, hoverboards, headstarts, score boosters, super jump, super snickers. All of these will help you run farther and achieve higher scores.

Но все эти специальные предметы, бонусы, монеты и ключи ограничены, и у вас есть только два возможных способа их получить:

  • You earn those by playing for endless hours, or
  • Вы покупаете их с помощью покупок в приложении, тратя реальные деньги.

To help you out, we are giving you a Subway Surfers mod and hack APK for Android, which allows you to get each one of those items for free. Yes, absolutely free. You don’t need to spend a single penny neither does it ask you for credit card details.

How to Download and Install Subway Surfers Mod APK?

In this section, we are going to guide you with the procedure for how to download, install, and set up the app on your Android smartphone or tablet devices. A perfect guide suitable for every Android user, especially newbies.

The downloading and installation process of Subway Surfers mod apk is easy and simple to follow. No matter how knowledgeable you are about Android and the apk installation process, the guide is designed to make things simple and easy for you to get the app.

Примечание: You may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources through the Android security menu to be able to sideload/install the apk on your device.

It is important to note here that this is a paid and modded version of the Subway Surfers so make sure you have uninstalled any existing version from your device, otherwise, the app will not be installed and might show an error.

  1. Download the Subway Surfers apk file from the download section located at the beginning of this post.
  2. Файл находится в сжатом zip-файле, поэтому вам нужно будет использовать любой файловый менеджер для извлечения apk из zip-файла.
  3. Коснитесь только что извлеченного apk и следуйте инструкциям на экране, чтобы установить приложение.

Once installed, launch the app from the app drawer. You can now begin playing the modded version of the game with unlimited gems, unlimited coins, and even endless keys, all of which combined can help you become a master of the Subway Surfers on Android and achieve high scores.

What Is Modded And Hacked In Subway Surfers?

As already mentioned at the beginning of this post, the Subway Surfers mod and hack version is perfect for those who are looking for a quick way to beat the high scores and best scores of their friends without spending any real money to purchase score booster, coins, and rescue keys.

Here in this section, we are going to list out all the items and powerups you will be able to get for free after installing the Subway Surfers mod:

  • Неограниченное количество монет – There is absolutely no limitation on the number of coins you can use to purchase as many score boosters, hoverboards, mystery boxes, headstarts as you want.
  • Неиссякаемые ключи спасения – Gives you unlimited Rescue Keys. It is important and comes in handy in case you are caught by the grumpy inspector, you can then simply use keys to continue from where you were caught.
  • Неограниченная Таинственная Коробка – As you get unlimited coins, you can use those to purchase as many Mystery Boxes as you want and win free rare and grand prizes like head starters, boards, Fresh’s Stereo, Spike’s Guitar, Tricky’s Hat, trophies, score booster without waiting.
  • Бесконечные ховерборды – Hoverboards protect you from crashing for over 30 seconds and can be activated anytime by double-tapping. You need to purchase it using coins, but the hacked version gives you unlimited hoverboards.
  • Бесконечный старт - Бесконечный старт поможет вам с самого начала пробежать вперед, а также увеличит вашу скорость бега до максимума.
  • Бесконечный ускоритель очков - Вы получите бесконечное количество Score Booster, который вы можете использовать, чтобы умножить свой счет на 5, 6 или 7 на время одного забега.
  • Магнит с усиленными монетами - Магнит для монет поможет вам собирать монеты со всех трех дорожек, но ускорение продлит его намного дольше.
  • Пропустить любую миссию – With no limitation on the number of coins you have in your account, you can use it to skip any mission you want within a matter of seconds.
  • Увеличить продолжительность бонуса - Вы можете быстро увеличить продолжительность включения аэрозольного баллончика, супер кроссовок, магнита для монет и 2-кратного множителя монет более чем в 6 раз.
  • Бесконечный множитель очков - Обычно вам нужно собрать усиление множителя очков во время бега, но с модом вы получите бесконечный множитель очков.
  • Супер прыжок - Неограниченные супер прыжки и супер сникерс, которые помогут вам легко перепрыгивать через поезда.
  • Разблокирует всех персонажей – Most of the in-game characters need to be purchased or unlocked by clearing missions and opening mystery boxes but the mod version automatically unlock each one of them for you.
  • Открывает все доски – In the original game, you need to clear the missions and open the mystery box to unlock boards. But with this modified version, all the boards are unlocked from the beginning including their special power.
  • Активировать ховерборды без ожидания - Время реактивации ховербордов сокращено до нуля секунд, поэтому вы можете активировать его, когда захотите.

Key Features of Subway Surfers

  • Это интересная игра в погоню с множеством испытаний и наград. Скорость игры увеличивается по мере прохождения игры.
  • Игрок должен выполнять многозадачность, уклоняясь от бегущего сзади полицейского и препятствий на путях метро.
  • Игра включает ежедневные и еженедельные испытания и позволяет пользователю играть с друзьями.
  • Игрок может получить бонусные баллы, подключив игру к различным социальным сетям.
  • The player can use different gadgets during the game. The gadgets include a coin magnet, hoverboard, jumping sneakers, and jetpack.
  • Есть шанс накопить больше предметов, собрав как можно больше загадочных ящиков.
  • Игра предоставляет различные советы и приемы, которыми поделились другие игроки, чтобы облегчить пользователям.
  • В игре интересная графика, анимация и музыка. Он вращается вокруг темы мирового турне, демонстрируя метро разных городов.
  • В магазине есть интересные гаджеты, которые можно купить за наличные или монеты.

Как работает APK-файл для взлома Subway Surfers?

Работа мода Subway Surfers и взлома APK очень проста. Все, что вам действительно нужно сделать, это скачать модифицированную и взломанную версию APK по ссылке ниже и установить ее на свое Android-устройство. Если исходная версия Subway Surfers уже установлена на вашем телефоне, то при установке измененной версии текущая версия игры будет просто перезаписана без изменения вашего текущего рекорда.

Это все, что вам действительно нужно сделать, чтобы взломать и модифицировать Subway Surfers на Android. Корень не требуется. 😀

Demo Gameplay Video Of Subway Surfers Las Vegas

Here’s a gameplay demo video of the latest Subway Surfers Las Vegas version released to celebrate the fifth anniversary of this popular and endless running game:

What is the Subway Surfers Mod APK?

The game revolves around a teenager who was caught doing graffiti on the walls of the subway station. The policeman sees the player doing this mischief and tries to catch the boy. However, the boy manages to run on the subway tracks. The player plays the role of the teenage boy and helps him to get away from the policeman. The game is all about this endless chase on the subway rails with obstacles and other trains running on the tracks. The game is all about the presence of mind and multi-tasking ability of the player. The player has to do the following tasks in the game simultaneously:

  • Игроку нужно увернуться от бегущего за ним полицейского.
  • Игрок должен собирать монеты и другие предметы во время бега, чтобы увеличить счет.
  • Важно избегать препятствий, так как игрока может поймать полицейский.

It is quite interesting how the player manages all these tasks at once. The player needs to practice more and more to avoid obstacles as the speed of the running increases over time. Moreover, in order to make subway surfers mod apk more interesting, subways of different cities and countries are included to ensure background graphics variety. The player never gets bored of this chase game as different surprises wait during the game. Let us learn about the game, its controls, and tricks to play it like a pro.

The sign-up process is quite simple and does not require any information from the user. However, the player can link the Facebook account with subway surfers mod apk in order to score more points and gain access to more coins. But all the players don’t need to link the Facebook account. Moving forward, the game is about the world tour and presents subway tracks of different cities and countries across the globe. There can be Venice special subway surfing or sometimes the player can be running on London subway tracks. The game is quite vibrant with lots of colors in the background. There are a lot of options displayed on the main home screen.

The game is quite simple yet interesting. The user has to tap the main screen to play. The player will be doing graffiti on the subways. The game will begin as the player sees the policeman coming from behind to catch him. The player will then start running on the subway tracks avoiding obstacles and trains. There are so many platforms and moving trains on the way. The player has to move left or right to avoid the obstacles.

The controls are very simple. The user simply has to tap on the left or right side of the screen to move the player. The player can also jump and sat low. Moreover, there are going to be two or three trains moving simultaneously on the track and the player has to dodge them.

It is important to keep on collecting the coins while running and other items available. The speed of the game increases with time. Also, the number of obstacles keeps increasing. The player has to be vigilant all the time.

There are some supporting items like a hoverboard, jumping sneakers, coin magnet, and jetpack. The player can jump on a moving train to get the coins. Also, the player has to jump from one moving train to another to get as many coins as possible. The app s all about staying alert by dodging obstacles.

There are three options at the bottom of the screen. The first one is the top run that shows week-wise players’ statistics for the weekly top run challenge. The player can opt to take part in the weekly challenge to compete with players from around the world.

The four levels consist of diamond, gold, silver, and bronze badges. The players can also play with their friends by connecting it with their Facebook account. The high scores show the entire history of the user playing Subway Surfers mod apk on the Android phone.

The middle option on the bottom is all about personal avatars. The user can select free avatars, pay via google cash, or in exchange for different rewards. The rewards are present in the token box that the player has to catch while running on the subway tracks.

Some avatars are available if the user connects the game with Facebook while some avatars are exclusively available in special offers. Since the game is all about running so surfer boards can help the player to smoothly run on the tracks. There is a huge variety of boards available:

  • Фристайлер доступен за 45000 баллов. Двойной прыжок силы и прыжок силы могут быть добавлены, если игрок получает от 45 до 55 ключей.
  • Доска-вышибала со специальным сверхмощным прыжком доступна за 280000 монет.
  • The player can have a hot road with a special speed up booster for 280000 coins
  • Телепорт может доставить игрока куда угодно с боковым ударом за 220000 монет.
  • Доска огня черепа доступна всего за 75000 монет.
  • Ховерборд может быть выбран по умолчанию и присутствует в полях для жетонов во время испытания. Ховерборд спасает игрока от падения.
  • Special seasonal boards are also available for a limited-time offer.
  • Доска лоурайдеров позволит игроку оставаться на низком уровне за 320000 монет.
  • Доска ускорения смельчака может быть куплена игроком за 85000 монет.
  • Другие доски включают большой белый, ветроплан, скутер, лесоруб, супергерой, закат и монстр.

The user can unlock different awards from the awards tab by using the keys. There is a shop option in the bottom right corner. This shop contains all the offers including special offers, deals, coins, and keys. There are daily gifts, mystery boxes, and token boxes. The user can also purchase coins by paying cash.

There is an option named “boosts” that contains items that can be used one time only. For example, the player can get a hoverboard to be used one time for 300 coins or a score booster for 3000 coins. Also, the player can increase the duration of the stuff used in the game:

  • Есть реактивный ранец, который позволяет пользователю летать и получать монеты с крыши. Есть время, в течение которого работает реактивный ранец. Пользователь может увеличить время на 9 секунд.
  • Игрок может распаковывать супер кроссовки, бегая по рельсам метро. Эти кроссовки представляют собой прыгающие кроссовки, которые помогают игроку совершать высокие прыжки. Срок службы этих супер кроссовок можно увеличить на 12 секунд.
  • Игрок должен собирать монеты во время бега и серфинга, поэтому доступны магниты для монет, которые позволяют пользователям привлекать монеты с разных дорожек. Время действия магнита для монет можно увеличить на 12 секунд.
  • Доступен бонус с двукратным множителем, который удваивает монеты игрока. Его продолжительность может быть увеличена до 12 секунд.

There are some items that you can get for free:

  • Ключи игрок может получить, просмотрев видео онлайн.
  • There is a Facebook gift that requires the player to log in to the Facebook account to get a Dino and 5000 bonus coins
  • Игрок может получить до 10000 монет, ускоритель очков, хедстарт и ховерборды, просматривая видео.

There are mystery box challenges in the game to maintain the excitement of the players. These challenges include word hunts, missions, and weekly hunts. If playing, you are asked to catch different alphabets to complete a word. In this way, you will ultimately get a mystery box. The challenges are unlocked on a daily basis.

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