VSCO Cam mod apk app offers some of the most advanced video and photo editing tools. You can also gain inspiration from other photographers. You can discover that on the platform.

But with the VSCO mod, you will get free premium access to all the editing resources. Including advanced video and photo editing tools. Along with the ability to unlock hundreds of paid presets.

In-depth details about the features offered in this mod are discussed in the next section.

VSCO mod screenshot

Features of VSCO Mod

VSCO mod gives you access to a lot of extra and premium features. Which are not available in the official version. Here are those:

  • VSCO X Premium Membership: You get a premium subscription with hundreds of presets. And video editing tools.
  • Unlocked Paid Features: Gain access to the paid features. Including advanced photo editing and video editing tools with HSL, borders, and presets.
  • Cleaned Excessive Resources: Optimized graphics and cleaned resources. This helps make the app load faster.
  • Advertisements Removed: Permissions for advertisements and other relevant services. And providers are scrapped from the Android manifest file.
  • Ad Trackers Removed: Ad trackers are removed. Which usually consumes unnecessary resources and collects data.
  • Debug Removal: Mod doesn’t need debugging so the option has been removed.
  • Removed Needless Permissions: The app requests access to pointless permissions. All those are removed to make the app lightweight.
  • Allowed Banned Countries: VSCO doesn’t allow people to sign up or create an account from the sanctioned countries. But the mod allows you to bypass the restriction.
  • Multi-Language Support: Added native support for many languages in a single app.
  • Play Store Check Removed: The app by default checks if it is downloaded from the official channel. This has been removed to allow the installation of the mod.
vsco screenshots

VSCO Key Features

This section will highlight the key features of VSCO:

  • Photo Editor and Editing Tools: VSCO default presets will help make your photos pop out. You can crop and skew images to add a new perspective. Apply filters and effects to your pictures.
  • Video Editing: Make adjustments to your videos. And experiment with white balance and color control using HSL. Add slow-motion effects. Use the photo editing tools on video clips as well.
  • VSCO Montage: Create a story using VCSO montage with the option to layer shapes, videos, and photos. Create a double exposure effect by adjusting opacity.
  • Advanced Photo Editing: Add framing to your photos to make them stand out. You get to use advanced editing tools like split tone and HSL. Add enhancements to your photos with presets and impressive filters.

About VSCO

VSCO is one of the most highly popular apps designed for mobile devices. The aim is to help with mobile photography.

The app is highly capable and feature-rich. It allows you to capture photos. And then directly edit them within the app using advanced editing tools and filters.

The app offers you dozens of options, presets, and other editing tools to enhance your photos. You can select a ready-to-use filter.

Or, you can opt to change the photo with tools like contrast and color adjustments.

Once all the adjustments and modifications are made and you are happy with the result. You can publish that photo to your profile for the public so they can enjoy your creativity as well.