10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

Are you tired of not hearing your audio loud enough? Do you feel like you're constantly having to turn up the volume, but it's just not enough? Well, if you’re looking for a way to get louder sound from your headphones or speakers, then volume booster software might just be what you need.

Do you often find yourself constantly turning up the volume on your computer trying to hear your music or videos? If so, using a volume booster may be the perfect solution for you.

Volume boosters are software that can increase the audio output of your computer.  They work by taking the existing audio signal and digitally amplifying it before sending it to your speakers or headphones. 

Most boosters are simple apps or extensions you can download and use for free. Once installed, you simply run the app when you want a louder sound and it will boost the volume in real-time. 

We have tested a dozen of software and listed some of the best sound booster software that can help you enhance your audio quality.

If you want to amplify sound from your Windows PC, any one of these applications will do the trick.

1. Volume Booster Chrome Extension

The sound booster extension for Google Chrome provides an easy way to increase the maximum volume output. 

You can simply add the extension to your browser from the Chrome Webstore. After that, just simply use the slider to set your desired volume level.

As a free extension, it provides an easy and fast way to gain more volume control without installing separate software. 

The extension also has a Firefox version that allows you to amplify audio on your Firefox browser.


  • Boosts volume up to 500% 
  • Adjust volume independently for each tab.
  • Reset button to restore the system’s default volume settings.
  • Supports all websites and does not require any disk space.

Pricing: 100% Free

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

2. Boom 3D

Boom 3D provides a system-wide volume boost for Windows 7 through Windows 11. It includes 31 band equalizers and hotkeys for quick adjustments. It offers a 30-day free trial with basic volume-boosting capabilities.

We tried this out and found that it provides a decent decibel increase. However, for more advanced features like the spatial effects, and hotkeys, you need to upgrade to the Pro version for $12.50. 

It is available across all platforms and in our opinion, the Pro upgrade is worth it for the customizable audio tuning and quick shortcuts.


  • 3D Surround technology for a unique gaming experience.
  • 31-band equalizer for customized audio
  • Access to 20,000+ radio stations
  • Hotkeys to easily adjust the volume on the fly

Pricing: 30 days Free trial and $12.50 for MacOS and Windows after trial.

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

3. FxSound Enhancer

FXSound is 100% free, which we love. It easily increases the maximum volume on your laptop while also enhancing clarity and quality. 

The interface is super simple and intuitive. It works perfectly for amplifying music, movies, games, and streaming audio sources. 

The application has 50 million+ downloads so far with a 4.8 rating in the Microsoft store.


  • Increases maximum volume levels beyond system limits
  • Enhances clarity and quality of audio
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Works with music, movies, games, and streaming audio

Pricing: 100% free. However, you can donate voluntarily on the website.

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

4. Voicemeeter Banana

Voicemeeter Banana is an advanced audio mixer that is excellent for live streaming, podcasting, and video production. 

It is packed with professional mixing capabilities and you can make unlimited audio adjustments with multitrack editing tools. 

DVD players, ASIO boards, USB MIC, iTunes, Video Games, and audio pro-DAW can be easily connected to get an unmatched audio experience. 

You can use multi-channel EQ and can also correct 7.1 diffusion. The integrated tape deck of the application can record and play audio from any given audio source.


  • Advanced digital audio mixer with a wide range of controls
  • Unlimited audio adjustments and mixing capabilities
  • Multitrack editing for professional live streaming & recording
  • Supports all audio sources i.e. WAV, BWF, AIFF, MP4, MOV, M4A, AVI, WMV, etc.

Pricing: Free to use but a $5 donation is suggested.

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

5. Viper4Windows

Viper4Windows is an advanced audio modification software for Windows that provides users with precise control over sound output. 

It comes with a parametric equalizer that makes it possible to customize the sound signature with surgical precision to match one’s preferences.

For bass lovers, the software offers a dedicated bass management system to really make the low end thump. Advanced users can leverage the convolution engine to import and apply impulse responses for room ambiance or hardware modeling. 

The system-wide audio processing makes it a versatile tool for gaming or just day-to-day sound. For audiophiles looking to take control over their sound environment, this software is an extremely powerful option worth considering.


  • Parametric EQ with 31 bands per channel for surgical audio tuning
  • 10-band system-wide graphic EQ for quick sound adjustment.
  • Bass management system with 4 bass-boosting algorithms
  • Headphone surround simulation for immersive audio
  • Loudness equalization, reverb, and other effects to enhance sound

Pricing: 100% free. 

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

6. Volumax Chrome Extension

Volumax is a simple chrome extension booster that runs in the system tray. With just a click of the icon, you can turn the volume up higher than the default. 

It uses minimal system resources and is made specifically for boosting Windows volume. Gets the job done with zero cost.


  • A simple clickable icon to turn up the volume beyond normal limits
  • Runs quietly in the system tray without hassle
  • The lightweight program uses minimal system resources
  • Made specifically for amplifying Windows volume

Pricing: 100% free

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

7. FlexClip

FlexClip stands out as a premier free online solution for amplifying audio volume on Windows and MacOS devices. 

It is a web-based software, users can adjust decibel levels without downloading the applications. 

The software supports a variety of file types such as MP4, MOV, M4V, AAC, MP3, OGG, MAV, and many more. Aside from dramatically boosting faint sounds, you can use the software to trim clips, apply overlaying text, and use presets on your videos. 


  • An online video editor that does not require installation
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Customizable templates with a video variety
  • Access stock photos, video clips, animations, and music
  • Boost audio volume beyond normal levels on your videos

Pricing:  100% free

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

8. Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO is a user-friendly audio equalization software that enhances sound quality on Windows systems. 

With this application, you can easily customize your audio settings to suit your preferences and achieve a more immersive listening experience. 


  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and adjust audio settings.
  • Equalizer APO supports a wide range of audio devices, ensuring compatibility with various hardware setups.
  • You can adjust the sound frequencies precisely, tailoring the audio output to match your preferences and headphones or speakers.
  • Changes to the equalizer settings take effect in real time, allowing you to hear the impact of your adjustments immediately.

Pricing: Open source free to download software.

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

9. Letasoft Sound Booster

Letasoft Sound Booster is a lightweight application for Windows that is designed to boost sound volume higher than your system’s default limit.  

You can just click the speaker icon to instantly boost volume beyond 100%. It comes with a hotkey support and also runs in the background.  

You can boost volume from any source including music, movies, games, web videos, and more.

As a completely free tool, this application is an excellent first option to try out if you want to make your Windows audio louder.


  • Simple one-click volume amplification
  •  Set your own amplification amount from 1dB to 30 dB.
  • Defined keyboard shortcuts to quickly toggle sound boosting on and off.
  • The app sits quietly in your system tray for easy access when needed.
  • Uses minimal system resources so as not to impact performance.

Pricing: 100% free

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

10. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer

Fidelizer Audio Enhancer provides professional-grade audio enhancement capabilities for Windows PCs. 

It enables users to set up customized sound profiles for achieving optimal audio quality system-wide. 

The software excels at digitally improving and fine-tuning sound from various sources. Despite being freely available, it can easily compete with premium paid software due to its exceptional features.

Fidelizer also offers Fidelizer Plus and Fidelizer Pro software with more advanced features.


  • Create personalized audio profiles
  • Optimize sound quality for online streaming platforms like Spotify 
  • Effective volume maximization and amplification
  • Adjusts audio output to improve clarity and detail


  • Fidelizer  – Free plan
  • Fidelizer Plus – $39.95
  • Fidelizer Pro – $69.95
10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

Benefits of Using Audio Boost For Android & PC

  • Increased Loudness: The most obvious benefit is being able to increase volume higher than your PC normally allows. This makes it easier to hear music or play games when there is a lot of background noise.
  • Improve Clarity: Boosting the volume can help make voices, music, and effects sound clearer and more distinct. This is especially helpful for picking out details you may miss at lower volumes.
  • Enhance Quiet Media: Many videos and songs have sections recorded at low volumes. Sound Booster extensions can tune up quiet parts so you don’t have to constantly adjust the volume.
  • Avoid Buying New Gear: Getting more volume may mean investing in new headphones or speakers. Boosters provide louder sound without expensive equipment upgrades.
  • Customize Volume Levels: You can fine-tune the boost levels so volume is perfect for each application. Set the ideal loudness for music versus games versus videos.
  • Portable Solution: Most boosters don’t require installation or hardware changes. You can put them on a USB drive and use your louder audio settings anywhere.
  • Easy to Use: These boosters typically have simple interfaces that let you turn up and down the volume boost with just a slider. Much easier than fiddling with advanced audio settings.
  • Improve Old or Damaged Speakers: Boosting volume can help compensate for speakers that have degraded over time and can no longer produce a loud sound.

This software offers some very compelling benefits for improving audio from your computer. 

They also provide an easy, affordable way to customize and increase volume levels.

How to Install and Use Volume Booster on Windows?

Installing and using a volume master in Windows is a quick and straightforward process. Here are the basic steps:

Step 1: Download the Volume Booster App Free

There are many free or inexpensive boosters to choose from online. Search for options compatible with your version of Windows. 

Some popular choices include Boom 3D, FxSound Enhancer, and VB-Audio Voicemeeter. Download your preferred program and run the installer.

Step 2: Run and Configure the Booster

Once installed, launch the Audio Amplifier app. Most will display a simple interface with a volume slider to control the boost level and on/off toggle. 

Set the slider to your desired levels to get started. 

Some boosters may have additional options to tweak the sound, like equalizers. 

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

Step 3: Play Audio To Test Volume Level

Now play some music or watch a video to see if the software is actually working or not. Adjust the boost slider until you reach your optimum loudness. 

Step 4: Add Booster to Startup (Optional)

If you want the volume boost enabled every time you use your computer, add the app to your Startup folder. 

This will launch it automatically whenever you boot up Windows. The Startup folder is located at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp.

Step 6: Exit the App When Done

The volume boost only applies while the booster app is running. 

When you’re finished, simply exit or minimize the program and your volume will return to normal levels. Just relaunch it again when you want the extra amplification.

With these basics, you should now be able to install a free volume booster app and configure it to significantly increase the audio volume from your computer. 

Just play around with the slider and hotkeys to find your perfect loudness for different uses.

What to look for while choosing Sound Booster for Windows?

While choosing such software, always look out for the following things:

1. Amplification Power

Look for boosters that can increase loudness by 30 decibels or more to make quiet audio sufficiently audible. 

Powerful amplification capabilities allow you to hear media clearly over ambient noise without distortion.

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

2. Sound Quality

More volume isn’t helpful if the boosted sound becomes degraded or full of static. High-quality boosters enhance audio clarity as they turn up the volume. 

Test the software with your own audio sources while gradually increasing loudness to ensure it remains clear and pleasant sounding at higher decibel levels. 

Distortion-free powerful amplification should be the goal.

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

3. User Interface

You’ll also want to ensure the booster has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to control and adjust volumes to your liking. 

Interfaces with simple sliders, dials, and preset options allow quick changes on the fly. 

Applications with confusing, overly complex controls can be frustrating to use. 

Smooth, responsive interfaces help create an enjoyable listening experience.

4. Customization

Customization is another useful capability to look for in a booster application. 

Having an equalizer to fine-tune frequencies, as well as preset profiles optimized for music, movies, and games allows you to dial in the perfect customized volume boost for each media type. 

More personalization automatically means better audio.

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

5. System Resource Use

Consider how many system resources the application uses. 

Lightweight software that doesn’t drain CPU and memory resources has little impact on overall computer performance. 

Resource-intensive boosters can slow down your system.

6. Cost

And lastly, examine the cost of the software. Free or inexpensive options are widely available. 

Premium versions with more features may carry a price tag, usually $10 to $50. In the end, cost should align with the quality and capabilities being offered by the software.

Are Volume Boosters safe?

You might think that using such applications will damage your laptop speakers. 

However, these applications are completely safe to use if used in moderation. 

Just don’t go overboard thinking more is always better when it comes to volume levels as it might damage your ears. 

10 Best Volume Booster Software for Boosting Audio [Reviewed]

We have found boosting by 3-6 dB is plenty to make things clearer and more audible without distortion. The key is avoiding blasting your eardrums at max volume for extended periods. 

Use these tools reasonably, take breaks, and listen to your body. As long as you aren’t constantly pumping up super loud sounds for hours on end every day, the use of these applications shouldn’t do any real damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques 1. Are there any volume boosters that actually work?

Ans:  Yes, there are many applications like Boom 3D, FXSound, and Voicemeeter Banana that effectively boost volume beyond normal system limits.

Ques 2. What is the Chrome extension for increasing volume? 

Ans:  Volume Booster Chrome extension is a popular extension that can boost the volume of your Google Chrome tabs. Simply add the extension and use the slider.

Ques 3. How can I make my audio louder than 100%?

Ans:  Using sound booster software is the easiest way to amplify audio louder than 100% of your system’s volume.

Ques 4. How do I increase my iPhone volume for free?

Ans:  You can easily download and use free apps like Ampme, Speaker Booster, and Precise Volume to boost iPhone volume.

Ques 5. Does volume booster extension work?

Ans: Yes, volume master extensions like the Volumax can effectively increase volume, but sound booster applications tend to offer more customizable options.


Based on our hands-on experience, these 10 applications can provide adequate audio amplification in an easy-to-use package. 

FXSound, Volumax, and Letasoft Sound Booster offer solid free options.

For advanced controls, Fidelizer Plus is an excellent choice. Try these top boosters to increase volume on your Windows laptop or PC.