Simply Disable Facebook Messenger Chat Heads & Notification in Android

Most of you would have already discovered a way to disable Facebook Messenger chat heads but this tutorial targets relatively inexperienced users.

Facebook chat heads are quick and easy way to communicate with your friends and after installing the Facebook Messenger on Android device, the chat heads are enabled by default for everyone. And not everyone is a fan of this feature and might want to disable it right away.

However, it is simple and easy to dismiss a chat head as just a simple tap on the active chat head (and hold) and dragging it to the X that shows up towards the bottom of screen will get the task done.

But whenever you got a new message or a new reply or someone starting a new conversation, will let the pop up come in front again. Not only on the home screen but these chat heads can pop up on top of any apps that you might be using and this is where it gets really annoying.

In order to disable Facebook Messenger chat heads, first open the Facebook Messenger app.

Now find the settings button which is situated normally on the top right corner of the screen.

Tap on the settings button and it will open a sub-menu with various tabs but “Chat heads” option will be among the top ones.

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Tap on “Chat heads” and you will find that there is an ‘On’ button. Now, in order to disable the chat heads, touch this option and you are done.


How To Disable Facebook Messenger Chat Heads in Android

Step 1: Open Facebook Messenger app on your Android phone.

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Step 2: Find the settings button on top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Tap the settings button

Step 4: Find the ‘On’ button

Step 5: Tap on it to turn it “Off”, you can also turn off notification here.

Congratulations! You have successfully disabled Facebook Messenger chat heads & notifications on your Android phone.

If you ever wish to enable the disabled Facebook Messenger chat heads any time in the near future, repeat the procedure mentioned above and turn chat heads on once again.