AI-powered Google Assistant engages in two-way conversations and is available on mobile, tablets and smart devices. But it appears a bug has affected this virtual assistant that is causing it to pick up conversation intended for any other device.

If you have two devices which are placed in the vicinity of each other, then your “Okay, Google” or “Hey, Google” phrases for one device may also activate Google Assistant on the other one.

The AndroidPolice writes about an incident when its founder, Artem Russakoviskii, talked to Google Home but his nearby Pixel 3 phone also woke up in the process. The Google Assistant remained on even after Google Home was done with executing the command.

Another writer from AndroidPolice also faced a similar problem when he discovered that his Google Pixel Slate got stuck in active mode by listening to the command he gave to his Google Home device.

The issue with Google Assistant has not been discovered by the AndroidPolice alone. In September a user reported on the Google Assistant forum that Assistant remained active on his Pixel phone even after the Google Home answered his query.

The similar complaints have also been getting reported on the Google Pixel subreddit since the last month. While the reported incidents involve Google Home and Pixel devices, there is one example of OnePlus 6T also getting malfunctioned.

A user reported on the Google Assistant forum that he once woke up to see his battery drained to 1%. He said it happened because the Google Assistant had remained hanged out on the home screen of the phone.

Nevertheless, the issues highlighted are not something that users encountered every time they wanted to wake up the Google Assistant. The problem is most likely intermittent. Yet it is a cause of concern since the malfunctioning of Google Assistant even sparingly leaves the displays on until powered off manually.

A long switched-on display not only drains the battery but also exposes our devices to be spied on by the sneaky people around. Hopefully, Google will take note of the issue and will soon roll out a fix for it. Stay tuned.

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