The buzz around the PlayStation 5 has been gaining ground ever since CEO Kenichiro confirmed last year that the next-Gen PlayStation is in the works. But it seems PlayStation 5 won’t be alone whenever it launches. Its Pro version, the PlayStation 5 Pro will also be launched alongside the PlayStation 5. This information has come to the fore courtesy Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa in a YouTube video.

If that happens, it will be in the departure of Sony’s practice where a Pro version PS console follows a regular PS console after a few years. For instance, the PlayStation P4 launched back in November 2013 while the PlayStation P4 Pro joins the league on September 2016, after a gap of three years.

On conventional wisdom, it appears that simultaneous launch of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Pro will cannibalize each other’s sales. But Sony is reportedly thinking otherwise. According to Nishikawa “Sony has acknowledged the interest in a high-end model and wants to give players what they want right from the beginning of the generation.”

Nishikawa said the PlayStation 5 Pro will cost about $100- $150 more than the base model. However, he didn’t reveal how much the standard version will cost. He also didn’t divulge about the specs of the PlayStation 5 Pro.

Nevertheless, some semblance of specs of the PlayStation 5 is known thanks to its architect Marck Cerny. According to him, the PlayStation 5 will support 3D audio, 8K graphics, SSD storage, and ray tracing, a feature from high-end PCs.

The PlayStation 5 will be driven by an octa-core chip based on Ryzen line with Zen 2 microarchitecture and Radeon Nav line GPU. Moreover, the Console will be backward compatible with the PlayStation 4 games and PlayStation 4 VR hardware.

As Sony has not even remotely hinted about the PlayStation 5 Pro as yet you’d better take the news from Nishikawa with a grain of salt. Then again, Nishikawa is someone of a good reputation who had rightly predicted the arrival of Nintendo Switch Lite even before its announcement.

The Song PlayStation 5 is expected to arrive sometime in 2020 or 2021. If the Pro version of the PlayStation 5 is also to come in tow, we will get to know about it from the company in the coming months, hopefully.

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