When will the POCO F2 arrive? This is an incessant question that Xiaomi faces these days. The Chinese manufacturer last year launched the POCO F1 under a jaw-dropping $300 price tag with flagship-level Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC that powers the likes of the Pixel 3 series and the Galaxy S9 series and Note 9.

The POCO F1 had everything going for it. It had a powerful processor, generous amount RAM and storage, impressive camera, and a durable battery. Only con was it used a plastic back instead of metal, but considering its super affordability users didn’t mind overlooking it. The smartphone was a great success and continues to sell handsomely even today.

However, the company is still not forthcoming about the launch of its successor. Some experts hold the opinion that the POCO F2 might not happen because the Redmi K20 has taken its place.

Then again, we got to see an alleged leak of a screen protector of the POCO F2 showing thin bezels and a small water-drop notch. Also, a tipster on Twitter revealed that the POCO F2 with AMOLED screen is indeed in the pipeline.

But, after that almost two months have elapsed without any murmur about the POCO F2. And now Xiaomi India Head Manu Kumar Jain may have unintentionally given some hint about the POCO F2. He tweeted an image in discussion with the Redmi Business Lead, Sneha Tainwala. And it is the background of the image that holds a clue to the POCO F2.

The image tweeted by Manu Kumar Jain has a whiteboard in the background where perhaps the timeline of upcoming products’ launch is mentioned. Here, the POCO F2 also finds a place under the number “11”. “11” here is supposedly indicating the number of the month, which is November. Or maybe thereafter.

However, the whiteboard also features the Mi Pad which should have been launched in May. We all know the 4th-Gen Mi Pad never saw the daylight in India. So, we can’t say for sure if the POCO F2 information on the whiteboard can prove to be true. For one thing, the information could be outdated or even intended for the next year.

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Nothing concrete can be said as yet given that if Xiaomi launches the POCO F2 now it can cannibalize the sales of the Redmi K20. Also, towards the end of this month or early next month, the Redmi Note 8 series is going to be launched in India. Xiaomi might likely look towards the POCO F2 once it is done with the former.

Though there is no official confirmation as to whether the POCO F2 is in the works, POCO fans have been holding out hope that the POCO F2 will happen. Not to mention, many of them are not buying any other phones in the hope of the POCO F2.

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