The Sims 5: News and Release date, we know so far


Electronic Arts (EA) has been tight-lipped and the Sims fans are getting restless as to the launch of the Sims 5 Game. The Sims 4, by now, has aged beyond 5 years as it was launched back in September 2014.It is about time the Sims 5 launched or at least announced but it remains shrouded in mystery.

The E3 2019 has ended without any announcement in this regard leaving the Sims 5 hanging in balance with fans unsure about its launch date which has seemingly been pushed back further.

We in this article will examine everything about the Sims 5- its feasibility, expected launch, and the changes it will bring to the table. Read on.

Why Sims 5?

Although the current Sims 4 has great graphics and runs smoothly across different machines it missed out on so many features from the Sims 3, leading to the disenchantment amongst the fans. They have since been waiting for the Sims 5 with much anticipation.

It’s not that the Sims 4 has not been improved over the time. A series of free updates and expansion packs have vastly upgraded the game. However, 5-year is a long enough hiatus to spark a craving for a new installment. After all, the players deserve a new game, in this case, the Sims 5, to get freshly hooked to this incredible gaming franchise.

Will Sims 5 happen?

The official silence over the prospect of the Sims 5 has prompted some naysayers to tell that the Sims 4 could be the last installment in the franchise as EA would likely shift its focus on money-minting Battle Royale-style games in the future

But they are losing sight of the fact that EA when it comes to Sims games, is operating without a competitor. And considering that the Sims titles have a fairly large fan base and have done well in generating revenue without competition, it will be a foolhardy decision to pull the plugs on the very popular Sims line of games.

An EA executive commented that Sims 5 launch depends on how well the Sims 4 performs. And the fact is the Sims 4 after initial hiccups have done well. The company has acknowledged its good run generating great revenues. This gives rise to the hope that EA will ultimately bring the Sims 5 to capitalize on the Sim 4 popularity.

Why there is a delay?

There is no particular reason that we can attribute to the delay in the announcement of the Sims 5. Maybe, the Sims 4 has proved to be a cash cow for EA and the latter desires to milk it to the fullest no matter EA’s four to five years window of releasing a new title is affected.

According to the team working with the Sims 4, there will be a total of 12 major packs in the current game. With another 3 to 4 major packs still due along with DLCs, the Sims 4 will be alive and kicking even beyond 2020.

In an interview given to the PC Games insider, an executive of EA said that its latest Pet expansion is not the last rather the company is up with more content to add to the Sims 4. So, as long as they are not done with their planned content for the current game we may not see the Sims 5 on the horizon.

Also, behind the delay, there could be a technological reason because every Sims release happens with major technological innovation. The Sims 2 brought along 3D environment, the Sims 3 featured Open world while the Sims 4 introduced character creator with direct manipulation for the first time. EA might be planning something really big and unique for the Sims 5 so as not to attract criticism as it happened during the launch of the Sims 4. We know new stuff certainly takes time to mature, so the delay happening is understandable.

Another reason behind the delay could be the wait for the new generation of consoles to arrive. The Sims 5 will much likely release on consoles as well like the Sims 4 which had also a release on Xbox and PS4. Sony and Microsoft have confirmed the next Gen consoles to arrive soon. So, we might expect the Sims 5 tagging along.

When the Sims 5 is expected?

Going by the trend of EA launching every new title after four-five years of the gap the Sims 5 should have been released towards the end of 2019. To this effect, an official announcement was already due at E3 2018 event but to no avail. Even E3 2019 has ended without the barest of mention about the upcoming Sims 5.

Although the E3 2019 has passed by the Sims 5 can still be announced towards later this year and formal launch will likely take place in 2020. Generally, EA starts some chatter about the upcoming games well before their announcement but considering the silence from EA so far on the Sims 5 some experts have begun to see the game arriving only in 2021 following a formal announcement next year.

This is also borne by the fact that the Sims 4 was first announced in May 2013 but could only launch in September 2014, more than a year later.

As said earlier, if the next generations of consoles are any factor, they are seeing the light in 2020 so the Sims 5 might also be announced around that time.

And not to forget, 2020 is going to be 20th anniversary of the Sims so a big announcement as to the launch of the Sims 5 could be very much on the cards.

What to expect from the Sims 5?

One of the scathing criticism EA had to face for the Sims 4 was that it had excluded toddlers and parenthood from the game. So, the Sims 5 is likely to come with toddlers who make the game quite fun and colorful.

The Open World playing from the Sims 3 is expected to be back again with Sims 5, letting the Sims move around in open, drive cars or go to pools. While the aging of Sims in the Sims 4 was not seamless it has got to be fixed in the new title along with the introduction of more customizable characters for an immersive experience and better distinctions.

As we said every Sims title invariably comes with a big technology advance it won’t be surprising if EA decides to arm the Sims 5 with VR capabilities to run on headsets like Oculus and HTC Vive. Nonetheless, a well-optimized Sims 5 for the consoles seems like a given thing.

What should be dropped?

If there is one thing which should be dropped it is the multiple loading screens to give a clear touch of differentiation to the Sims 5 over its predecessors. What we all want is a large single world to explore freely in the Sims 5.

EA should also avoid layers of microtransactions to play the game. The players at times get annoyed even though they don’t shy away from buying game packs, expansion packs or DLCs.

Also, the basic content should be included in the base game itself rather than being forced as unnecessary expansion packs. Having said that, some exciting expansion packs to delve deep into the game are always welcome. We don’t mind it. Do you? Hit the comment section to tell us what you think.

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