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How to speed up typing on Android & iOS with shortcuts?


Why type the same thing again and again when you don’t have enough time to do so. Fortunately, both Android & IOS have built in option that speed up your typing in few clicks. In our daily conservation that are a lot of text we have to type again and again like Phone numbers, Emails and other big chunks of Texts but what if you can add them into your text with only a few taps, that’s great. Type Less & Save Time.

Generally, this is a predictive text feature, you save shortcuts with content in settings and whenever you type those shortcut in your conservations the content appear in the predictive section, like your email appearing in predictions when you type email.

How to add predictive text in Android?

Every thing in Android varies from phone to phone. Generally, you can find this option in settings > Language & Input > Personal Dictionary. Just Go there, tap “+” and add your text with shortcut code. Now whenever you type the shortcut in your phone your text will be presented in the predictive section, make sure have enabled predictive text in keyboard settings.

Samsung Phone: On Samsung Phone, you can find this option in Settings > Language & input >Samsung keyboard > Text shortcuts. Click on Add and then Add your frequent used content there.

How to do this on iPhone?

To do this on your iPhone, head over to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Click on “+” and then add your shortcut in phrase field and content in the text field, you may notice there is already OMW, which means whenever your type OMW in your iPhone “Oh My God” will appear in predictive section so you can add that with a single tap.

That’s a cool feature to save your time. Any thoughts?

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