Whatsapp’s Nov 21 deadline: What to do before the app stops working?

Whatsapp will soon stop working on many old phones but you don’t need to panic Instead use these tips to save yourself from buying new phone.


2021 is fast approaching the end, and with that, many applications running on phones and installed operating systems (better known as OS) are all making updates, if they haven’t already. These updates will see a range of devices and applications being phased out, particularly an application run by Facebook, Whatsapp. Whatsapp announced that from November 1, 2021, Android phones running on OS 4.0.3 and older will no longer be compatible with the application. This also includes other competitor brands with outdated operating systems.

The phone that you are using might potentially be phased out, and you might be thinking, what’s next? What we can tell you is no worries; several solutions will keep you connected and communicating. 

Don’t panic about the time frame you have left, either. Instead, take time and consider the following ideas.

Updating OS

First port of call, as always, is to attempt to update your phone. Periodic operating system updates are needed to get the most from your phone and to have a functional Whatsapp application. It’s a pretty straightforward process that will cost you little to no effort. Be it on Android or other operating systems, you simply go to your phone settings, navigate to system updates, simply click on the system update bar. Your phone automatically searches for the latest update it can support and runs it. Just make sure that the update is higher than OS 4.0.3 as this is the base for cut-offs on Androids.

Upgrading Your Phone 

A perfect opportunity also exists for users to upgrade phones and keep up with technological trends. The world we now live in is one ruled by tech, and as much as some smartphones are considered smart, they are no longer smart enough to keep up with inevitable automation. For example, from the latest smartphones, you have the Near Field Communication (NFC), which is used to transmit data from your phone to another and to make transactions in stores. Unfortunately, the NFC function is not found on phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini and lower, Huawei Ascend, and other Android phones. If you decide on purchasing a new Android phone, take a look at the phones below that you definitely can get your hands on even if buying a phone isn’t a big priority.

  • Coolpad Suva (Android 10 OS) for $49.99 @ Boost Mobile
  • LG K51 (Android 10 OS)  $79.99 @ Boost Mobile
  • Samsung Galaxy A11 (Android 10 OS upgradable to 11) for $180 @ T Mobile
  • Samsung Galaxy A32 5G $282 (Android 11 OS) @ T Mobile
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You can view a larger selection on the Kimbino website where you’ll find various catalogs from different retailers.

Changing social platforms

As an Android user, you can opt for Signal or Telegram for all your communication. The two applications are similar to Whatsapp in many ways; all your conversations are encrypted, which means you mustn’t have to worry about your privacy, and your data won’t be shared with anyone else. The downside is that most of your network may not be using these apps and you’d have to convince them to come on board just so you can communicate with them. According to Statista, Whatsapp has 2 billion active monthly users worldwide. You can imagine what you’d have to go through to convince people to come to your side.  

For all other users, the most obvious option would be switching to inbuilt messenger apps. The inbuilt application works just as well as Whatsapp, and to most, it might even be better and more interactive because of the features it provides. A downside is that these applications are only limited to the same devices communication; therefore, Telegram can be a good substitute.