About us

About us

BestForAndroid is an independent provider of information about Android Phones/tablets & Technology around smartphones. We are a team of passionate writers working from across the globe. Based in San Francisco, US the BestForAndroid website is owned and operated by the company named BestiumPro LLC and is not affiliated with Android or Google in any way.

BestForAndroid is rapidly becoming the Internet’s top site for Android users. Only three years after its premiere, BestForAndroid is receiving over three million page hits per month.

Our Mission

Every piece of content published on our blog is aimed to help our readers in the best possible way. Our purpose is to make life easier for people by giving them the easiest possible solution for their tech problems.

Our Team

Our Team consists of a highly competent and diverse range of people with different backgrounds & geography.

Muhammad Farzan

Chief Editor / Content Writer – farzan@bestforandroid.com

A passionate blogger as well as a tech and gadget enthusiast with over a decade of experience in creating well-researched and engaging content on a wide range of topics. You will mostly find him writing blog posts, tinkering with gadgets, capturing photos, and watching tech videos. He manages the content moderation for this site.

Akhil G

Writer – akhil@bestforandroid.com

An experienced and recognized tech writer and journalist. I have an experience of over 6 years in the field of journalism and web content writing. I have received the Top Blogger Award – 2016 from IndiBlogger, the Google Hall Of Fame Award from Google Inc., the Golden Blogger of The Year Award from ShowMyContent by Contentcastling, and the Youth Icon of the Year Award by the Government of Kerala.

Tanwirul Hasan

News Writer – tanwirul@bestforandroid.com

Tanwirul has studied law, but he finds his forte in tech writing. The first thing for him to do is rummage through the web to catch all the news and rumors on a variety of gadgets. Off and on, he is also a cricket buff and a permanent Rahul Dravid fan. He finds out time even in the busiest hours to pen some lines that others call poetry.

Abdul Wahab

Writer – Wahab@bestforandroid.com

A tech-enthusiast by nature, He writes, reads, and watches tech 24/7 and is passionate about writing help guides and blogs.

Seerat Qamar

Writer – seerat@bestforandroid.com

I am an eternal optimist, a dreamer, a team leader, and a driver who follows her intuition first but listen to everyone’s idea and inspire everyone to do whatever they want to do if they have a passion for it and what inspires them.

Jowaria Sohail (No Longer Work With Us)

Forum Moderator – jowaria@bestforandroid.com

Jowaria works as a moderator for the Android forum and manages the APK section on the site. She is a tech enthusiast working in the field for over three years.

Shayan Hussain (No Longer Work With Us)

Forum Moderator – shayan@bestforandroid.com

Shayan manages the forum to keep it useful and authentic by actively engaging and helping users as soon as possible.

Other than these people our team consists of developers, designers, and digital marketers who work together to make all this possible,