Are you looking for a quick and easy Candy Crush Saga mod apk with all the levels and episodes unlocked from the very beginning of the game along with unlimited moves, lives, free switches, lollipop hammers, increased time for timed levels and everything else to help you complete levels with the highest score?

Look no further, here we have brought you the ultimate Candy Crush Saga mod that gives you everything unlimited as well as all the levels are unlocked too.

You can safely use the provided apk, which will help you get the highest scores in every level so that you can beat your friends easily. ;)

Continue reading, as in this article we will reveal what in-game items and features are hacked and what you can do with this free Candy Crush Saga cracked app.

candy crush saga apk screenshots

But before we share with you the incomparable features of the mod and hack version of Candy Crush Saga, we will first tell you about the different puzzle modes available in the game.

What's Modded and Hacked in Candy Crush Saga

The Candy Crush Saga cracked and modded version will give you the following boosters and enhanced features:

  • Infinite Lives: You will never run out of life as it gives you unlimited lives.
  • Unlimited Moves: More than a hundred moves to complete each level.
  • Endless Lollipop Hammer: You will get unlimited Lollipop Hammer booster to smash any candy you want.
  • Endless Free Switches: Gives you unlimited Free Switches booster so you can switch 2 candies without losing moves.
  • Unlimited UFOs: You will get endless UFOs boosters that will randomly add exploding wrapped candies to give you bonus points.
  • Infinite Striped Brush: With the unlimited number of Striped Brush boosters you will be able to select any regular candy and paint stripes on the entire row or column.
  • Endless Party Popper: This is an interesting and highly effective booster, once launched it can clear the game board with a huge explosion and adds four special candies.
  • Bigger Time Limitations: The timer for all the time-limited game modes is set to five minutes.
  • Delay Bomb Counter: Bomb counter-related levels usually have very less move counts, but this mod will set it to explode after more than eighty moves.
  • Level Unlock: All levels will be unlocked from the beginning.
  • Episode Unlock: All episodes will be unlocked from the beginning.
  • Facebook Connect: Ability to sync and save your game progress by connecting with your Facebook account.

Candy Crush Saga Game Modes

To make the game interesting and challenging, developers have added various game modes that appear randomly as you pass through different chapters:

  • Moves & Score: The original game mode where you have a limited number of moves. It would be best if you made the required score before running out of moves else you will fail.
  • Ingredients: As you pass through the chapters, on some levels, you will come across ingredients like cherries and hazelnuts, and you will see several ingredients you need to collect to clear the level.
  • Jelly: You will see some boxes are covered in jelly; this is where you need to remove all those jellies by matching candy located right on top of it. Successfully doing so will help you clear the level.
  • Time Limited: This game mode will give you limited time to clear the level, and you must need to earn at least one star before the timer runs out otherwise you will fail.
  • Candy Order: This mode is similar to that of ingredients but here you are required to collect a specific type of candies to win the level.

Demo Pictures

You can see the animated demo pictures (GIF format) where we have shown some of the Candy Crush Saga mods in action:

Candy Crush Saga Mod Demo Screenshots

About the Game

In case you don’t know, Candy Crush is one of the most popular and widely played puzzle adventure games for Android phones and tablet devices with hundreds of levels.

The puzzling nature of the game is what makes it addictive where you need to match three or more candies of the same color to earn points and gain additional bonus points when they burst.

When you match four or more candies of the same color then you will get a unique powerful candy. This special candy has the ability to pop a large number of candies.

And you can even match two powerful candies, which will clear many candies and give you points boost.

But there is a catch:

To clear the level, you must need to earn the required amount of points within a given number of moves/switches.

For example, in level 1, you must make at least 300 points within six moves. You can make as many points as you can but 300 is the minimum you need to make to clear the level successfully.

That is not all.

To help you clear that hard-to-beat and challenging level, there are various types of boosters that you can purchase from the store and can be activated during gameplay.

Booster includes Jelly Fish, Coconut Wheel, Color Bomb, Striped and Wrapped, Lucky Candy, 5 Extra Moves, Lollipop Hammer, Free Switch, Bomb Cooler, Sweet Teeth, and Extra Time.

As if that’s not enough:

To further make the game tougher, you get five lives at the beginning of the game. Losing a level will result in losing a life. And to earn back one free life, you will need to wait 30 minutes. You can also purchase a pack of five lives or request your friend to send you one.

Want to know the best part?

The Candy Crush Saga hack will get you unlimited boosters and unlimited lives for free so that you can enjoy the game as long as you want. There will be zero limitations.

You will also get over 100 moves to complete each level, meaning the highest score. All of that without spending a single dime. :D