5 Things You Must Check Before Your Next International Trip

5 Things You Must Check Before Your Next International Trip

A checklist for your next international trip.


Is it your first time going on a trip outside the US? Are you wondering what things you need to prepare before you go? Even when we were traveling locally, we have often come across situations that we weren’t prepared for; didn’t bring enough money, forgot some much-needed essentials, didn’t heed travel warnings, didn’t pack enough stuff, etc. We have all been there. But let’s be real; such misfortunes are inevitable when traveling. 

But it would still be a good idea if you are prepared. After all, you are going out of the country. This article will list the essentials that you will need when you go traveling abroad. 

1. Are your Passport and Visa up to date?

Most countries require that your passport be valid for six months at the time of your application for a visa. Your US passport should be valid for six months after the return date. The US State Department requires that you must renew your passport nine months before its expiration. Make sure your passport hasn’t expired. If you need to renew, browse the US Department of State’s website to find the nearest passport office. It will take 10 to 12 weeks for your passport application to be processed. You can pay an extra fee if you need your passport urgently.

If you are going to rent a car or drive up to the destination country, consider an international driver’s license or keep your US driver’s license.

2. Check Health Advisories and Travel Warnings

Also, check the US State Department’s website for the US government’s travel warning for any country. Such warnings prevent you from getting into any risks in these countries. Even travel insurance companies do not cover travel to countries mentioned in the travel warnings.

The COVID pandemic is still affecting different countries around the world. Just check the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for any current information such as updates on COVID testing and vaccinations. 

3. Mobile Phone & Internet Connectivity Plans

If you use your mobile phone plan internationally, you will be left with a very expensive bill. That is why you need to get an international plan with your mobile phone service provider. For instance, if you are subscribed to any of the Xfinity Mobile plans, you can either opt for Global Travel Pass or Pay As You Go.

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Another option is for you to subscribe to a local SIM card in your country of destination, which you will find at the airport or telecom shop. The local store employee will help you choose the right data plan, install the card and make sure that it is the right one for your phone. Do your research about the different telecom companies in the destination country before visiting.

4. Check Your Wallet

Take one or two credit cards with you, and inform the issuers of your travels before leaving. Otherwise, your credit cards could get denied, since the bank will find such international payment activity to be suspicious. 

Don’t bring travelers’ checks since they are no longer universally accepted. Instead, just use your bank card to withdraw cash from ATMs at your destination location.

5. Get a Travel Insurance

Your health insurance won’t cover you while you are out of the country. Consider getting medical evacuation and insurance. Moreover, if a large down payment was made for the trip or it was booked many months in advance, cancellation and interruption insurance will be able to provide you with protection from any unexpected damages. 

Bonus: Pack Only What Really Necessary

This is most important; you don’t need to pack any unnecessary items with you. Also, make sure to not bring any valuables with you either since it could attract thieves who are really good at targeting tourists like yourself. 

Have an extra pair of prescription glasses. Each of your luggage should have a baggage tag on them with your name, address, and phone number.

Final Thoughts

Always Do Homework Before Travelling Internationally. The more you learn about the customs and regulations of your destination country, the more prepared you will be to enjoy your journey. Always, always research the things you will need so that you do not have to face any difficulties when you are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying the view.

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