Hydra Bot Discord Commands to Manage Music

Are you looking for all the Hydra Bot Discord commands you can use on your server to manage music or listen to songs? Here you will find an extensive list along with a description of their function.

Have you installed Hydra Bot Discord on your server to manage music but don’t remember the commands and what each one of them helps you to do and how to interact with the server? Here I have an extensive list of Hydrabot Discord commands depending on your role in the server.

Whether you are a regular member of the Discord server, a DJ, a Hydra premium subscription owner, or have administrative privileges to manage the server, these commands will come in handy to listen to music and server management.

Even though I have listed all the commands with the period symbol but you need to make sure whenever you are going to use any Hydra Bot Discord command or syntax then you have to prefix it with a period symbol. For example, if you want to see a “playlist” within a channel then you will be using the command “.playlist” or “.pl”.

Commands for Everyone

These are the commands that can be used by all the members of the server, regardless of the role.

Commands and SyntaxWhat is the function of this command
Shows the help menu.
It shows lyrics for the currently playing song.
.lyrics <song title>Shows lyrics for the provided song.
Shows the latency of the bot.
.ping wsShows the WebSocket latency of the bot.
.ping restShows the rest latency of the bot.
.play <song name/url>
.p <song name/url>
Plays a song.
.play filePlays the file attached to the message.
.playlist .plPlay your saved default playlist.
.playlist listList your saved playlists.
.playlist show <playlist name> Show the songs within the provided playlist.
.playlist song save <url> Save a song to your default or provided playlist
.playlist song delete <songId> Delete a song from your default or provided playlist
Show the user and server premium status
Shows the queue.
.queue <page number>Show a specific page of the queue.
.search <song name>Searches and lets you choose a song.
Shows details of the song currently being played.
.songinfo <song number>Shows the detail of a specific song in the queue.
Lets you vote for skipping the current track.

Commands for DJ

These are the commands specifically aimed at DJ. If you have your role in the server set to DJ then you can use these commands.

Commands and SyntaxWhat is the function of this command
Clears the current queue.
Disconnects the bot from its current voice channel.
.loopCycles through all three loop modes (queue, song, off).
.loop queueLoop the queue.
.loop songLoop the current playing song.
.loop offTurn off the music looping.
.move <song number>
.mv <song number>
Move the selected song to the top of the queue.
.move <from> <to>Move the selected song to the provided position.
.move swap <from> <to>Swap track positions in the queue.
.move lastMove the last track in the queue to the top.
Pauses the current playing song.
.remove <song number>
.rm <song number>
.del <song number>
.delete <song number>
Remove a specific song from the queue.
.remove cleanupRemoves songs from users which left the voice channel.
.remove doublesRemove duplicate songs from the queue.
.remove range <from> <to>Remove a range of tracks from the queue.
Replay the current song.
.resume .continueResumes the current paused song.
.seek mm:ssSeeks to a specific position in the current song.
Shuffle the queue.
.shuffle fairShuffles the queue fairly between users with songs in the queue.
Lets you skip the current song.
.skip <trackNumber>Skips to a specific track in the queue.
.stopStops the player and clears the queue.

Commands for Admin

If you have admin access to the Hydra bot server then these commands will help you quickly manage certain tasks and make changes to the server management settings.

Commands and SyntaxWhat is the function of this command
.announceToggle sending of now-playing messages on/off
.announce deleteToggle deletion of now-playing messages on/off
.ban <user>
.b <user>
Lets you ban users from controlling the bot.
Clear command and bot messages.
.fixTries to fix the server region.
Show the currently configured language.
.language listList all available languages.
.language set <language key>Set the language on your server.
.limitShow current set limits.
.limit song <song amount>Set a song limit per user for non-DJs.
.limit time mm:ssSet a time limit per song for non-DJs.
.limit song resetReset the song limit per user for non-DJs.
.limit time resetReset the time limit per song for non-DJs.
.limit resetReset all limits.
.playlistsEnables/disables the possibility of queueing playlists.
.prefixShow the current prefix.
.prefix <new prefix>Lets you set a new prefix.
Enables/disables if the requester is shown on each track.
.setdjShow the current DJ roles.
.setdj <role>Add/Remove a DJ role.
.setdj resetReset the DJ roles.
.setupSet up the unique song request channel.
.setup embedSet up the unique song request channel with the banner embedded.
List all restricted voice channels.
.setvc <voice channel>Restrict the bot to only join specific voice channels.
.setvc currentAdd your current voice channel to the restricted voice channels.
.setvc resetReset the configured restricted voice channels.
.unban <user>
Lets you unban users from controlling the bot.

Commands for Premium Account

Being a premium user of the Hydra bot, you get access to dozens of capabilities and features including advanced options to control music. Here are all the Hydra bot Discord commands you can use as a premium user:

Commands and SyntaxWhat is the function of this command
Toggle the bot to stay 24/7 in the voice channel.
Toggle the bot to continuously queue up recommended tracks.
Show the current bass boost level.
.bassboost <boost factor>Sets the bass boost from -5 (max treble) to 5 (max bass).
.bassboost <off | low | medium | high | extreme | earrape>Sets the bass boost level (off | low | medium | high | extreme | earrape).
.demonIt toggles the demon filter.
.filterShow the current set filter.
.filter resetResets all filters.
Toggles the nightcore filter.
.playlist load <playlist name>Play the provided saved playlist.
.playlist save <playlist name>Save the current queue as a private playlist.
.playlist create <playlist name>Create a new playlist
.playlist delete Delete the provided saved playlist.
.playlist share Share your saved playlists with others.
.playlist default <playlist name>Switch the default playlist (used when no playlist name is provided)
.speedSpeeds up the current song.
.speed <speed factor>Sets the speed up to 2x.
.speed <slow | off | fast>Sets the speed level (slow | off | fast)
Toggles the vaporwave filter.
.volume 1-200
Let you change the Hydra bot output volume.
.volume default 1-200Let you change the Hydra bot default output volume.