What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

A list of the best twelve workings and latest alternatives to the WatchSeries online websites, proxies, and domains you can use to watch and stream movies and TV shows without a subscription.


WatchSeries is one of the go-to online platforms for a lot of people. You can watch and stream the latest series without any subscription. But as we all know, good things don’t last long(jk). So the government has seized the original domain and it is no longer available for public usage.

But to help you out with the TV shows and movies I have done some legwork. And I found over twelve interesting and well-designed WatchSeries alternative domains and proxies. These will help you unlock the content. And have a huge database of titles readily available to stream.

Let’s quickly jump to the list…

New and Working WatchSeries Domains, Proxy, Mirrors, and Alternatives

1. MyFlixerHD

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

You can watch and stream tons of movies and TV series with MyFlixerHD. The site allows you to find content using various options. This includes country, genres, IMDB selection, a dedicated trending, and popular movies section.

Site: https://myflixerhd.org

2. New-PrimeWire

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

If you are looking for a website with a wide selection of TV shows and movies then you will love New-PrimeWire. The site doesn’t need any prior registration. And allows you to find streamable content based on genres, release date, top watched.

Site: https://ww2.new-primewire.com

3. BFlix

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

Although BFlix provides you with an option to register an account. But you can easily find and watch your favorite movies and TV shows using the fast streaming servers. This way you can enjoy the content for free. The site is well designed and all the titles are neatly categorized.

Site: https://www7.bflix.to

4. SRSOne

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

SRSOne is the perfect website. It offers an online platform to watch your favorite shows, episodes, and TV series. You can even find a calendar where you can find all the recently released content.

Site: https://srsone.top

5. CouchTuner

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

If you are into TV shows and anime then CouchTuner will be a great go-to site. You can quickly find the latest as well as old series, shows, and episodes from almost every genre. Within the site, there is a dedicated section. Where you can easily find complete seasons regardless of their release date.

Site: https://couchtuner.show

6. WatchSeriesHD

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

WatchSeriesHD is one of the best working WatchSeries alternative mirror sites. And is one of the few you can find in a working state. You get a search bar to find any of your favorite series, movies, drama, or anime. You can get yourself registered on this site to receive updates. And keep track of the titles and episodes you have already watched.

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Site: https://www4.watchserieshd.tv

7. sWatchSeries

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

At sWatchSeries you can find streamable links to hundreds and thousands of TV shows and movies. The content is available in high definition quality. And that too without any subscription charges or account registration. All you need to do is select the title using search or genre and hit the play button.

Site: https://www10.swatchseries.ru

8. WatchSeries

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

Whether you want to watch TV series from the action genre or drama, you don’t need any subscription. All you are required to have is stable and high-speed connectivity to the internet. This online alternative of WatchSeries is a perfect platform. Here you can find and stream TV shows and movies of your choice.

site: watchseries.ninja

9. WatchSeriesStream

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

If you are unable to find any specific movie or TV show title on the other sites then you don’t need to worry. As on the WatchSeriesStream, you can get yourself registered on the site. Then send a request to the owners to upload any specific series.

Site: https://watchseriesstream.com

10. WatchSeriesHD

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

Now you can watch all the series in HD quality with a surround sound experience. And without any requirements to make a payment and there is no need to sign up for an account too. You can browse through the whole selection of TV shows and movies. There are complete seasons available for all the titles.

Site: https://watchserieshd.bz

11. SeriesTV

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

You don’t need to stress anymore, as SeriesTV is here to take care of your binge-watching needs. While keeping you entertained for hours. All the series are well organized with proper titles, episodes, and seasons. So you don’t have to manually look around the website for other episodes.

Site: https://seriestv.watch

12. 123Chill

What Happened To The WatchSeries Online

123Chill is one of the best sources to find and watch TV series and movies online on mobile and computer. You can use a web browser to watch and stream content. That means you don’t need to download any third-party app or pay for a subscription.

Site: https://123chill.to

Which Watch Series alternative worked for you?

Out of the top twelve WatchSeries online working domains, proxies, and alternatives we have reviewed here. Which one actually helped you watch the titles of your choice.

Share your opinion with us in the comments down below. And let us know which of the WatchSeries alternatives did you use to discover and watch your favorite TV series and movies online?

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