123Movies, Putlockers, Fmovies, Gomovies, Solarmovie, Soap2day & Vumoo Alternative Sites

Stream and download your favorite movies, films, and TV shows from your choice of genres using these best working alternatives to 123Movies, Putlockers, Fmovies, Gomovies, Solarmovie, Soap2day, and Vumoo.

If you ask for the opinion of the majority of people from almost any part of the world regarding movies and TV, most will say that watching movies online shouldn’t cost any money. It should be free of cost and free movie sites with HD quality films should be easily accessible.

This is the same reason why sites like 123Movies, Putlockers, Fmovies, Gomovies, Solarmovie, Soap2day, and Vumoo are still highly searched by people all over the Internet who are looking to watch movies and TV shows using their Internet bandwidth from the comfort of their home. What else people could do to keep themselves entertained during these COVID-19 times, where everyone is stuck at home.

Many can’t even afford to pay for the monthly subscription for premium services like Netflix and Hulu. This is where we decided to make a helpful list of alternative working sites and web services using which people can freely watch free movies and TV shows.

About 123Movies

123Movies.to is one of the most popular movies and shows streaming websites and was part of a network that allowed millions of people to watch movies online for free in Blu-ray, HD, and HD-RIP qualities. It was launched in 2016 and is operated through Vietnam until the local authorities shut it down in March 2018.

123Movies, Putlockers, Fmovies, Gomovies, Solarmovie, Soap2day & Vumoo Alternative Sites

During its existence, to keep its services active, the creators switched several domain names including 123movies.is and 123movieshub.to. The popular video hosting service and file sharing sites used for providing streaming links were Streamango and Openload.

  • Services Offered: Old and latest movies + TV shows.
  • Current Status: Offline, however, clones are still operational.

5 Major Alternatives of 123Movies

Here is the list of five best working 123Movies alternatives:

#1.123Movies TV Net

With 123MoviesTV, you can stream HD movies and TV shows along with support for subtitles in various languages including English, German, and Spanish.


#2. 123Movies New Site

The online streaming site does not require registration or subscription and has a huge database of old and newly released movies of various quality. The site allows the usage of an ad-blocker.


#3. 123Movies TV Me

A fresh and newly developed website that shares a similar interface and great usability as the original 123Movies streaming site that offers search as well as filter options.


#4. 123Movies HD Top

This 123Movies alternative offers fast movie streaming along with the support for streaming TV shows and movies in HD quality along with subtitles and no account requirements.


#5 .123Movies Coffee

A well-known website with the most popular movies and TV series working links provided by the third party along with the genre selection list.


About Putlocker

Putlocker is a well-known files hosting site that was being specifically used to share streamable media like movies, TV shows, and TV series. The service was initiated in the United Kingdom in 2011 and receiving millions of visitors until 2016 when the UK High Court released the official ordered to block the website due to piracy.

123Movies, Putlockers, Fmovies, Gomovies, Solarmovie, Soap2day & Vumoo Alternative Sites

Throughout the existence of Putlocker.com and up until today, hundreds of clones and mirrors are available with similar names that are offering links to free movies and shows. The well-known official mirrors were Putlocker.bz, Putlocker.is, and Putlockers.ch.

  • Services Offered: Hosts movies, TV series, and other streamable media.
  • Current Status: Offline but mirrors are operational.

4 Major Alternatives of Putlocker

Here are the most popular and currently working Putlocker alternatives:

#1. Putlocker Host

One of the oldest Putlocker alternatives that is still operational and has a lot of movies and TV shows from almost every genre including action, romance, crime, documentary.


#2. Putlocker 1 Biz

Putlocker 1 Biz works really well in streaming old as well as new movies and series along with a list of top movies based on the IMDB ratings from genres like sci-fi, history, thriller, comedy.


#3. Putlocker Go Co

This one is newly released and we believe it is covering a lot of newly released series and movies in HD quality. The site offers subtitles too in supported languages including English and French.


#4. Putlocker New Site

Putlocker New Site does not require you to create an account or pay for any subscription, simply access the site and use the categories or search bar to find the movie you want to watch.


About Fmovies

Fmovies is an infamous website that is designed to provide users with active links to the database of freely streamable movies and series along with the option to download films directly on your computer or mobile phone for offline playback.

123Movies, Putlockers, Fmovies, Gomovies, Solarmovie, Soap2day & Vumoo Alternative Sites

The service was officially launched in 2016 and since then the site has continued its operations regardless of being delisted by Google and blocked by several countries including Sweden and India. Still, there is a handful of Fmovies alternatives being operated and authorities couldn’t figure out its whereabouts.

  • Services Offered: Movies and TV shows streaming and downloading.
  • Current Status: Working in the form of mirrors.

5 Major Alternatives of Fmovies

These are the Fmovies alternatives to watch and stream movies:

#1. Fmovies Go Net

Watch movies online free without any requirement of getting your account registered, less intrusive advertisements, and support for subtitles.


#2. Fmovies App

If you are tired of closing countless popup ads and flashy banner ads, the Fmovies App streaming site brings you a simplified movie watching experience.


#3. Fmovies To Cc

Similar to other alternatives, Fmovies To Cc offers the identical UI along with the list of top IMDB-based movies and TV shows.


#4. Fmovies To

The URL of this one might look exactly like the original Fmovies films and series-streaming site but this is just another alternative.


#5. Fmovies Media

Fmovies Media has the option to create an account to personalize the experience and keep track of the movies you have watched already.


About Gomovies

Gomovies is directly linked to the 123Movies as during the crackdown against them. The main website was found redirecting to the Gomovies site along with a handful of other similar addresses like Gomovies.to, Gomovies.is, memovies.to, and several other.

123Movies, Putlockers, Fmovies, Gomovies, Solarmovie, Soap2day & Vumoo Alternative Sites

This is how Gomovies was founded by the majority and since then mirror websites are being developed to provide people from all around the world with a platform, which they can use to watch movies without downloading.

  • Services Offered: Movies, TV shows, and series.
  • Current Status: Offline, mirrors, and similar sites are still available.

2 Major Alternatives of Gomovies

Gomovies don’t have many working alternatives but we have found a couple of mirrors that are currently operational:

#1. GoMoviez Co

GoMoviez Co gives you complete freedom to watch and stream movies and series without any limitation and without any requirement to download them on your phone. All you need is an active Internet connection and maybe an ad blocker.


#2. GoMovies Kim

Watch movies on the go in HD and super HD quality using GoMovies Kim. Use the readily available TV guide or movies category to watch your favorite content with just a click of a button.



Solarmovie has enabled hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world to watch, stream, and download movies as well as TV series for free without providing your email address or getting yourself registered for the services.

As the service gained traction, authorities and internet service providers (ISPs) started getting requests to block the Solarmovie links, which resulted in more and more people being forced to find working alternatives. We have already shared a few in the next section.

  • Services Offered: Downloading and streaming movies and TV shows.
  • Current Status: Offline but alternatives are working great.

5 Major Alternatives of Solarmovie

Listed below are the five major Solarmovie alternatives:

#1. Solarmovie To

Watch free movies and TV series of your choice in high speed without downloading, making it easier than ever to stream your favorite media content.


#2. Solarmovies La

Stream movies without creating an account or signing up using your email address, simply visit the provided link and start watching movies from your favorite genres.


#3. Solarmovie One

Can’t figure out which movie to watch? Use the featured section where you can see a list of currently trending titles and series.


#4. Solarmovie Ink

Solarmovie Ink, as compared to the other services we have mentioned in the list, has a request feature too using which you can ask the site owner for the movie of your choice.


#5. Solarmovie Mom

This alternative gives you the most option to find movies, TV series and shows based on country, genre, and IMDb database.


About Soap2day

Many know about Soap2day because of the high-quality movie links provided within the website including HD, UHD, and Blu-ray qualities. Along with the wide range of choices between newly released movies as well as old films.

The website not only offers thousands of full-length movies but people were able to find hundreds of TV series with each episode presented in a neatly organized formatting, which people found easy to navigate. One of the most attractive features of Soap2day was its recommendations that work based on your last watched episodes or movies.

  • Services Offered: Movies and TV shows.
  • Current Status: Offline, however mirrors and alternatives are operational.

4 Major Alternatives of Soap2day

Soap2day working alternatives to stream movies and TV shows free on mobile and web browser:

#1. Soap2day IM

Soap2day IM is a reliable website to watch streamable content like movies and TV shows without paying a penny. This service is ad-supported.


#2. Soap2dayHD

Soap2dayHD offers you films, movies, and TV shows in HD quality without any requirement to create an account or get yourself registered.


#3. Soap2day To

Watch and stream your choice of movie for free without any limitations and select your preferred sports channels and TV series from a handful of options.


#4. Soap2day Ac

Soap2day Ac is a great alternative that comes in handy in those cases when other options stop working in your region.


About Vumoo

Vumoo has been a well-known hub of content for people who are looking for movies, TV shows, and anime from various regions like Japan and Korea. This service was more like a search engine using which one can easily find high-resolution movies and web series.

The website not only offered streaming services but also allowed people to find direct links to quickly grab an HD copy and store it in their phone or PC to watch it offline. The best thing about Vumoo is they never asked anyone to get themselves registered or pay for the service.

  • Services Offered: Watch and stream movies and TV shows.
  • Current Status: Offline, but alternatives are working.

5 Major Alternatives of Vumoo

Watch movies and TV shows for free online using these five best Vumoo alternatives:

#1. Vumoo TO

Vumoo TO not only lets you watch and stream your desired movie but also allows you to download them for offline playback on your phone or PC.


#2. Vumoo CC

Whether it is TV shows or movies, this Vumoo mirror site has all the genres and yearly selection of all the streamable content from 2004 until all the way to the current year.


#3. Vumoo Life

This website offers you the best search functionality to find the exact movie you are looking to watch during the weekend and is fully compatible with desktop and mobile devices.


#4. Vumoo Space

Here you will find two clearly mentioned sections i.e. movies and TV series, you can select the one you are interested in and the site will show you recommendations based on your liking.


Ending Note

We hope you found value in this review. If we helped you find the best alternatives for any of the movie streaming services on the internet like 123Movies, Putlockers, Fmovies, Gomovies, Solarmovie, Soap2day, and Vumoo in any way then please share your opinions with us in the comments down below, we read and respond to each one of them! 🙂

Also, if you use any movie streaming site or app that we haven’t included in the review then let us know what influenced you to make that decision. We will have a look at it and might include that app in our review during the next update.