Mini Militia mod apk hack with unlimited cash, money, grenades, ammo, health, and nitro for Android. The action game is all about fighting a war with the enemies in a fun and strategic way. As a player, you have to devise a plan to win the war and save your fellow soldiers.

What will you do to save the world in a war situation? You are a soldier, and you and a hero are responsible for developing a strategy to save the world. If you are a fan of warfare games, then you should play Mini Militia Doodle Army 2.

mini militia multiplayer action game

What are Mod Features of Mini Militia

Here are the features that are hacked in the latest Mini Militia mod apk version:

  • Pro Pack Unlocked: The latest mod version of Mini Militia brings an unlocked pro pack that offers unlimited everything and all the items for free in unlimited quantities, like unlimited speed booster, unlimited rewards, and upgrades for Avatars.
  • Grenade Quantity: The number of grenades will automatically increase whenever you throw grenades while using the mod, which gives you virtually unlimited grenades.
  • Unlimited Grenades: Once the mod is activated, you will get unlimited grenades that can help you quickly win all the battles and wars without following the proper strategy.
  • Unlimited Ammo: You will get unlimited ammo for your favorite gun so you can swiftly progress in the game.

Features of Mini Militia

Listed below are some of the key features of the Mini Militia for Android:

  • A unique warfare game that allows the player to play in online and offline modes.
  • The user can play with friends by customizing the game. The playroom can be accessible only by authorized people.
  • The player has the freedom to plan strategies to win the battle.
  • It is a multiplayer game where the players are required to do teamwork to win the battle.
  • The players can customize their avatars and buy different weapons from the store using battle points.
  • Different stats related to the performance and health of the player is displayed on the screen.
  • The user can play at different levels in practice matches and online matches.
mini militia avatars customization

About Mini Militia

This popular Android game, Mini Militia, is all about the fight of a soldier who leads an army and develops strategic plans to win the war. It revolves around a solo fighter who tries to save the lives of his team and comrades.

The game gives freedom to the player to plan different strategies and select the relevant weapons to win the war against enemies. The primary responsibilities of the player include:

  • Choosing The Right Weapon – Different weapons are made available as more points are gained.
  • Preparing A Team For War – Players have to demonstrate teamwork in the game.
  • Planning Strategies – Devising different strategies to win the war.

This game is considered to be a pioneer in Android warfare gaming. It ensures the players a first-hand fighting experience with exciting graphics and other features. If you are interested in playing a warfare game, Mini Militia is the right choice.

The best thing about this Android game is that it is free of cost and provides different features like avatar customization, awards, offline practice, maps, and online deathmatches.

User Interface of Mini Militia

The overall interface of the game is extremely simple and has been designed to be understood by its intended audience.

There is a login button on the top right corner, and the user is required to create an account to play online matches. There are different options available on the home screen, including Avatar, Settings, Quick Play, Play online, Practice (local), Store, and Friends.

The user can choose any name for the soldier and can further customize its avatar. There are different stats like skills, kills, and deaths available with each player. All these statistics are updated as the player fights more wars. The experience and rank of each soldier are also maintained and updated as the game proceeds. A customize button is available that leads the user to change the soldier's appearance.

There are many options available in the Setting bar. The user can turn on the music and sound to fully enjoy the game.

Since this is an online multiplayer game, so the user can turn on the chat to communicate with other team members online during the war. The user can enable hi-resolution graphics and zoom from the options menu.

Mini Militia gives the user the freedom to choose the placement options. The user can select its keys for the movement and aim. There is also a store available to buy and upgrade different weapons.

As mentioned earlier, the user has to select the latest weapons to win the war. All the guns are available in the store and cost different points. As the user progresses in the game, the point increases. These points can be further utilized to buy relevant items from the store.

mini militia mod upgrade your weapons

Mini Militia Gaming Modes and Maps

The great thing about Mini Militia is that it can be played in online and offline modes. Four different types of practice sessions are available: Deathmatch, Survival Co-op, Survival Solo, and Training.

It is best to start from training and then move upwards from solo survival matches to the ultimate death match. As the game demands users to come up with different plans and strategies in the game, so practice is the key to success in this game.

You can select to play a solo match where they play against the computer. Moreover, you can choose to play with other players who are already playing the game. In this way, the players will get a chance to demonstrate camaraderie in the game.

You get the option to choose different locations available on the map. These locations are available in various sizes and areas, which include Outposts (small size), Catacombs (medium size), S long (large size), Pyramids (large size), and Random.

Similar to the practice matches, there are three options available for the ultimate playing matches online, i.e., Free for all, Team deathmatch, and Custom game.

Mini Militia Gameplay

Mini Militia mod for Android allows you to create your teams by playing it with friends. These are the reasons that it does not get boring at any stage. It comes with exciting features and levels to maintain the attention of the players for a more extended time.

The user can create a custom playroom to play with friends. It is possible to create a customized platform and set a password to the playroom. The user can select maps and team members for the playroom. In this way, only authorized people can play the game.

Some different tips and tricks can be applied by the users to win the game. As it is a war game, it is important to aim at the enemy from behind a bush, tree, or any other obstacle. The player should not be exposed in the open to get fired. The player has to keep on firing or throwing the bombs while getting closer to the enemy. The player should not wait to get closer and then fire.

The player should have two guns with him all the time to have an added advantage. It is good to equip the player with a shotgun, sniper, and rocket launcher. There are different combinations of weapons that work well together.

For example, snipers go well with shotguns. M4 and bazooka are also the right combinations of shotguns. The shield can be used with a pistol or Uzi. The shield is used to protect from bullets as well as bombs.

You are required to check the weapons and reload them before getting into a fight, hide mines and time bombs behind the bushes to kill the enemy instantly, keep an eye on the rocket fuel, and try to keep it full. If you get hit by any chance, you must escape and hide behind something to recover your health.

Mini Militia mod is an actual demonstration of teamwork, so you must wait for your team to join the battlefield. You should not make any move or get into a fight without waiting for your team. For better performance, you should check the range of all the weapons. Different weapons work at different ranges, so you must remember these things before using them in battle.

For instance, a sniper can shoot at a long range as compared to a rocket launcher. Also, as it is good practice to use a combination of guns the player should practice switching between the two guns in no time. You have to keep the weapons up-to-date by buying new weapons with battle points from the store. For added advantage, you can practice melee while shooting to progress further in the game.