For the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans, using New Imoba apk offers you many advantages. You get to unlock drone view, give you access to the skins, and unlock all the effects too.

The New Imoba comes with a lot of improvements and a fully customizable interface. You can personalize it with custom notification tone, font size, and even color.

new imoba mobile legends bang bang screenshot

Features of New Imoba

This section highlights the key features of New Imoba. And find out what aspects of the Mobile Legends game it can hack:

  • Skins: Whether it is Marksman, Mages, Supports, or Assassins; you will get free skins for them all.
  • Outfits: There are over ten outfits in the game. And New Imoba app gives you access to them for the avatars.
  • Backup: The backup function allows you to reverse any action that you have already performed.
  • Variety of Effects: The mod enables most of the effects including respawn, recall, and elimination.
  • Unlock Added Features: There are various added features including Emotes, Themes, and Backgrounds. All of these can be accessed and unlocked through the menu.
  • Drone View: The ability to unlock the aerial view is an absolute game changer. It gives you a wider control over the view including the zooming.
  • Frequent Updates: The app receives frequent updates to make sure all the mods and hacks are in the functional state.
  • Powerful Injector: The injector is powerful as it can easily insert the mod features directly into the game without any risk of getting banned.
  • Anti-Ban: The hacking tool has anti-ban capabilities. This ensures that you won’t be banned from the game servers for using the hack.
mobile legends bang bang screenshot

Interesting Features of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

If you are not aware of the features then this section is for you as here we have listed a few:

  • MOBA Maps & Battles: You can enjoy 5v5 real time battles with real players joining you from around the world. Experience four jungle areas, two bosses, three lanes, and endless fights.
  • Strategy Based Games: You need to make your selection from Marksmen, Supports, Mages, and Assassins. Each one of these has different capabilities including controlling the enemy, blocking damages, and healing teammates. Strategy is the key here.
  • AI Assistance: Since the game is online and internet connection dropout is imminent. So the game developers have created an AI assistance that temporarily takes control of your character until your connection gets back online.