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19+ Best Pokemon GO Sniping Discord Channels [Working]


Are you looking for the best sources to find coordinates for Pokemon sniping? You have come to the right place as here we have an ultimate list of best Pokemon GO Discord channels and servers to help you snipe and bot rare Pokemon with 100 IV and high CP. Our list will help you catch ‘em all. 😀

Whether you are sniping on your phone using sniper tools or using a botting program to snipe Pokemon, this ultimate Discord channels list will help you with all of your sniping needs.

We have been getting a lot of requests lately asking about a list of best discord servers and discord Pokemon GO coordinates where you can find all the active channels of rare and 100 IV Pokemon spawn coordinates for sniping purposes. Apart from the cords (longitude and latitude), in every discord channel, you are going to find all the other relevant details about each Pokemon including its name, remaining time, level, IV score, and CP score.

So for those of you who were waiting, your wait is finally over folks! Here we have an ultimate list of active and working Pokemon GO sniping discord channels that you can use to find and snipe all those rare hard-to-find and legendary Pokemon you were looking for and quickly complete your Pokedex.

In case you don’t know, we already have an up-to-date list of best location tracker and scanners websites that provide live feeds of Pokemon gen1 and gen2 coordinates. If you are interested then click here to check it out. 😉


Best Active & Working Pokemon GO Sniping Discord Channels

Without any further ado, here is the active and working rare Pokemon GO sniping Discord channels and servers list:

NOTE: In case any of the discord invitation links is inactive or does not work for you then please let me know in the comments down below and I will get a new invite link.


1. Pokedex100

Pokedex100 is one of the well-known and best Pokemon hunting website where you can find Pokemon coordinates and spawn point details from over thirty countries.

Apart from running their successful public web services for Pokemon snipers, they have also started Discord server in an attempt to enhance their services and provide you with 24/7 free Pokemon coords delivered right on your smartphone or computer.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (1) Pokedex100

Available Channels

There are numerous channels in Pokedex100 Discord server, which includes:

  • Tips and tricks about Pokemon GO game.
  • Candy – Check for desired candies using bot commands.
  • Gym Raid – Used for battles in gym or raids.
  • 100 Community – Coordinates of Pokemon with 100IV.
  • 90 Community – Coordinates of Pokemon with 90IV and above.
  • 2600CP – Coordinates of Pokemon with 2600CP and above.
  • 2000CP – Coordinates of Pokemon with 2000CP and above.
  • Evo 3 Community – Coordinates of Stage 3 Pokemon.
  • Lvl30 100 Community – Coordinates of 100IV Pokemon between Level 26 and Level 30 only.
  • Playground – A powerful bot that can be used to verify coordinates of any Pokemon using latitude and longitude.


Invite Link:



2. Pokesnipers

Similar to the last one, Pokesnipers also has their very own website for quick Pokemon sniping on Android using sniping tools. However, their Discord server is much more active with over 80,000 members because it remains online even if their website is down for maintenance.

They have made it one of the biggest discord community where all the members are gathered to snipe rare, 100IV, and high CP Pokemon.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (2) Pokesnipers

Available Channels

Pokesnipers channels list includes:

  • Demand Candy – To demand the coordinates of Pokemon Candies.
  • Raid Coords – For discussions related to the boss and raid coords as well as the new gym battle system.
  • Rare 90 Coords – Coordinates of rare Pokemon with 90IV and above.
  • 100IV Trainers 30 UP – Coordinates of Pokemon with 100IV specifically for trainers with Level 30 and above.
  • Unown – A dedicated channel for all super rare gen 2 Pokemon coordinates including Unown, Tyranitar, Magikarp, Horsea.
  • 90 All – Coordinates for Pokemon with 90IV or maybe above.
  • Events Shinys – Dedicated channel for coordinates of Shiny Pokemon and event specific Pokemon.
  • Rare Spawns – Spawn points and coordinates of rare Pokemon only.


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3. 100IV Club

100IV Club is in a partnership with Pokesnipers and both Discord servers are somewhat interlinked because the administrators of them are same.

Anyways, 100IV Club is a popular Discord server among Pokemon GO trainers and has many channels where you can find rare and high-level Pokemon coordinates for sniping.

There is even a lounge channel where you are free to interact with other fellow 100IV Club members.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (3) 100iv club

Available Channels

100IV Club channels list includes:

  • 100IV Club – Coordinates of Pokemon with 100IV.
  • Candy – Check for candies using bot commands.
  • Gen1 100IV – Coordinates of 1st Generation Pokemon with 100IV.
  • Gen2 100IV – Coordinates of 2nd Generation Pokemon with 100IV.
  • Regionals – Coordinates of all the regional specific Pokemon.
  • 2500CP Plus – Coordinates of Pokemon with 2500CP and above.
  • Raidz Coords – Find coordinates for active raids.
  • ShinyKarp100 – Dedicated channel for shiny Magikarp with 100IV.


Invite Link:



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4. PoGO Alerts Network (PGAN)

PoGO Alerts Network (PGAN) is like an online community of Pokemon trainers. They have a huge list of active Twitter feeds and maps for different parts of United States of America including Florida, Maryland, New York, Texas, Virginia, and Colorado.

They have a mass scanner in all parts of US, which provides a continuous feed of Pokemon coordinates that you can use for sniping.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (4) PoGo Alerts Network

Available Channels

PoGO Alerts Network channels list includes:

  • Pokedex Queries – Ask bot for information about any Pokemon.
  • Rare Sightings – Coordinates for all the rare Pokemon sightings.
  • 100IV Rares – Coordinates of rare Pokemon with 100IV.
  • 100IV Commons – Coordinates of common Pokemon with 100IV.
  • Raids – Find active raids in locations like New York, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, and Colorado.


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5. Articuno’s Lair

Articuno’s Lair consists of a large list of popular sniping discord channels, which you can use to find your favorite Pokemon including the rare and legendary ones.

They have a dedicated channel for all those popular, rare, and legendary Pokemon to make it easy for you to find and snipe them.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (5) Articunos Liar

Available Channels

Articuno’s Lair channels list includes:

  • 100IV All – Coordinates of all Pokemon with 100IV.
  • CP2000 Plus – Find Pokemon with CP2000 and above.
  • 75IV Gen1 – Coordinates of First Generation Pokemon with 75IV and above.
  • 75IV Gen2 – Coordinates of Second Generation Pokemon with 75IV and above.
  • Candy – Request information for candies.
  • Raids – Talk with fellow Pokemon trainers and join them for raids.
  • Dedicated Channels – Several dedicated channels for special Pokemon like Regional specific, Unown, Snorlax, Dragonite, Lapras, Togetic, Ditto, Magikarp, Eevee, Dratini, Snorlax, and much


Invite Link:



6. NecroBot 2

For those of you who don’t know, NecroBot is actually an application that allows you to bot and snipe Pokemon using Niantic’s old code. However, you need to use API for login to be able to remain undetectable by the Niantic servers, keep your Pokemon GO account safe without bans, and avoid any possible flags on your account.

NecroBot2 has a Discord server for discussions and they have a couple of channels where they share coordinates of rare Pokemon with 100IV.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (6) NecroBot2

Available Channels

NecroBot2 channels list includes:

  • 100IV – Pokemon with 100IV coordinates.
  • Best Of Rare Coords – Coordinates of some best and rare Pokemon.


Invite Link:



7. PokeBot.Ninja

PokeBot.Ninja is a Java based cross platform botting application for Pokemon GO. They have created a Discord server to provide support to its users but apart from that they also offer Discord channels where you can find coordinates for sniping, raids, and nests for Pokemon.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (7) PokeBot Ninja

Available Channels

PokeBot.Ninja channels list includes:

  • Coords Sniping – Coordinates for all Pokemon for sniping.
  • Coords Raids – Find all coordinates for raids.
  • Coords Nests – Coordinates for Pokemon nests.


Invite Link:



8. Catch ‘Em All

Catch ‘Em All is an active Discord server that consists of bots as well as amazing people who continue to share coordinates of Pokemons around the clock so that people like you can continue to find and snipe all those rare Pokemon and complete your Pokedex as quick as possible.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (8) Catch Em All

Available Channels

Catch ‘Em All channels list includes:

  • 100IV MS CP – Coordinates of Pokemon with 100IV shared by bots.
  • 100 Only User – Coordinates of Pokemon with 100IV shared by the members only.
  • Max CP Not 100 – Coordinates of Pokemon with maximum CP regardless of IV points.
  • 90 Plus User – Coordinates of Pokemon with 90IV or above shared by members.
  • All IV Report – Coordinates of Pokemon with all IVs.
  • Candy Bot VIP – Request for candy coordinates for any Pokemon.
  • Above 2500CP – Coordinates of Pokemon with 2500CP.
  • Above 2000CP – Coordinates of Pokemon with 2000CP.
  • Regionals – Coordinates of regionals Pokemon only.
  • Raids Channel – Find and discuss raids with the fellow members.
  • Location Specific – Location specific channels for Pokemon coordinates and spawns in areas like Singapore, London, Vegas, Sydney, Chicago, and Toronto.
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Invite Link:



9. PokeXperience

PokeXperience is a popular Discord server where you can find coordinates for Pokemon GO that can be used for sniping purposes.

There are many free to use channels you can use to find and snipe your favorite Pokemon and complete your Pokedex. However, if you are looking for some ultra-rare and powerful Pokemon with highest IV and max CP then you may need to become a donator. But I believe the free should be enough for many snipers.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (9) PokeXperience

Available Channels

PokeXperience channels list includes:

  • 100IV – Pokemon with 100IV coordinates.
  • Lvl30 – Level 30 Pokemon coordinates.
  • Candy Bot – Request coordinates for Pokemon candies.
  • CP2500 Plus – Pokemon CP2500 and above coordinates.
  • 80IV Plus Rare CP MS – Rare Pokemon with 80IV and above coordinates.
  • Nests – Find nest coordinates for your requested Pokemon.
  • Raids Coords – Recent and active raids coordinates.
  • Raids US AU – Raids coordinates for the US
  • Raids Asia-EU – Raids coordinates for Asia only.


Invite Link:



10. HoustonPokeMap

HoustonPokeMap is a Houston, TX based Pokemon scanner and coordinates finding service. Apart from the Discord server, they have an active real-time map website as well as Twitter handle where they push their findings for free.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (10) HoustonPokeMap

Available Channels

HoustonPokeMap channels list includes:

  • IV100 – Pokemon with IV100 coordinates.
  • IV90 – Pokemon with IV90 or above coordinates.
  • CP2500 – Pokemon with CP2500 and above coordinates.
  • Other Pokemon – Tons of Pokemon specific channels.
  • Raid – Find coordinates for Raids in Houston.
  • Raids Chat – Chat with other nearby Pokemon trainers and plan your raids together.


Invite Link:



11. NYCPokeMap

NYCPokeMap is a Pokemon tracker and scanner service based in New York City. They provide a real-time update about all the Pokemon spawning within the locality on their Discord server. They also publish these updates via their official website and Twitter handle.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (11) NYCPokeMap

Available Channels

NYCPokeMap channels list includes:

  • IV90 – Pokemon with IV90 or above coordinates in NYC.
  • IV100 – Pokemon with IV100 coordinates in NYC.
  • CP2500 – Pokemon with CP2500 and above coordinates located in NYC.
  • Other Pokemon – Tons of Pokemon specific channels.
  • Raid – Find coordinates for Raids in New York City.
  • Raids Chat – Chat with other nearby Pokemon trainers in New York City and plan your raids together.


Invite Link:



12. Pokopia

Pokopia is a China-based Pokemon GO community but it is in the English language so that all the Pokemon trainers from all around the world can use this Discord server to find rare Pokemon and snipe them.

It is a community-based server where most of the Pokemon spawn points and coordinates are shared by the members.

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (12) Pokopia

Available Channels

Pokopia channels list includes:

  • LVL30 IV100 – Pokemon with Level 30 and IV 100 coordinates.
  • IV100 – Pokemon with IV100 coordinates.
  • IV90-99 – Pokemon with IV90 or above coordinates.
  • IV1-89 – Coordinates of Pokemon with IV1 to IV89.
  • IV0 – Coordinates of Pokemon with IV0.
  • CP2600 Plus – Coordinates of Pokemon with CP2600 and above.


Invite Link:



13. TeamRocket

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (13) TeamRocket

Invite Link:



14. Discord PokeSniper

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (14) Discord PokeSniper

Invite Link:



15. PokeNoobs

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (15) PokeNoobs

Invite Link:



16. PokeSnipers

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (16) PokeSnipers

Invite Link:



17. PokeCrash

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (17) PokeCrash

Invite Link:



18. ScornBot

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (18) ScornBot

Invite Link:



19. PoGoMasters

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (19) PoGoMasters

Invite Link:



20. Letsnipe

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (20) Letsnipe

Invite Link:



21. PokeHacks.org

Pokemon Sniping Discord - (21) PokeHacks

Invite Link:




That’s all my fellow Pokemon trainers. If there is any other working sniping Discord channels or servers not on the list, or maybe you are a member of any server and want it to be included in the list then please feel free to let us know in the comments section below. We will be happy to add them. 😀

Have fun sniping all those powerful and rare Pokemon!

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