ThopTV live apk is a perfect IPTV app for your Android smartphone and tablet device, whether you want to watch sports, entertainment, drama, cartoon, or news. Almost every content is freely available in the app in HD quality. And the app is suitable for every age group.

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Having this app installed on your device gives you easy access to tons of entertainment channels from all around the world in the form of live TV channels, movies, music, and TV series. All for free without any subscription charges.

Features of ThopTV for Android

ThopTV is a feature-rich app designed to run on Android smartphone and tablet devices, here are some of the noticeable features:

  • Variety of Content: Watch all the international as well as Indian TV channels free related to sports, entertainment, and shows along with a wide selection of thousands of movies from Hollywood and Bollywood, VOD service, and drama.
  • Subtitles: Native support for external subtitles for supported channels and movies in your choice of language.
  • No Limitations: The developers have not imposed any limitation on the usage of the app in any way, so you can freely stream whatever channel or movie you like.
  • Live Channels: Watch thousands of live TV channels from all around the world as well as the ability to watch over the past seven days’ worth of content on selected channels.
  • User Interface: Easy to use and navigate, user-friendly interface where the homepage features a section for live TV, movies, and TV series. There is a search box too to quickly find your favorite content.
  • Support for External Player: You can install and play all the media content through MX Player for enhanced quality.
  • Cast Support: If you have a Chromecast-enabled device like a smart TV, you can then easily cast the content directly onto the screen.
  • Favorites: Let you add all of your frequently watched channels, movies, or TV series to favorites for quick access.

How to Install ThopTV Live on Android

The app can be easily installed on almost any Android device, simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the ThopTV apk to your Android device from the download section given at the beginning of this post.
  2. You may need to allow installation from unknown sources to be able to install it on Android due to security reasons and we all know how sideloading works on Android OS.
  3. Once installed, you can then launch the app through the app drawer.

Which is the ThopTV Latest Version?

ThopTV is updated to the latest version frequently by its developers to make sure the app remains bug-free while new features are implemented into the interface so that the users continue to enjoy the fresh and updated look as well as the overall feel.

Apart from the interface and features, providing you with the most updated content matters too. Which includes the availability of fresh movies, TV shows, anime, cartoons, and other streamable content in a variety of qualities like 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions.

As you already know, the app offers TV channels too, and the frequent updates make sure that you are being served with the best live channels from various categories including entertainment, drama, news, sports, movies, cartoons, documentaries, national channels from top tier countries, and hundreds of other channels for both children and adults.

The IPTV feature is remarkable and lets you watch your favorite sports channels, whether it is related to racing, hockey, tennis, basketball, cricket, tournaments, or any other series. You can enjoy live sports from countries like India, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and several others. You can watch your favorite content with just a tap of a button.

What are the Premium Services offered by ThopTV?

We all are aware of the fact that TV was once considered a luxury but nowadays having access to a premium account for a streaming service is a luxury for many because it allows you to stream endless content like movies, TV series, documentaries, cartoons, anime, and whatnot.

Not only stream but also you can legally download the movies and series directly on your Android device and then watch it whenever you want without any internet connection or while you are offline. You can watch hundreds of live TV channels from all over the world right on your mobile phone.

ThopTV offers you all of these premium services for free and without charging any subscription fee. So you don’t need to pay any expensive monthly subscription just to watch movies or series.

What is ThopTV?

Whether you want to stream TV channels or movies or want to experience Video-On-Demand (VOD) service from dozens of categories, downloading and installing the ThopTV Pro app will cover all of your streaming needs.

The app offers live International and Indian TV channels from categories including currently trending, featured, radio, international, TV series, and even movies. All of this makes ThopTV one of the best free IPTV apps for Android.

Recently we have already experienced that the major movies and TV channel apps like Mobdro have been shut down, and people have been continuously looking for working alternative that offers similar features. And we believe Thoptv is a reliable alternative in this scenario.

While using this app, it is important to keep in mind that there will be instances where TV channels or movies might stop working for a brief moment or you may experience lags, that’s because this is a free service to use.

However, with the easy integration of MX Player for the playback of media like TV channels, movies, and TV series in HD quality, the majority of the buffering issues get resolved and you will see the butter-smooth video playback. Once integrated, the app allows you to open any content through the external player.

What's New in ThopTV for Android

New features are added frequently in ThopTV apk for Android but many people are not really aware of all the existing key features that make this app one of the best among the streaming fans who love to watch movies, TV channels, series, and live sports right on their portable devices.

Let’s jump onto the list of all the features and our discussion on how each one of them gives this app a unique perspective:

Tons of Live TV Channels

The app offers you tons of live TV channels from various genres including sports, news, movies, TV series, drama, entertainment, cartoon, documentaries, action, infotainment channels, comedy, and a lot more. You can find over five hundred active channels from all over the world in different languages including American, Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi, Indian, and English.

The platform offers everything for everyone whether you are looking for something for kids, youths, or grownups. There is content for every age group. However, it is important to note here that not every channel that is listed in the app works. Sometimes only selected channels are working while others remain offline.

This is the reason why developers have added hundreds of channels so in case some channels stop working then the remaining ones will continue to keep you entertained.

Support for External Player

Believe it or not, although ThopTV is a TV channel, movie, and series streaming app and has its own player baked into the app, it natively allows you to use any third-party player on your Android device to stream and watch your favorite content.

And since the content stream link can be easily opened and accessed through any other player-based app, which means it gives you the ultimate freedom to even download the streaming content directly on your device using any compatible app, and that too in the best quality.

You can simply choose to open and play the content on your favorite player that is already installed on your device or alternatively you can download and install any one of the best media players for Android. If you ask for our recommendation then MX Player or VLC Media Player are two best and finest player for Android that supports external media playback.


Subtitles are important, especially in those cases when you are watching a movie in a crowded environment where you can’t really hear the audio clearly. This is where having subtitles handy becomes useful as you can easily figure out what’s being said. Moreover, if you are not a native speaker of that language then reading subtitles helps a lot.

Apart from that, if you are watching a movie where the character uses two languages but you can’t understand the other language, this is when subtitles make it easier for you to understand the dialogues and the overall plot of the movie. Otherwise, you may miss a key point or info in the movie.

ThopTV natively offers you support to download and add subtitles for supported TV channels, TV series, and movies. And the language can be selected from a wide range of available options.

Movies and Music

ThopTV is well known for having a huge database of indexed movies as well as music from every recognized genre.

Talking about movies, you can find easy-to-stream content from genres including comedy, action, horror, drama, documentaries, thriller, friction, mystery, and a lot more.

Whereas, on the other hand, you can find music from hip-hop, jazz, rock, classic, heavy metal, folk, pop, Hollywood, Bollywood, locals, remixes, and tons more.

Whether it is any latest blockbuster or some classic movie, you can use the built-in search to quickly find your favorite according to your mood and start watching within a matter of minutes.

The app has a separate section for both content and you can easily search for the ones you like and download them for offline listening and watching experiences or even add them to your favorite lists. Talking about favorite, which is another attractive feature and we are going to discuss next it.

Favorites List

Having this feature is like having a robot by your side who is going to remember each and every content you like and have planned to watch somewhere in the near future. The favorite list allows you to add a star to the title, whether it is a movie, series, live TV channel, or music album.

You can easily add any content that comes up while searching or going through the list of movies, then add any movie or TV show to your favorites, and then watch them later whenever you find the time.

If you have any experience of using paid streaming services like Hulu, Netflix or Spotify then you must have seen this same feature in there. It is really helpful and comes in handy in creating your personalized list of content you funds interesting and like to watch somewhere in the near future.

Watch Live IPL Seasons in a Sharp Quality

If you are into cricket and the Indian Premier League then this feature alone is going to make you a fan of ThopTV apk as here you can not only watch a live stream of the whole cricket match but the app will keep you updated with all the relevant stats related to the game.

The stats include live cricket score, scorecard updates, ball-by-ball commentary, and minute-by-minute live updates, match facts, current schedule, and upcoming match list.

The app offers you several live cricket sports channels to choose from, and you can easily watch and keep track of cricket in a super sharp high definition 1080p resolution so you won’t be missing a single ball and the app will provide you with the highlights after the end of the match. This is helpful if in case you missed anything during the live event.

Benefits of ThopTV

ThopTV is highly beneficial for those who love to watch sports, TV series, movies, radio channels, and live TV channels directly on their mobile devices in HD quality without paying for the subscription.

Here in this section, we are going to discuss the benefits:

No Monthly Subscription or Membership Charges

No matter which online premium service you opt for, there will be some sort of a monthly subscription fee involved in it or in some cases a recurring membership charge, similar to Netflix and other popular streaming services.

But thanks to ThopTV, things have now started to change as this service is available for free and doesn’t cost you a penny. All this requires is an internet connection with unlimited bandwidth so you can stream as much as you want and for as long as you want without getting worried about being billed extra.

You can even download movies, TV series, music videos, and other entertainment without any fee directly on your Android device and watch them later when you are offline or while traveling. All are for free and without any subscription or membership charges.

Lots of Sports Channels

The platform is absolutely free and has a wide range of sports channels where you can easily watch live cricket events, volleyball, football matches, basketball, tennis, golf, bike racing, car racing, and a lot of other sports-related events. You will get premium access to sports channels from all over the world without paying the premium.

You don’t even need to pay for any of this as these are provided free of cost. All you need is an active internet connection that offers reliable internet speeds while at the same time giving you continuous connectivity.

Access to the Indian Channels

You can watch hundreds of live Indian and Hindi TV channels for free from any part of the world, thanks to the ThopTV Live Android.

If you are aware of India then you must know the fact that India is famous and popular in the entertainment industry, and the content is available in a variety of languages including Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, and several others. Making it one of the most diversified entertainment industries in the world.

The app gives you the ultimate access to a lot of Indian channels including live shows, sports events, drama, movies, documentaries, serials, music, and news.

Some of the popular channels include Zee TV, B4U Movies, Star One, Star Gold, Zee Cinema, Star Plus, NDTV, Sun TV, Raj Music, IBN, CNBC, Times Now, MTV, and Music Plus just to name a few.

HD Streaming

You get to watch all the movies, live TV channels, music, and other entertainment as well as infotainment content without any compromises in HD quality with superior streaming speeds.

The app by default provides you with HD playback and even allows you to play the supported content in MX Player without any additional charges or requirements. All you need to do is select the external player when opening the stream link and the selected player (for instance, the MX Player or VLC Player) will automatically begin playing the media.

Rather than paying for an expensive cable TV subscription, you can easily stream and watch all the content in super amazing HD quality with ultimate clarity, similar to how the premium streaming service Netflix offers to its users, and you get all of this without any monthly subscription.

Radio Channels

If you look closely, there aren’t many apps or services out there on the Internet that offer live radio channels or any other similar service, and that too in a single app.

ThopTV hits the homerun by bundling this feature in the app for the people who still have the interest developed to listen to the radio channels from any part of the world. And the number one reason why radio is gaining traction again is the podcasts and how they are now being merged into the daily streaming platforms.

The app offers you hundreds of active radio channels from all around the world and you can easily tune into any radio station from any part of the world with just a touch of a button. Whether you are at home or at the office, top online radio channels are just a click away to keep you entertained around the clock with talks related to news, sports, cricket, or music.

Customer Support and Live Chat

If you have ever used any movie and TV series streaming or live TV channel-streaming app then you would have seen that none of them provides you with any live chat or customer support feature, even if you pay for the subscription.

The only option you get with the premium subscription is the email support system, which takes a significant amount of time to resolve. And in most cases, all you get access to is the support forum.

But ThopTV offers you to live chat with the other users as well as the developers along with dedicated customer support that gives you technical chat support whenever you need it to resolve the issues and provide you with the solutions, which makes it one of the most amazing free movies and content streaming app.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface and overall design of the app are developed in such a way that it makes it easy for the users to use the app without any prerequisite to spending time learning the interface. All the controls and options are placed appropriately to make sure you are able to find the movies, series, TV channels, music, and radio channels without looking for any guidance.

No matter what’s your age, whether you are young looking for cartoons or you are an adult in search of movies, you will be able to find the content you are searching for either using the dedicated sections and categorization or by using the search functionality. All of this makes it the most user-friendly movie, music, series, and live TV channel streaming app for Android.

The interface is exactly what allows you to navigate around the app and easily start watching your favorite content.

Wide Range of Categories

Having variety when streaming content is a blessing as we can switch between the categories depending on our mood or we can opt to watch any specific genre or category when we are with a group of friends or family members.

For instance, you can select family movies or series watching family-oriented content when you are planning to watch a movie with your family members. Or maybe your kids want to watch a cartoon or some animated series or anime, you can easily select that from the list and ThopTV will give you suggestions and recommendations based on that.

The main categories you are going to find within the app are sports, news, entertainment, animated series, cartoons, live TV channels, and anime. Also, there are similar sections in the radio channel and music, and you can filter out content you want to watch based on your liking and interest.

Support for Cast

If you have a Cast-enabled device i.e. Android smartphone as well as smart TV (or maybe a simple TV connected with an Android set-top box) then you can easily cast what’s being played on your mobile device directly to your large screen TV. You can do that without any additional charges. And enjoy your favorite TV series and movies on a big screen.

A handy feature during family meetups or movie night get-togethers.

Any content that is being played on your Android device will be streamed directly on the smart TV. The only prerequisite to achieving this is the requirement to have both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

To start, turn on your smart TV or the set-top box device and make sure it is connected to the wireless internet network. Then on your Android mobile device, simply search or select any content from within the ThopTV app, play the movie or live TV channel you have selected, look for the cast button and tap on it. Now select your smart TV and your content will be played on the bigger screen.

Compatible with Smart TV, Fire TV, and FireStick

If you have ever thought about transforming your regular non-smart TV into a smart TV then there are chances that you must have heard about devices like FireStick and Fire TV that can be plugged directly into your TV’s HDMI video input port. Both of these devices work similarly to the cast feature that we have already discussed above but provide greater functionality and the ability to connect your mobile device with the TV, effortlessly.

You can then easily mirror whatever is being displayed on the mobile directly onto the large TV screen, without any need for wire or going through an additional complicated setup. The connection is swift and you can begin streaming within a matter of minutes.

Once connected, you can stream content in 4K quality along with fantastic audio compatibility as it supports the Dolby Audio 5.2 surround system, which offers one of the best clarity. Options like FireStick and Fire TV have become one of the best home entertainment streaming technologies.

How to Resolve ThopTV Sniffing Error?

There have been instances where the latest version of the ThopTV app shows a sniffing error along with the error message that says, “Network blocked by your ISP. Stop using sniffing apps or your ISP might have blocked the app.” Just next to this message, the app gives you a recommendation as well, “Install any VPN like Cloudflare Warp from the Play Store and open the app.”

So as suggested, the only way to resolve this issue and to get rid of the error message is to download and install a reliable VPN app that allows streaming at a good speed along with unlimited bandwidth.

For us, Browsec and Turbo VPN work really well and provide various VPN locations to choose from, and that too without any subscription charges. If in case any of these don’t allow you to stream without buffering then you can check out our review of best-recommended VPN apps for Android.

How to Get ThopTV Mod APK?

ThopTV mod apk is not available because the app is developed for free and doesn’t contain any advertisement that could interfere with the usability of the app or disturb you in any way while you are streaming movies, series, or even live TV channels.

It is obvious that the ads shown on the live TV channels cannot be skipped or removed since they are being broadcasted by the network owners and the app developer has no control over it whatsoever.

As far as the development of the mod is concerned, mods are designed to give you access to the premium features of the app that otherwise will require payment or subscription charges. Or something that doesn’t exist originally in the app but needs to be added based on the users' demand. For instance, video downloading capabilities for offline viewing.

Fortunately, the original version of ThopTV offers almost all the key features that one needs to stream, watch, and download movies, TV shows, drama, live sports, cricket matches, live TV channels, music, and radio. All of which are available for free.

However, if there ever will be any ThopTV mod apk then we will be one of the first ones to notify you here by updating this section with the relevant information along with the guide on how to download and install it on your Android device.

How to Use ThopTV for PC

Although the ThopTV app is designed and developed for Android operating systems only, which means there is no way to directly install the Android app apk file on Microsoft Windows. So the only option to run an Android app is to get an emulator.

So if you are still looking for a way to get ThopTV on your PC here are the possible solutions and working emulator possibilities to watch and stream movies, series, and live TV channels:

Android emulators are by far the easiest and one of the quickest ways to have Android running on your computer. And there is not one but multiple emulators available. All you need to do is select the best one that you find the most suitable for your needs. Then download and install it on your computer.

In the end, you will have an Android running on your Windows-based PC.

You can download and install any emulator from the internet but we will recommend you to opt for any one of the following:

  • Andyroid.
  • Nox.
  • BlueStacks.
  • GenyMotion.

For the full list of emulators and our in-depth reviews, you can head over to this page.

The interface is exactly like an Android and you can even log in to your Google account. Once active and running, you can download and install ThopTV using the instructions we have already posted at the very beginning of this article.

ThopTV Alternatives

If in case ThopTV stops working for you or the app is blocked in your country by your internet service provider then you don’t need to worry as there are working alternatives that allow you to watch and stream movies, TV series, live TV channels, music, and other streamable content for free directly on your Android device.

Here we have some of the best recommendations that offer something similar to the ThopTV in terms of features and compatibility:

  • Showbox: Whether you want to watch TV series or movies from your favorite genre, Showbox has an extensive database for every category. The app is designed in such a way that it automatically fetches newly released movies as well as older ones to make sure you are able to find and stream any title you want within a matter of seconds.
  • OreoTV: With OreoTV you can easily watch and stream all of the latest movies, TV shows, and music directly on your Android without any subscription charges or buying any premium plans. The app is packed with entertainment and offers the best of everything; whether you are looking for accessibility, features, or tons of content.
  • Disney+ Hotstar Mod: This is one of the most sought-after alternatives to ThopTV because the app features all Indian and Hollywood-based entertainment in one place. You can watch sports, IPL cricket matches, TV series, Indian dramas, movies, and even music. Each section in the Hotstar mod apk is neatly designed to help you find the relevant content and that too in your native language.
  • Netflix Mod: Netflix is the number one platform for streaming premium movies, series, documentaries, cartoons, and TV shows. You can even find some Netflix exclusives and currently trending content. The app offers a dedicated section for kids, which features all the kids-friendly series and movies without any ad interruptions.

That is not all; we have reviewed other popular streaming apps for Android too. So if you are looking for more recommendations then please head over to our review.


In this section, you are going to find all the answers to your frequently asked questions:

Is ThopTV available on the Play Store?

No. ThopTV is a free app that offers pirated content like live TV channels, movies, and TV series, which is the reason why you won’t be able to find it officially in the Google Play Store as it violates their terms of service.

Is ThopTV safe to use?

Absolutely. ThopTV is safe to download, install, and use on any Android phone or tablet device as long as you are protecting your identity using a reputable VPN app or by routing your internet through a proxy server. This is to make sure your internet service provider is not able to find out what content you are streaming, which saves you from any copyright notice.

Is ThopTV illegal?

Yes. ThopTV scrapes the entire internet as well as all its available resources to find and index working links to TV channels, live sports, cricket events, movies, and TV shows, which makes it illegal. For the protection of your identity, the use of a VPN is recommended.

Is ThopTV harmful or contains any virus?

No, Thoptv doesn’t have any Trojan, viruses, or malware. So there are no chances of getting your device infected. The app is completely secure and has been checked with tools, passed the security test, and can be installed on any device without any issues.

What are the requirements to install ThopTV on Android?

ThopTV is a lightweight Android app and doesn’t have any high requirements, all you need is an Android device running OS 4.4 or above along with a reliable internet connection so that you can stream all the content without buffering.

Who is the developer of ThopTV?

ThopTV is an Indian-based app and it is developed by a software engineer based in India named Thopster Athen (who is also known as Satish Venkateshwarlu).

Why is ThopTV not working on my phone?

Make sure your phone is connected to the internet and your internet service provider is not blocking your internet access to the app. If you are unsure, it is recommended to use a VPN app.

Can ThopTV provide live cricket IPL 2022?

Yes. A powerful app features all the live cricket channels where you can find and watch the latest cricket events and stream live IPL for 2021 from the comfort of your home.

Why ThopTV is not available on the Google Play Store?

ThopTV has been removed from the Google Play Store due to the store’s copyright violation policies that don’t allow an app that violates copyright policies.

Is ThopTV available for other platforms?

No, it is available for Android smartphone and tablet devices only. But if you have a PC or computer then you should be able to download and install it through an emulator.

How to download ThopTV on a PC?

Simply download the APK file from the downloads section and install any reliable Android emulator software on your PC, set it up by following the on-screen instructions, and then install the apk file. That’s how simple and easy it is.