5 Top Audiobook Torrents To Get Any Book For Free

A comprehensive review of the best audiobook torrent websites to discover, find and download your favorite audiobook on your computer or mobile.

Torrent is considered one of the best ways to download and try audiobooks for free, to see whether you like it or not before going to purchase it to ultimately support the author and their efforts.

So here we have listed and reviewed some of the best audiobook torrent sites you can try right now to find and download your favorite titles.

Believe it or not but audiobook formats are the easiest and simplest to get and consume as compared to the other formats including eBooks and paperback.

We will first begin with the torrent sites and then in the end we will add a few of the other P2P repositories for audiobooks.

Let’s jump to the list:

1. TorrentGalaxy

If you torrent movies and TV series then you must be aware of TorrentGalaxy as the website is a well-known repository for entertainment.

However, just like any other torrent site on the web, this one also features tons of other torrents from various categories including music, HD movies, games, TV series, documentaries, and software.

5 Top Audiobook Torrents To Get Any Book For Free

Out of all the categories, the team over at TorrentGalaxy has created a dedicated section for audiobooks, which shows the interest of users of the website.

Once you are inside the audiobooks section, you will be able to find hundreds and thousands of titles readily available to download.

You can use the search bar to quickly find the audiobook title you are looking for, or alternatively, you can manually scroll through the list.

Once you have found the audiobook, click on the title to open the page. And then on the left side, you should be able to find the magnet button. Other relevant details should be visible on the same page.

Site: https://Torrentgalaxy.to

2. 1337x

On 1337x, a famous torrent website, you will be able to easily find thousands of audiobooks. However, there is no dedicated subsection for it.

But you can easily find any audiobook you are looking for using the search bar where you just need to enter the title of the book along with a keyword audiobook.

5 Top Audiobook Torrents To Get Any Book For Free

The results should bring the audiobook you want to download. Simply click on the title and then select the option that says, “Magnet Download”.

This will directly open the Torrenting app on your computer or a mobile device, and you should be able to begin downloading the audiobook.

The speed of downloading depends solely on the popularity of the torrent and how many seeders it has. The higher the number of seeders, the quicker you will be able to download.

Site: https://1337x.to/search/audiobooks/1/

3. LimeTorrents

If you are looking for a reliable torrent site to explore and download audiobooks without infecting your phone or PC with malware or virus, then LimeTorrents is what you should be using.

The P2P torrent site has a dedicated section for audiobooks where you can easily find hundreds and thousands of audiobooks torrents from every genre.

5 Top Audiobook Torrents To Get Any Book For Free

The list of torrents can be sorted based on the date of upload, the overall size of the audiobook torrent, or the number of seeders. Apart from those variables, the site will also show you the overall health of the torrent.

The above-mentioned option is suitable if you are manually looking for an audiobook; however, if you use a search bar then you should be able to quickly find the right audiobook within a matter of seconds.

Because LimeTorrents is a trustworthy website, it is completely safe to use. And since many users use the site, so the ratio of seeders mostly remains decent.

Site: https://limetorrents.lol/browse-torrents/Other-Audio-Books/

4. Kickass Torrents

Just like other torrent sites, Kickass Torrents also has a dedicated category for audiobooks. Where you can find thousands of audiobooks from your favorite author readily available for download.

Instead of using the category, you can even use the provided search bar that is functional and will help you easily find the audiobook, if you are looking for anything specific.

5 Top Audiobook Torrents To Get Any Book For Free

Along with the name of the audiobook torrent, the site will show you the name of the uploader, size, age, and the number of seeds and leech. All of which help you determine the health of the torrent.

Kickass Torrents, which is also known as KAT, is a relatively popular torrenting site but it was officially shut down in 2016. And since then multiple unofficial copies have been made until date.

So it is always advised to double-check the status and contents of the torrent when downloading from this site to keep yourself and your computer safe from any attacks or viruses.

Site: https://kickasstorrents.to/other/audiobook/

5. AudioBook Bay

As the name of the site suggests, AudioBook Bay is a dedicated website to find, discover, and download your favorite audiobooks from all genres and categories, all for free.

You can easily sort the audiobooks based on the language, age, and category. All of which makes the experience of discovering books easier and then listening to those audiobooks even simpler.

5 Top Audiobook Torrents To Get Any Book For Free

Believe it or not, this site is going to be your go-to website to download desired audiobooks and have your very own collection.

The site allows you to not only download but also let you share your audiobooks with others users, safely and without any cost.

AudioBook Bay has an advanced search option too using that you can further refine your search and narrow down your search to find the exact audiobook that you are looking for.

The advance search let you include and exclude specific categories along with the ability to search specifically in the author’s name or the title of the book.

Site: http://audiobookbay.fi

6. DigitalBook

DigitalBook has a mixture of free and paid audiobooks where you can find each and every audiobook ever released from all the authors as the site includes Amazon audible books too.

If not for downloading or purchasing, you can use the site to easily discover and find audiobooks you want to listen to based on the reviews, categories, and chapters in the book along with the relevant audiobooks.

5 Top Audiobook Torrents To Get Any Book For Free

Apart from the audiobooks, the DigitalBook provides you with access to eBooks and podcasts.

Accessing any of the above-mentioned website sections will take you to the page where you can find currently popular ebooks, podcasts, or audiobooks from various genres including action and adventure, crime and mystery, fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Site: https://www.digitalbook.io/audiobooks/popular