10 Best MP3 Conversion Apps & Website for Android

Here we have mentioned a few apps and websites using which you can quickly convert your favourite music videos to MP3 format. ;)

Have you ever wondered how can I convert my favorite music videos into MP3 format? You are not alone. And the conversion of video to MP3 is easier than you ever imagined because there are several ready-made Android apps as well as online video-to-MP3 converter websites.

To make your task simpler, here we have tried and tested all the available video-to-MP3 converter Android apps and websites, and have reviewed the best working and the most reliable options so that you can download your favorite video music videos in MP3 format and listen to them whenever you want without an internet connection.

For those of you who are new to this, we have also included a short tutorial on how to use these apps and websites to convert video to MP3 😉


All the data and material provided in this article is for informational and educational purposes only.

Mp3 Conversion Software: For Windows & Mac

These software and apps only work on Windows so if you looking for an Android solution then you can skip to the next section.

#1. VideoProc Converter For Desktop

10 Best MP3 Conversion Apps & Website for Android

VideoProc Converter is the only one that utilizes level-3 hardware acceleration to realize 47× real-time encoding speed. The final goal of converting videos is to fix video incompatibility issues, but the converting process also relates to compressing and re-encoding. In this case, choosing a solid converter will help to get lossless results, and VideoProc Converter is this choice.

Mp3 Conversion Apps: For Android Phones & Tablets

For most users, as compared to website-based converters, MP3 converter apps are a lot simpler and easier to use because they contain fewer advertisements, provide an enhanced user interface, maximized compatibility, and quickly help you convert videos to MP3 audio format.

#1. TubeMate

10 Best MP3 Conversion Apps & Website for Android

TubeMate is a powerful app for Android smartphones and is probably the best solution for downloading videos in multiple resolutions and seamlessly converting videos to MP3 without any issues. Also, you can directly download MP3 too.

You must be wondering how. The process is pretty straightforward.

Using the link given below, download the TubeMate app and install it on your Android phone. And then open the app.

You will notice that the user interface is more like a web browser running the YouTube mobile version. Now, there is a search bar given within the app, you can quickly search for the videos you want to download. The app is so much powerful that it allows you to directly convert videos to MP3 format and then download it directly on your phone.

#2. SnapTube

10 Best MP3 Conversion Apps & Website for Android

SnapTube is another free video and music downloader app that allows you to convert videos to MP3 right on your Android smartphone. The app is intuitive, and fast, and lets you quickly download the MP3 version of any video with the help of one-click direct MP3 download functionality.

The app provides you with a native search option using which you can easily search for your favorite videos and then convert them into MP3 format. And the built-in download manager allows you to manage all of your downloads in one place.

Mp3 Conversion Websites

If in case the apps mentioned in the previous section didn’t work for you due to any reason or maybe you are more interested in having a list of video to MP3 converter websites because you don’t want to install any downloader apps then this section is for you. 😉

You should have a look at the list of websites that are providing the MP3 conversion for a long time now. They don’t have any limitations. And you don’t even need to create an account.

The only problem with these MP3 converter websites is that many of them are popup advertisement-supported. And sometimes those frequent ads might become annoying for you. Anyways, apart from showing you advertisements, these websites work perfectly and are absolutely free to use.

Mentioned below is our handpicked list of MP3 converter sites that should allow you to download MP3 Video music on your Android smartphone:

#1. YouTubeMP3

This site lets you convert any video to MP3 format easily in seconds, they have added some extra functionality that enables you to get music audio in low and high quality as per your demand and you can increase or decrease the volume as per your requirement.

#2. ClipConverter

ClipConverter has been around for quite a few years already and has become a well-known web service to download any online videos from any media streaming website. And you have both options, either download video or use the MP3 link to directly download it in audio-only format.

They even offer a browser add-on.

#3. YTMP3

YTMP3 has recently revamped its website and now offers even better MP3 conversion services. Moreover, because of a great response, they have added MP4 format too, specifically for those who are looking to download MP3 format online.

#4. VidToMP3

VidToMP3 provides great convenience to its users with a simplified user interface and requires no signup to download and convert videos to MP3 versions. Their servers automatically convert your provided URL into an MP3 format and give you a direct download link.

#5. DoVideo

DoVideo is a new entry into the Video to MP3 converter market. This website is designed and developed by KeepVid and due to some copyright issues, they have made a separate website service for online video downloading and conversion.

#6. SaveFrom

SaveFrom has become a well-known name in the MP3 downloading niche as they have been providing their services for several years already and they support downloading and conversion from a wide range of online video streaming websites. They even have their own plugin and extension for major web browsers.

#7. ClickMP3

ClickMP3 is another new MP3 conversion service provider as well as a video downloader. They have a really clean interface that goes pretty well with mobile and desktop web browsers, making it easy to use.

Visit site

#8. Y2Mate

Y2Mate is a reliable online MP3 converter service that offers you to download audio files in a variety of formats including 320kbps, 128kbps, and even 64kbps.

How to Download MP3 from Websites on Android?

This section is especially for those of you who are a beginner and don’t have much technical knowledge about using these MP3 converter websites and to download any content in MP3 format.

Anyways, to be able to convert to MP3 format using the above-mentioned websites, here is what you need to do:

  1. Launch the Video app on your Android phone.
  2. Open the Music video using the search option.
  3. Copy the URL by tapping on the “Share” button and then tap on the “Copy URL” option.
  4. Once the link has been copied, you can then go to any of the website URLs mentioned above using the Google Chrome web browser.
  5. When the website has been loaded properly, you will see an input box, this is where you need to paste the Video URL you copied earlier in Step 3.
  6. Now, depending on the website you are using, look for the MP3 option and then tap on the download button.
  7. The MP3 format of your provided Video music video should begin downloading on your phone shortly.

According to our research, the TubeMate app for Android is the best app for MP3 conversion and the most reliable option to directly download the MP3 format of your favorite music videos directly on your Android phone. But MP3 converter sites work well too.

In case you experience any problems while using MP3 converter apps or sites then please let us know in the comments section below and our support team will help you out. 🙂