Tested ES sample is FX-8300 model with base clock 3,3 GHz and Turbo 3,9 GHZ.

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Disclaimer: This is not tested by OBR itself, but by chinese owner of this web. CPU is final ES sample, but BIOS has only early support of OR-C0 chips. There are lot of problems with stability a freezes during testing. Final performance can be different, but i dont believe that. It was the same with ES Bulldozer OR-B0 chips. ES has the same performance as Retail CPU. This preview is for Flanker, biggest AMD fan on the planet. BTW, thanks for FX-8150 results buddy …

! Tested ES sample is FX-8300 model with base clock 3,3 GHz and Turbo 3,9 GHZ. We simulate FX-8350 with manual set of clocks 4,0/4,2 GHz in motherbostd BIOS! Results compared to Retail FX-8350 can be different! But not too much … if FX-8350 really has 4,0/4,2 MHz clock …

Last Performance desktop CPU Ever!

Recently I said that Vishera AMD (Piledriver Desktop) is the last “performance” processor from AMD ever. It’s true, even though AMD is trying to moderate panic with pronouncements on the cheapo AMD-paid web magazines. It’s true, but it applies only to Desktop! no servers! CPU architecture Steamroller and Excavator will possibly come to market, but only as Opterons to servers. This is confirmed by official AMD slide above. Vishera/AM3+ is the last performance desktop CPU ever.

Piledriver Dieshot!

AMD Vishera/Piledriver dieshot – extracted from official dieshot of Abu Dhabi (Piledriver) Opteron dieshot from AMD Press ftp! Enjoy kids! Its real! Thank you AMD for sending it!

ES Vishera Sample

AMD final ES sample of FX-8300 processor. It is Piledriver/Vishera chip! Revision OR-C0 is probably Retail stepping too! It is very easy for me to acquire it, i can have anything from AMD unreleased CPUs (FM2 Trinity too). In China is everything available …

Motherboard tested

Testing platform: Brand new Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z, Noctua high-end air cooler, Kingston DDR3-2333 MHz. Antec PSU, GeForce 7100 GS + GeForce GTX 660 Ti. Latest drivers, BIOS + Windows 7-64 with latest updates.


Results analysis: AMD FX-8350 has probably base clocks at 4 GHz and Turbo max clock 4,2 GHz. Base clock is 400 MHz above FX-8150, it is 11.1 percents higher clock. Max Turbo clock is the same. In the massive “multi-thread” applications should performance rise somewhere between 10-11 percents. Only through higher CPU frequency. Next increase in performance is a matter of increased “IPC”. But it has grown only little, wet dream of children and AMD fans has not been realized. IPC is increased up to a few percent. Comparision is not made on the same systems with the same mobo and BIOS. Look at table above:

In tested “single thread” workloads is “Piledriver” better from 1,8 to 5,7 percents. In average is IPC performance 4.0 percents above “Bulldozer” CPU. In “multi-threads” applicattions are results from 12,4 to 15,6 percents higher then FX-8150. Single + Multi = 9,9 percents in average. AMD processor FX-8350 is +/- 10 percents (in average) better then FX-8150 for the same price. This means performance of FX-8350 is on par with Core i7-2600K … somewhere better, somewhere worst. But in average is Core i7-2600K good competitor for FX-8350. Pathetic result …

Because, FX-8350 is the same shit like FX-8150 price of that “crap” can be only around 200 USD.

Stay tuned

In second part of review will be Power consuption, Overclocking, Clock-to-clock comparision etc.