GTA San Andreas Cheats & Hacks for Android [100% Working]

Don't know how to apply cheats and hack the GTA San Andreas game on Android? Try any of these three best hacking apps specially designed for the GTA SA Android version to get infinite health, ammo, and spawn vehicles.

Do you want to use cheats and hacks in GTA San Andreas on Android mobile? But you don’t really know which hacks and cheat codes work and which don’t. Here we will give you all the tried and tested working GTA SA Android hacks and cheats.

Some GTA missions and tasks are harder to complete on Android mobile devices so many gamers opt for cheats and hacks to quickly progress through the game as well as unlock new items and locations. The problem is that the GTA SA Android version does not officially support cheat codes yet but we have a workaround. πŸ˜‰

GTA San Andreas Cheats & Hacks for Android [100% Working]

In case you don’t know, you can grab GTA San Andreas APK (including mod) for Android along with complete data files from here for free!

GTA San Andreas Mobile Working Cheats and Hacks for Android

In an attempt to help you out in using GTA San Andreas cheats and hacks on Android, I have tried and tested three techniques to enter all the cheats you want as well as use hacks like infinite health, armor, and get rid of the police.

All of these will help you play the game without worrying about getting wasted or busted so that you can quickly complete missions and unlock new content.

1. Cheat Codes for GTA San Andreas Mobile

Here are some mobile-exclusive cheat codes that work with GTA San Andreas Android along with the cheat codes available for the PC version. It is important to note here that not all cheats are going to work with the Android version.

You will need to connect a physical keyboard to your Android phone/tablet to enter these cheat codes.

  • GONPXWR – Gives you invincibility and infinite health.
  • BIEUHQY – Get weapon set 4 (Minigun, thermal goggles, night vision goggles).
  • YACKMWS – Skip the time in the game to four hours ahead.
  • JQFUDUB – Shows you the status of health of your character and pedestrians.
  • BYIXZIY – Complete current mission. This might not work for all missions.
  • KRRIHBT – Enable touchscreen control on the screen.
  • XBOX_HELPER – Enable developer mode to adjust player stats.

If these didn’t work for you then I will recommend you try the other hacks…

2. CLEO SA Scripts for GTA San Andreas Android

GTA San Andreas Cheats & Hacks for Android [100% Working]

CLEO is one of the best and the most popular tool ever designed for the GTA game series. It allows you to add and run custom script commands to modify the gameplay without starting a new game. This means CLEO mod scripts can help you modify GTA SA even when your current game is running and the best thing is that scripts do not interfere with your save games.

For beginners, the CLEO SA comes preloaded with basic scripts like cheats, car spawners, health regenerators, and full stats. You can install each one of those preloaded scripts from within the app to test and try how it can help you cheat and mod GTA SA on Android.

GTA San Andreas Cheats & Hacks for Android [100% Working]

Here’s what you can do with those preloaded scripts:

  • Cheats – It consists of over 55 cheats, which means you have direct access to all the standard as well as bonus GTA SA cheats including weapons, infinite ammo, health, armor, money, wanted level, invincibility, bulletproof, and many others. These cheats can be activated from the CLEO menu while playing the game.
  • Health Regenerator – Once installed, this script will automatically start whenever you play the game and keep running in the background to constantly regenerate your health every second and to keep it full.
  • Car Spawner – This is the best script as you can spawn all the bikes, cars, boats, helicopters, and planes available in the game. Whenever you want and wherever you want. The script will show you the vehicle and let you switch left or right to change the car. Once done, simply tap on it to make the selection.
  • Full Stats – This script will simply boost all of your skills stats like driving, cycling, shooting, swimming, stamina, and muscles to the maximum.
GTA San Andreas Cheats & Hacks for Android [100% Working]

Apart from those four preloaded scripts mentioned above, you can even load and run many custom scripts to improve the gameplay experience by adding new features or modifying the existing ones.

So, if you are into advanced modifications and want to run custom scripts then you can easily download them from the Internet, add them to the game data folder, install using the CLEO SA app, and then activate them from the CLEO menu. As simple as that.

To help you out, we have a complete step-by-step tutorial along with tips and tricks to get the most out of GTA CLEO scripts on Android. Moreover, you can learn more about how to use CLEO mods scripts to hack and cheat in GTA. πŸ˜€

In case you are wondering, CLEO custom scripts are already written by the developers and modders. All you really need to do is download the ones you like and add them to the game data folder. The CLEO SA app will help you run those scripts while you are playing the game on your Android phone or tablet.

Even though the CLEO SA scripts app is available for free and provides you tons of features to help you cheat and hack in GTA SA, there’s a little drawback of CLEO scripts, it requires you to have a rooted Android device otherwise it will not work.

3. JCheater: San Andreas Edition

GTA San Andreas Cheats & Hacks for Android [100% Working]

JCheater for GTA San Andreas Android is slightly different and less powerful as compared to the CLEO scripts. Even the process to apply and activate cheat on your existing game is a bit lengthy, but we will talk about that later.

You will get infinite health, armor, sprint, and money. You will also get to modify the level of respect as well as adjustable stats of skills like stamina, muscle, body fat, shooting, swimming, and driving skills.

We all know that GTA San Andreas has three different sets of weapons i.e. thug, professional, and nutter. You will get a radio tab to select the one you want to have in the game. Moreover, each one of the weapons you get will have infinite ammunition. And if you want, you can get a parachute too with just a simple checkmark option.

JCheater provides you with a very small list of vehicles for spawning. The list includes only 5 types of vehicles i.e. army tank known as Rhino, fighter jet known as Hydra, army helicopter known as Hunter, GT40 supercar known as Bullet, and the well-known giant Monster Truck.

GTA San Andreas Cheats & Hacks for Android [100% Working]

Now the reason why it is hard and lengthy to activate cheats/hacks with JCheater is that the hack requires you to go to the CJ’s house and save your game progress in the slot. Then you need to open the JCheater app and it will scan your list of slots. Then you have to select the same slot where you saved your game earlier.

At this point, you have to go through the list of available cheats/hacks and mark the ones you want to activate, and then tap on save. Once everything is done, you have to reopen the game and load the same saved game slot that you modified earlier.

So to sum it up:

Every time you start playing the game, you need to go through the above-mentioned steps in order to activate cheats, use hacks, or spawn your choice of vehicle in the game.

No doubt, the usage and application process is time-consuming. However, the hacks and cheats work without any issues. If you are interested, we have an easy-to-follow tutorial along with helpful tricks so you can get the most out of JCheater on Android. πŸ˜€

You are now aware that it provides you with a very limited set of GTA SA cheats and hacks. Unlike CLEO, the JCheater app does not require you to have a rooted Android device but the app is not available for free and will cost you $1.99.

Little Background About Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by Rockstar Games and Rockstar North is one of the most highly popular action and adventure-based games. Here you are completely free to explore the open world and have the freedom to move around and interact with the fictional world.

Originally, it was released for PC and gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. But it was later released for Android phones and tablet devices too.


Now you know how to use cheat codes and apply hacks to the GTA San Andreas Android game and which of the apps actually works in helping you cheat in the GTA SA Android version.

Have you tried any other apps for GTA San Andreas cheats and hacks? Or maybe you know about other methods to enter cheats in San Andreas? Share your opinion and views with us about cheating and hacking in the comments section below. πŸ™‚