Top 9 PokeZZ & PokeSniper Alternatives to Track Pokemon

Looking for sources that provides sniping coordinates for Pokemon? Look no further, here we have listed down handful of PokeZZ and PokeSniper alternatives where you can find Pokemon for sniping.

Do you want to quickly complete your Pokemon Go Gen 2 Pokedex before your friends? Or maybe you are looking for that powerful and rare Pokemon with 100 IV to win the gym battle? If yes, then here we will introduce you to the world of Pokemon sniping where you can easily find, snipe, and catch all those hard-to-find legendary and ultra-rare Pokemon using their coordinates.

In this article, we have listed all the working Pokemon location services as well as PokeZZ and PokeSniper alternatives that provide you with the Pokemon coordinates for Pokemon GO Gen 1 and Pokemon GO Gen 2 so that you can easily snipe and catch the Pokemon of your choice from the comfort of your home. The precise spawn point details provided by these Pokemon sniping services include the accurate latitude and longitude of every Pokemon from all around the world.

For those of you who don’t know, Pokemon sniping is the best technique for finding and catching all those powerful, unique, and hard-to-find Pokemon with the highest IV and will ultimately help you complete your Pokedex.

PokeZZ and PokeSniper are the two most favorite Pokemon location tracker websites among the Pokémon Go users who are involved in Pokémon sniping and want to know the exact spawn location of any particular ones they are looking to catch.

These websites have a never-ending and frequently updated list of verified Pokemon locations that are appearing around the world. And anyone who is knowledgeable about the sniping techniques can quickly catch them using the provided details without any effort.

All these sites like PokeZZ mentioned in this list feature a Pokemon filtration function that let you filter the results and show the location of only those Pokémon you are genuinely interested in sniping.

For example, if you want to snipe some of the epic and rarest Pokémon like Blastoise, Charizard, Clefable, Omastar, Dragonair, or any other hard to catch ones, then you can easily mark them on the filter list, and the website will show and notify you about the filtered results only.

Do you know how to automatically snipe all those rare Pokemon on Android? We have a complete Pokemon sniping guide here, where you will learn about all the ins and outs of sniping in easy-to-follow steps. 😀

Best PokeZZ & PokeSniper Alternatives that Still Works

Even though PokeZZ and PokeSniper are favorite Pokemon location sniping sites for many, there are times when you are unable to find the coordinates of any specific Pokemon you are searching for in order to complete your Pokedex collection.

So in an attempt to help our fellow Pokemon GO players, in this section, we have listed 9 PokeZZ alternatives that will show you the Pokemon name, its type, CP (Combat Power), and IV (Individual Value). All of these details will help you shortlist the Pokemon you want to find, snipe, and catch.

And don’t forget to check the special bonus Twitter feeds section at the end!! 😉

Do you find it hard to snipe Pokemon? Don’t worry, there is an app that let you take your Pokemon GO character to any part of the world. Are you interested? Here is a guide about controlling your Pokemon character.

1. Pokedex100IV

Pokedexs 100 IV is the newest addition to the list of best sniping site alternatives. The site provides you with genuine and verified Pokemon coordinates from more than 30 countries and makes sure that you capture 100IV Pokemon.

The site is beautifully designed and has a user-friendly interface along with the capability to find the latitude and longitude of only those Pokemon you want to snipe by using filtration. You can easily filter the results and catch the right Pokemon based on the IV, number, name, or remaining time.

2. MyPoGoSnipers

MyPoGoSnipers is specially designed for Pokemon sniping. All the coordinates and Pokemon information you find on this sniping site are provided by users from all around the world. The list of live Pokemon coordinate data can be sorted according to the IV, level, rarity, name, country, or expiration time.

And with the increase in the number of Pokemon, the developers behind the website overhauled the interface and introduced a filter that allows you to manually select the Pokemon you want to find and catch. There is an advanced filtration too, using which you can enter the IV percentage you are looking for and the site will show you the matching Pokemon only. 

3. PokeDexs

PokeDexs are the best alternative as it provides you with the most accurate and verified information for every Pokémon.

And to make it easier for you to find the right Pokémon along with its spawns and location information, each Pokemon type is neatly separated into categories. You can scroll up and down to find the ones you are looking for.

4. PokeSniper

Do you want to quickly snipe and capture Pokémon with the highest IV levels? PokeSniper is the website you should access.

To make sure that you can find and catch the Pokemon with the IV (Individual Value) level of 90 and above, PokeSniper provides you with automatic notifications feature so you don’t need to keep searching for them in the list repeatedly.

Every time any Pokémon with IV 90% or IV 90+ appears on the list, the website sends you a notification! Moreover, if you are looking for access to the rare Pokémon with IV 100%, then you can sign up for the PokeSniper’s premium Poke location service.

5. PokeSpawns by PokeHuntr

PokeSpawns is a Poke location and spawns tracker website built by PokeHuntr. The website will help you find and snipe some of the rarest Pokemon spawnings around the world. As you can see in the screenshot above there shows some very rare Pokemon like Mr. Mime, Gloom, Seaking, Dodrio.

Since it will show you the coordinates of the ultra-rare Pokemon spawns only, you will have to wait for a while for the list to get populated. Be patient. The website does work. 🙂

6. RareSpawns

RareSpawns is a crowd-sourced website that gathers Pokémon data and information from various discord sources, where users are usually submitting Pokémon coordinates.

Just like other scanner sites on the list, RareSpawns also allows you to filter the Pokémon results and have three filtration options:

  • Show all,
  • Only show Pokémon with IVs,
  • Only show Pokémon with IVs greater than 90%.

Furthermore, you can also select the Pokémon name from the list about which you want to be notified.

7. PokeGoSnipers

PokeGoSnipers is another website that provides you with real-time sniper feeds for Pokémon names and coordinates of the rare and legendary Pokémon.

If you are using Pokémon sniping software on Android, then you can quickly snipe Pokémon using the list by just tapping on the PokeSniper button located right in front of every Pokémon.

8. PokeSnipers

PokeSnipers make use of their bots that frequently scan specific areas around the world in search of visible Pokémon, and if any Pokémon is found then its name and location (coordinates) are automatically distributed on the PokeSnipers website.

The site is specifically designed to help you snipe and catch all the Pokémon (including legendary, rare, and exclusive ones) without wandering around in your area for hours. You can even perform a search for the Pokemon you are looking for, and the website will show you those only.

9. PokeSnipe

PokeSnipe is not only a website that shows you an updated list of locations of Pokémon, but it also provides you with software using which you can snipe Pokémon automatically right from your computer.

The list on this website might not frequently be updated like others, but you should be able to find some hard-to-find Pokémon’s coordinates and snipe them!

Are you looking for more? We have created an ultimate list of 21+ Pokemon sniping Discord channels and servers with invitation links that will help you find even more Pokemon coordinates from any part of the world. Give it a try! 😉

Bonus: Twitter Pokémon Coordinates Feeds

Here is some bonus PokeZZ alternatives and dedicated Twitter accounts for PoGo location spawns that you can use as a source to manually copy Pokémon name and their coordinates to spoof locations or snipe them virtually using the PokeSniper Android app!

You can subscribe to their updates on Twitter to keep yourself updated with the latest Pokemon spawns. 😉

Please note that these might not be active all the time as each account is being managed by an individual who is catching the Pokémon around that area as well as sharing its name and spawns coordinates on the Twitter handle.


The MT90+ is a Pokemon GO bot account and by looking at the tweets it looks like the owner of this Twitter handle is located somewhere in the East Nashville area. The handle was started on February 2017 and has been actively sharing Pokémon Go spawn locations along with their estimated disappearing time.


The owner of this account is located somewhere around the Los Angeles, California area. And is actively sharing Pokémon Go spawn locations often along with their estimated disappearing time.

The Pokémon’s locations shared on this Twitter handle mostly are located in the downtown Los Angeles area.


PokeArcadia, as the name suggests, is the Twitter handle for the Pokémon spawns around the Arcadia, California area.

The account has become so popular among snipers and PoGo users that now there is even a premium Twitter handle, which shares private and ultra-rare Pokémon feeds. But it requires a donation! 🙂


This Twitter handle shares Pokémon location and spawn details for Monterey Park, California. The account is most active throughout the day, and you should be able to find some rare Pokémon too!

@Poke Pasadena

This Twitter handle is managed by an individual who is located somewhere around Pasadena, California. And shares the name, location, and vanishing times of each Pokémon that wildly appears in the surrounding areas.


PokeMPK2 is a second account of the PokéMontereyPark where the Pokémon Go enthusiast shares tweets about the findings of rare Pokémon with some high IVs that are found around Monterrey Park, California to help those who are living in that area.


That is it! We hope PokeZZ alternatives and the bonus Twitter handles shared here help you in discovering, sniping, and catching very rare and legendary Pokémon quickly. Catch them all and don’t forget to share this list with your friends.

Do you know about any other alternatives we forgot to include in the list? Please let us know in the comments below! 🙂