It is pretty understandable that gaining followers on a brand-new Instagram account and getting likes on your photos is not easy. All of this requires a lot of effort. You need to add relevant hashtags and interact with other similar accounts. Sometimes, leaving comments on other similar profiles makes a difference, too.

But with the InstaUP app, you can boost your new Instagram account and get tons of followers and likes on your photos. The app is equally perfect for established profiles too. But you must proceed cautiously as all of these are against Instagram's terms of service.

InstaUP Instagram Booster app on Android

Let’s quickly jump to the list of features offered by InstaUP. And we will see how the app can make your profile stand out.

Features of InstaUP

These are some of the key features of InstaUP:

  • Collect Coins: InstaUP is a coins-based app. You can gain coins by following other profiles and liking others’ pictures.
  • Boost Followers: You can boost your Instagram profile by getting new followers without effort.
  • Get Likes: Getting likes on photos is not easy. It requires patience and exposure. But with InstaUP you can get hundreds of likes in a short time.
  • Get Comments: People on Instagram usually leave a like and scroll to another post. But now you can get genuine comments to increase engagement.
  • Gain Exposure: With the increased number of followers, better like ratio and increased post engagement. Your profile will gain far better exposure.
  • Use Coins: You can use coins as a currency to buy likes for your photos and followers for your profile.

About InstaUP

InstaUp is an Android app that claims to boost your Instagram engagement by increasing followers, likes, and comments. The app operates on a "coin" system – you earn coins by performing tasks like liking and commenting on other users' posts, which you can then redeem for engagement on your own profile. The app also offers automatic engagement options, which handle liking and commenting on your behalf.

InstaUP is a powerful tool that offers an easy-to-use interface to boost your profile quickly. You can first collect coins by logging into the app with your secondary account. You can use multiple accounts, too.

Multiple secondary or fake accounts are recommended. This is because you can only perform a limited number of tasks with one account due to limitations set by Instagram.

Overusing a single account could lead to a temporary block for several hours. Once you have collected enough coins, you can then use them in exchange for likes, comments, and followers.