BeeTV is one of the most popular apps to stream a never-ending list of TV shows, movies, and anime-related content, and it helps you unlock the ultimate world of entertainment. If you’re tired of endlessly scrolling through your streaming services, this app will save the day!

It's a fantastic app for Android phones and tablet devices as it brings a whole collection of movies and TV shows right in the palm of your hand. It’s like having a giant movie theater and a network of TV series combined into one place and packed into your phone.

💡 To play movies and TV shows on the BeeTV app, you have to download the NV Player app for your device from here. It's free!

You might wonder why the BeeTV app is so special and loved by thousands if not millions.

BeeTV APK Launch Screen on Android

Imagine having ultimate access to thousands of movies, anime, and shows, all for free, without having to pay for any subscriptions for the streaming services. This app gathers content from various public sources across the web, giving you access to a massive library to explore.

Most importantly, the app is user-friendly, which makes it easy to find and stream your favorite content. So, whether you’re into action-packed blockbusters, heartwarming dramas, or laugh-out-loud comedies, BeeTV has got you covered!

Endless Free Entertainment for Everyone

Imagine having a never-ending library of movies, TV shows, and anime at your disposal – all for free! BeeTV offers an incredible collection of content from around the world in multiple languages so you’ll never run out of content to watch.

Whether you’re into Hollywood blockbusters or indie films or looking to enjoy your favorite anime series, there is something for everyone, and the best part is you don’t need to spend a dime.

This app pulls content from various sources openly available across the internet for free, so you can access thousands of titles without any subscription fees. You can watch the latest releases and timeless classics without worrying about paying for multiple streaming services.

Latest, Trending and Popular Movies

Easy to Navigate Interface

Who likes to spend hours trying to figure out how an app works? With the BeeTV app for Android, you won’t have to deal with any of that.

The interface is simple and user-friendly and especially designed to help you find what you want quickly and easily. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a newbie, you’ll have no trouble navigating through the app.

The layout is clean and organized, with neatly marked categories, genres, and search functions that make it a breeze to discover new content. You can browse through genres, check out the latest or popular releases, or search for your favorite titles without getting lost in a maze of menus.

Trending, Latest, and Popular TV Shows on Bee TV for Android

High-Quality Streaming Without Buffering

There’s nothing worse than experiencing buffering issues while you are in the middle of your favorite show. This app ensures you get high-quality streaming without any interruptions.

Not only that, you can enjoy your movies and TV shows in crisp resolution without any annoying pauses, thanks to the app’s efficient way of finding quality streaming link. It provides you with the server links that deliver smooth content so you can watch in Full HD or sometimes even in 2k and 4K qualities, depending on your internet speed.

Always UpToDate Content Library for Never-ending Fun

We get tired of seeing the same old and outdated list of movies, shows, and anime, which is exactly where the BeeTV app keeps things fresh by regularly updating its content library. New titles are added frequently, so you will always have something new to watch.

The development team has designed an app that constantly scans the internet for new content and list them onto the app library, ensuring you get access to the latest releases as soon as they’re available. This means you can always catchup with your favorite shows and never miss out on the newest movies, anime, and TV series.

Trending and Popular Anime on BeeTV

Native Support to Download Content and Watch Offline Anywhere

What are you going to do in a situation when you are going to travel and will be having spotty internet connection? How are you going to enjoy the movies?

This is where BeeTV app’s download and offline viewing feature helps. You can download movies and whole seasons or selected episodes from your favorite series directly to your phone and watch them offline whenever you want.

Downloading is simple and fast. Just find the title you want, hit the download button, and it’ll be saved to your device. You can then watch it anytime, anywhere, without worrying about data usage or internet availability. BeeTV makes it simple and easy to take your entertainment with you wherever you go.

Ability to Customize the Viewing Experience

Everyone likes to watch their content a little differently, and BeeTV respects that and gives you the freedom to personalize the experience the way you like. The app offers a range of customizable settings to personalize your viewing experience.

You can enable/disable subtitles and adjust its appearance, modify the playback speed, and even select different video players based on your preference, for instance BeeTV supports NV Player and HB Player. This flexibility means you can watch your shows exactly how you like them.

BeeTV Settings Menu

Key Features of BeeTV

Here’s a list of all the unique features of the BeeTV app for Android, each described in detail:

  • Massive Library of Free Movies, Shows, and Anime: App offers you direct access to a huge selection of movies, TV shows, and anime from various genres, all available for free.
  • Trakt Integration: Integration with enables users to synchronize their watchlists and viewing progress across multiple devices seamlessly. This feature is invaluable for users who like to keep track of their entertainment consumption.
  • Real-Debrid Support: BeeTV supports Real-Debrid, a subscription service that enhances the streaming experience by providing faster, higher-quality links.
  • User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface: The app features a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. Finding and discovering your favorite content is quick and simple, with well-organized categories, access to genres, and a powerful search.
  • High-Definition Streaming Quality: Enjoy your favorite content in high-definition with BeeTV. The app supports Full HD 1080p, 2K, and 4K resolutions, providing a clear and sharp viewing experience.
  • Regularly Updated Content Library: The app constantly scans for fresh content and updates the content library with new movies, series, and anime. This ensures you always have access to the latest and popular titles.
  • Offline Download Feature: Download your watch list to your device for offline viewing. A handy feature when you’re traveling or in places without internet access, allowing you to watch your favorite content anytime, anywhere.
  • Customizable Viewing Options: BeeTV allows you to personalize your viewing experience by letting you adjust playback speed, choose different video players, and manage and customize subtitles.
  • Efficient Search and Filter Functions: Advanced search and filter options help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can then sort content by genre, release date, or popularity and use filters to narrow down your choices based on your interests.
  • Subtitles in Multiple Languages: The app provides subtitles in multiple languages, making it easy for you to watch content in other languages.
  • Bookmark Your Favorite Content: BeeTV allows you to bookmark and save your favorite movies and shows so you can quickly access them later, just like having a watch later list.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Provides you with an ad-free streaming experience so there won’t be any advertisement and you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

How to Download and Install BeeTV Mod APK

Here are the simple steps you can follow to quickly download and install the apk on your phone:

  1. Go to the downloads section using the link given on this page.
  2. Select the mod version you want to download.
  3. Once the apk file has been downloaded, simply tap on it to install it on your Android phone.

Fix: Third-party app installation is not allowed on your phone

According to my experience of sideloading and installing mod and third-party apps on my phone, you may see a warning message that says, “For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source.”

It is easy to fix this error; all you need to do is allow installation from unknown sources on your phone.

  1. Tap on the Settings button.
  2. A new menu will open with an option, “Allow from this source.”
  3. Tap on the toggle switch right next to it to enable the installation.
  4. You can now retry installing the app, and it will work.

Easy peasy.