Story Saver for Instagram apk allows you to download and save Instagram media content. Including photos, videos, and most importantly stories.

Now your favorite stories uploaded by the profiles you follow can be downloaded to your phone.

Officially, Instagram does not allow you to store and download stories. And other content too. They only allow you to bookmark posts within the app.

The most powerful feature of the Story Saver app is that it offers you the ability to repost. As well as resharing stories and videos, which is otherwise not possible.

Features of Story Saver for Instagram

Here are the interesting features of Story Saver for Instagram:

  • Save Stories: You can save Instagram stories directly to your phone with just a simple tap.
  • Download Manager: Download multiple videos and stories simultaneously.
  • Save IGTV Videos: With a single click, you can save IGTV videos and share them anywhere you want.
  • Downloads List: View and manage all of your recent downloads.
  • Multi-Account Support: Log in to multiple accounts to download posts, videos, and stories.
  • Lightweight: The app is lightweight and the interface is easy to use.
  • Built-in Player: A built-in media player supports the playback of all Instagram videos.
  • Search Engine: The built-in search lets you explore and find profiles. And allow you to browse stories.

About Instagram Story Saver

Story Saver for Instagram is a tiny little app. It is powerful enough to help you save a local copy of the Instagram stories uploaded by the people you follow.

The app is not limited to the stories, but it let you download all the other content too. Which includes photos, videos, and IGTV videos.

For quick downloading of stories, there is a quick access tab too. Using this you can download stories from those profiles that you care about the most.

These appear at the top and you can mark them as your favorites.