Facebook Lite apk download for Android to use Facebook without giving away much storage space on your phone. With this lite version of Facebook, you can connect with your friends and family on the go without overloading your Android device.

Features of Facebook Lite for Android

There are multiple features that Facebook lite apk has to offer, some of which are listed below:

  • Low resource usage, Facebook lite is designed to run on low power devices as it is mostly targeting all the consumers with lower-end smartphones.
  • Runs on slow Internet connection, it runs smoothly and efficiently even on very slow internet connections like 2G without any issues.
  • Fully featured, regardless of its low power usage and low internet usage, it still has all the features that the original Facebook has to offer.
  • Smaller form factor, the Facebook lite application is one of the smallest applications, coming in at only 250 KB.

About Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite apk is a smaller and more efficient version of the original Facebook application. It was launched a couple of years ago for all the users who have a lower-end Android smartphone that doesn’t run the original Facebook app smoothly.

This application was launched in places like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, and other places where the phones compatible with running the Facebook app easily are not sold much as it is much more expensive there. So Facebook launched another application similar to the old one that can run easily on the lower end android phones.

This app especially helped all the people who wanted to use Facebook but their smartphones couldn’t run it smoothly.

Facebook Lite also has some advantages over the original Facebook app. It is a much smaller application, 250 kb to be exact, which is almost nothing while comparing it to other applications.

It was also designed to work on a 2G internet connection. So it will work like a charm if you are in a situation where you are getting very slow internet speeds or your phone only supports 2G. Due to this reason, it also uses less data bandwidth and doesn’t eat up all your data.

Another big advantage with the lite version of Facebook is that you don’t have to download the Facebook Messenger app which takes up more space on your phone. Facebook lite comes with the messenger app built into it. So that is also an advantage that you don’t need to have two applications.

As far as using system resources is concerned, it is a lot more efficient than the original Facebook app as it is designed to target the people who use lower-end smartphones or use an internet connection that is unreliable or really slow.

Now, you must be wondering that there must be a lot of things missing in this application which makes it so efficient. Well jarringly, it has almost all the features that the original Facebook version has with some small changes.

It doesn’t run in the background and use the RAM which slows down your phone. And as you also don’t need to download the separate Messenger app, and that doesn’t run in the background, it helps in making the apps run more smoothly on your phone.

Other than that, as far as the user interface is concerned. It is less appealing to use. Why you may ask? Well because the buttons on the lite version are slightly boxier and are not rounded from the edges like the original version.

The pictures and videos are not loaded by default in order to save internet resources. To view the photos and videos uploaded by your friends, you’ll have to tap on the view button, and then it is going to load that photo or video for you. This helps in saving internet resources as unwanted photos are not loaded by default.

Just like this, the videos are not going to play by themselves. You’ll have to press the play button to start the video playback. But the Facebook lite all the features that the original Facebook has and doesn’t lack behind in any feature. It definitely feels old to use but it gets the job done at the end of the day.

If you ask what makes it look old. The buttons on the main screen like the profile button, home button, and other navigation buttons look a lot chunkier and harsh while the original Facebook makes it look round and smooth, giving it a much sleeker look and making it look more futuristic.

Facebook Lite FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Facebook lite?

Facebook Lite is a smaller and less demanding version of Facebook. It is generally targeted to all the users who have a slower android smartphone or a sluggish internet connection as it can run smoothly on 2G internet connections as well.

What is the difference between Facebook and Facebook lite?

In most conditions, both of these applications are pretty similar but with some minor differences such as the Facebook, app loads images and videos by itself and play it automatically while in Facebook lite, you have to tap on images and videos to view it.

One more noticeable difference is that the buttons are a lot chunkier and boxier on Facebook lite, while the Facebook app makes it look really smooth with rounded edges.

Does Facebook Lite use less data?

Yes, Facebook lite apk uses a lot less data than the original Facebook app. It is so efficient that it can run smoothly on 2G connections as well without any issue.