Ad blockers for Android

Are you tired of those annoying popup and intrusive video advertisements that appear every time while you are browsing a website or using an app? Here are the 15 best adblockers for Android to help you get rid of them all.

We all know that advertisement is important for the survival of websites as well as the continued development of apps, and most importantly, it is their primary source of revenue. The majority of the websites and services are available for free only because they show ads. If ads are banned then all of these services and websites will have to charge you a recurring fee to access their services. So it would be a good idea to support those websites by adding them to the whitelist.

However, there are a large number of webpages filled with ads, which kills the usability while making it hard for the user to consume content, and then eventually the user is forced to look for ads blocker.stop-ads

For Android devices, there are a large number of ad blockers but not all of them are reliable and many will ask you to purchase a premium account. To make your search for Android advertisement blocker easy, we have tried and tested all the adblockers and listed some of the best adblockers for Android available for free.

Most of the adblocker listed in this article are absolutely free and open source. And it is important to note here that adblockers are not available on the Google Play Store because any app that is designed to block advertisement simply violates section 4.4 of the Google Developer Distribution Agreement and removed from the Play Store. But don’t worry, we have included an official link for each one of them. 😉


Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android

1. AdAway – For Rooted Phones

AdAway allows you to surf the Internet and use all types of Android apps without coming across those annoying advertisements. It’s an open source ad blocker for Android and uses hosts files for ads blocking, which means whenever any app requests for an ad then that request will be redirected to i.e. localhost.

  • Option to select your own hosts file.
  • Ability to add websites and apps to whitelist/blacklist.
  • Requires root access.

Download AdAway


2. AdBlock Plus & Browser – No Root

Adblock Browser for Android
Adblock Browser for Android
Developer: eyeo GmbH
Price: Free
  • Adblock Browser for Android Screenshot
  • Adblock Browser for Android Screenshot

Similar to AdAway, AdBlock Plus is also an open source ad blocker app for Android. It is a system-wide adblocker, capable of completely blocking all kinds of advertisements including popups, banners, ad blocks as well as any tracking or malware based ad, which means it can keep you protected from all sorts of harmful ads too.

If you are looking for a browser then you can opt for AdBlock Plus Browser, which is designed to block ads shown on the websites only.

  • Absolutely free and open source ad blocker.
  • Two ABP options, system-wide or browser based.
  • Some non-intrusive ads are not blocked.

Download AdBlock Plus | Download AdBlock Plus Browser


3. Adguard


Adguard is one of the most powerful advertisement blockers for Android as it provides a remarkable filtration and protection from ads as well as any kind of online tracking and phishing website, which in turn improves the web page loading time, save bandwidth, and protects your phone against any potential threats.

  • System-wide blocking of ads and protection against phishing and malware.
  • Does not require root privileges making it work flawlessly on non-rooted Android devices.
  • Requires paid version for blocking ads from apps.

Download Adguard


4. Block This

Block This is also an open source, DNS based, free adblocker app for Android phones and tablets that has a capability to block all kinds of advertisements in web browsers as well as in-app, no matter in what format the ad is being served whether it is image, audio, or video format, it can block all.

  • DNS and VPN based ad blocker that takes care of your privacy too.
  • Ability to bypass Internet censorship and provides access to inaccessible web pages.
  • Does not require root privilege.

Download Block This


5. AdClear By Seven

AdClear is a reliable and leading ad blocker app for non-rooted Android devices that is available for free. It is capable enough to block YouTube advertisements as well as any type of encrypted and intrusive ads shown in websites or while using apps.

  • Free ad blocker that does its job pretty well.
  • Work on non-rooted Android devices.
  • Possibly shares user info with its partners.

Download AdClear by Seven Networks


6. DNS66

As the name of the app suggests, DNS66 uses DNS to block host names and advertisements as well as allows you to add other DNS servers for enhanced privacy. The app is designed to create a local VPN interface and then all the DNS server traffic is redirected to it, which works best for ad blocking.

  • Provides a configurable list of hosts, which can be used to allow, ignore, or deny queries.
  • Does not require root access.

Download DNS66 via F-Droid


7. Disconnect Pro for Android

Disconnect Pro is a premium tool for Android that gives you a complete control over your privacy as well as the ability to block advertisements that usually have a negative impact on your phone’s battery life and Internet bandwidth. And because it is a system wide app, it can block ads across your device whether you are browsing the web or using an app.

  • Removes ads and protects privacy.
  • Offer VPN service.
  • A bit costly service for blocking advertisements and safeguarding your privacy at a price of whopping $40.
  • Some features are specifically targeted towards Samsung devices.

Download Disconnect for Android


8. Cygery AdSkip for YouTube

The name of this app is explaining itself that how it can help you in dealing with advertisements. What Cygery AdSkip for YouTube does is, when you are watching YouTube video and the advertisement pops up, it will automatically tap on the ‘skip ad’ button whenever it appears.

  • Simple app designed to instantly skip YouTube ads, without any required action from your side.
  • Does not require root.
  • Requires you to enable accessibility service, which is used to detect ads.

Download AdSkip for YouTube


9. NetGuard

NetGuard is a powerful app that provides you with some of the most simple as well as advanced techniques for blocking Internet access for any app and address. You can individually add any app or web address to the list and then allow or deny its access to the Internet, whether it is a WiFi or cellular data connection.

  • Blocking Internet access helps in reduced data usage as well as increased privacy.
  • Open source app along with simplified interface.
  • Compatible with non-root Android phones.

Download NetGuard from XDA Labs


10. Adblock Browser for Android

Adblock Browser for Android
Adblock Browser for Android
Developer: eyeo GmbH
Price: Free
  • Adblock Browser for Android Screenshot
  • Adblock Browser for Android Screenshot

Adblock Browser for Android is a browser-based advertisement blocker and is powered by AdBlock Plus, making it one of the most reliable ad blocker. This app will let you browse the web fast, safe, and freely without seeing those annoying advertisements ever again.

  • Browser with a native support for advertisement blocking functionality.
  • Enhance privacy and protects your smartphone/tablet from malware.
  • Sometimes the keyboard does not pop up.

Download Adblock Browser for Android


11. Free AdBlock Browser by Rocketshield, Inc.

This Free AdBlock Browser by Rocketshield, Inc can make your web browsing on mobile devices a lot more simple and easier by blocking banner ads and video ads while ultimately enhancing your Internet surfing experience with a feature-rich web browser.

  • Powerful enough to block all types of pop-up advertisements.
  • Blocking ad saves a significant amount of bandwidth.
  • Functionalities of some websites get broken due to ad blocking.

Download AdBlock Browser by Rocketshield


12. Adguard Content Blocker

Adguard Content Blocker is a free, open source, and does not require root to block ads and tracking sites on Android devices. But it will only work in Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet browser. The content blocker is customizable, which means you can make your selection from the wide range of filtration rules.

  • Readymade filtration rules for ads and tracking sites blocking.
  • Does not require root access.
  • Only works in Yandex and Samsung Internet browsers.

Download Adguard Content Blocker


13. Brave Browser: Private AdBlock

Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker
Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker
  • Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker Screenshot
  • Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker Screenshot

Brave Browser is designed for speed, efficiency, and effective ads blocking along with the protection of your data from trackers by enforcing HTTPS requests and giving more control over the cookies. And blocking ads and tracking websites also reduces the battery usage and enhances the overall performance of your device.

  • Block and unblock ads on any web page with just one tap.
  • Protects privacy.

Download Brave Browser


14. YuBrowser with Ad Filtration

YuBrowser is not only an advertisement blocker but it is also a full-fledged and feature-rich web browser for Android that provides you with the most optimized web surfing experience on your Android phone/tablet. Features include background audio support, night mode, web refiner to filter ads, web defender to prevent trackers from collecting data.

  • Performance optimized for Android devices that are based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.
  • Block advertisements and protects privacy.

Download YuBrowser with Ad Filtration


15. AdBlock Plus for Samsung Browser

If you are using Samsung phone/tablet and running Samsung Internet Browser then this ads blocker app by AdBlock Plus is going to be your favorite now. This app will completely enhance your browsing experience, saves your bandwidth data and improves battery life by blocking all types of advertisements and tracking.

  • Complete control over blocked advertisements.
  • Work flawlessly on non-rooted Samsung devices.
  • Designed for Samsung devices with Samsung Internet Web Browser.

Download AdBlock Plus for Samsung Browser


Bonus: AdLock

AdLock is a relatively new ad blocker that has already shown itself as a reliable tool in the fight against annoying and malware advertising, phishing websites and all kinds of tracking. It’s light and energy saving which let’s be honest is quite important for all Android users. AdLock has an inbuilt customizable firewall which saves tons of megabytes of mobile traffic. A special feature is a possibility to block ads on websites using HTTPS secure connection (Google, Reddit, Facebook, etc).

  • Works on all Android devices without ROOT
  • Stops advertising in both browsers and apps
  • Works for free only for 14 days trial and then requires to buy a year ($11) or lifetime ($27) license

Download AdLock for Android for free




That is it. Whether you are looking for a system-wide ad blocker or a simple browser-based ads blocker, these are the 15 best adblocker for Android that you can rely on, subject to your requirements and compatibility with your phone/tablet.

If you ask for my suggestions, I will recommend you to go for AdAway, but if you are non-rooted then Adguard should work well.

Which one did you like? Do you have any favorite Android adblocker?

Please let us know in the comments down below, we would love to hear about it! 🙂

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