10 Sites To Download Subtitles For Any Movie or Show

A review of the eleven best websites and services to download subtitles for movies, films, TV shows, series, seasons, and even episodes in multiple languages within a matter of seconds.


Watching movies and shows with subtitles helps us get a clear understanding of what’s being said, that’s especially true if you are watching something in a nonnative language. Not only this, but you can also learn new languages over the time just by watching them with subtitles. There could be several reasons why one wants to download subtitles for movies and shows, for instance, to keep oneself more engaged with what’s being said and understand the context, scenes that are too quiet, or some important dialogues that are inaudible.

Subtitles not only give a textual representation of what is being said in the movie but also give a narration of background events, transcript of inaudible sound effects, and even for any dialogue that is being said in a different language than the base language of the film.

Also, subtitles are very helpful for those who have hearing issues or hearing impaired and cannot really understand the dialogues clearly. For these people, websites like Subscene and Podnapisi, which we have already reviewed below, have created a dedicated section.

Without any further ado, here is our review of the eleven best sources and websites you can use to find, discover, and download subtitles for your next movie, TV show, or even an episode. That too in your preferred language.

#1. Subscene


Subscene is one of the most reliable and trusted websites to download original subtitles for movies and TV series. The site has been serving its fans and people around the web since 2005 with popular and latest subtitles for almost any film and TV show from almost any genre. They have a huge database.

The homepage lets you find and discover subtitles for popular movies and TV series as well as a list of recently added subtitles. The advanced subtitles filtration option lets you find and download subtitles in your preferred language. There even an option for subtitles specially designed for people with hearing impairment.

  • Unique Features: Dark theme for easy usage of the site during nighttime; option to upload subtitles; official discussion forum; and advanced subtitle search filter with multiple languages section.
  • Available Categories: Available for movies, TV shows, and music.
  • Languages: Almost every language is provided, you can use an advanced search filter to find subtitles in the language you want.
  • Signup Requirements: There is an option to create an account but you are not required to sign up to download subtitles.
  • Ads: Yes, the service is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free.

#2. Moviesubtitles


On Moviesubtitles you can download almost any subtitle for DivX and Xvid movies as well as TV shows. Subtitles are provided in multiple languages and each subtitle comes compressed in a zip file format. Also, to be able to watch Xvid and Divx movies with subtitles you may need to download and install the DirectShow filter, just in case there is no support extension installed by the player.

The homepage has an easy-to-navigate interface as on the very top you can find tabs for movies along with the newly added and topmost downloaded subtitles. Further down below you can see a list of popular movies and a direct link to its subtitles in various

  • Unique Features: Easy to use the search engine; Subtitles are rated by the users; Clear indication of file size; Name of the movie releaser.
  • Available Categories: Movies.
  • Languages: Multiple languages with the most available subtitles in English, French, Greek, and Spanish.
  • Signup Requirements: None.
  • Ads: Yes, the service is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free.

#3. TVsubtitles


Made by the same developers who designed Moviesubtitles, the same site we just discussed above. The only difference is that this one is to download subtitles for TV shows and TV series. Now, to be able to run and use the subtitles in the TV shows, you are required to have a DirectShow filter.

As per the website stats, subtitles are available for over two thousand TV series and their episodes. And users can easily leave ratings for each subtitle to let others know about the accuracy and quality. You can also see a clear list of top TV shows as per the subtitle downloads.

  • Unique Features: Ratings for every subtitle; clear indication for the season and episode number; the name of the episode releasing time; find all the subtitles for any specific language.
  • Available Categories: TV shows, TV series, Seasons, and Episodes.
  • Languages: Multiple languages with the majority of the subtitles in English, Portuguese, Hungarian, French, and Russian.
  • Signup Requirements: None.
  • Ads: Yes, the service is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free.

#4. English-Subtitles

english subtitles

Unlike most of the websites we have reviewed, English-Subtitles offer dark UI and themes by default. And as per the name of the site, here you can find the best quality subtitles for all the movies and TV shows in the English language only.

For those who download movies on their mobile devices like Android smartphones and tablets, this site has a dedicated section for mobile, which is fully optimized to run on mobile. Also, the developers accept feedbacks so in case you are unable to find subtitles for any specific movie then you can request it.

  • Unique Features: Separate section for movies and TV shows; mobile-optimized website; dark theme by default; and SRT subtitles.
  • Available Categories: Movies and TV shows.
  • Languages: English.
  • Signup Requirements: None.
  • Ads: Yes, the service is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free.

#5. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY YTS Subtitles

If you download movies from torrent or online movie downloading websites then you must be well aware of YIFY and YTS. They are one of the well-known movie rippers and infamous in the movie piracy world due to their quality work and how they provide highly-compressed Full HD quality movies in easy to download lightweight file sizes.

The site YTS-Subs is named after the same YIFY group. It offers quality subtitles in a neatly designed website, which provides you with not only subtitles but also IMDB ratings and synopsis for each movie title along with the release year and total length of the movie.

  • Unique Features: Well-designed website with fewer ads; Separate list of movies sorted by specific language; and List of movie genres.
  • Available Categories: Movies.
  • Languages: Apart from English there are multiple languages including Persian, Farsi, Arabic, Swedish, Indonesian, Urdu, and Hindi.
  • Signup Requirements: None.
  • Ads: Yes, the service is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free.

#6. Addic7ed

Addic7ed Subtitles

Addic7ed (translates to Addicted), is a source dedicated to finding subtitles for TV shows and each of its seasons and episodes. The site is one of the oldest and has been alive for several years already and trusted by thousands as a reliable source of subtitles for TV episodes. Here you can find subtitles for almost every newly released TV show. You can stats too like how much work (shown in percentage) is done on the subtitles and ETA.

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To help support their work and to keep the site maintained, they have created their Patreon account too as many users used to complain about the excessive advertisement on the site, which affects user experience. So they reduced the number of ads and added a Patreon support link to collect donations.

  • Unique Features: Active team who creates subtitles and translates them to other requested languages; and dedicated forum where you can join and interact with the team.
  • Available Categories: TV Shows, TV Series, Episodes, and Seasons.
  • Languages: Multi-language including English, Arabic, Persian, Italian, Swedish, German, and Polish.
  • Signup Requirements: Not required, but you can create an account to leave comments.
  • Ads: Yes, the service is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free, but you can donate to support the creators.

#7. Podnapisi

Podnapisi subs

Podnapisi is a community-based ad-free subtitle downloading website and has one of the largest databases for movie and TV shows subtitles available in over a hundred languages. Similar to Subscene, this website offers hundreds and thousands of subtitles specially adapted for hearing impaired and hard of hearing (SDH) viewers. 

The search option available on the site is very powerful that allows you to find subtitles for movies based on the year as well as TV series based on the season number, episode number, and the year of release. All of this makes finding subtitles a piece of cake. You can further personalize search results based on your preferred language.

  • Unique Features: Community-based subtitles site; Subtitles available in SRT and SDH formats; Shows a preview of subtitles; Lets you leave and read comments left by other users.
  • Available Categories: Movies, Films, TV Series, Seasons, and Episodes.
  • Languages: Multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Hindi,
  • Signup Requirements: Not required, but you can create an account to leave ratings and comments.
  • Ads: None, ad-free.
  • Price: Free.

#8. TVsubs

tvsubs subtitles for TV shows and series

A site dedicated to finding subtitles for TV shows, TV series, seasons, and episodes in various popular languages. According to the site stats, they have subtitles for over thirty-six hundred TV shows with thousands of subtitles in total.

Using the search functionality, you can find subtitles for your desired TV series, season, and episodes. The best thing about the TVsubs website is how neatly each TV series is organized with the season number along with the episode name and number. Within the episode you have selected, you can find subtitles in all the available languages along with the release date.

  • Unique Features: Easy selection of subtitles for season number and episodes; Allows you to upload and send subtitles to the site owner.
  • Available Categories: TV shows, Series, Seasons, and Episodes.
  • Languages: Multiple languages including English, Hungarian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Turkish.
  • Signup Requirements: None.
  • Ads: Yes, the service is ad-supported but shows fewer ads as compared to others in the list.
  • Price: Free.

#9. OpenSubtitles


OpenSubtitles has a huge database with over 5.7 million subtitles with tons of advertisements to support their services and keep the site alive. The search function is really powerful as the advanced option lets you search for subtitles in a specific category, season, or even episode number.

Apart from the highly efficient search bar, the homepage of the site offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with the ability to upload subtitles and the option to request subtitles in any specific language. They even have a forum with an active community as well as a blog where they keep the visitors and subscribers updated with the current happenings related to subtitles.

  • Unique Features: Forum with an active community to discuss subtitles; Request for subtitles for any specific movie and TV show; Subtitles available in the sub, srt, txt, ssa, smi, mpl, tmp, vtt, and dfxp.
  • Available Categories: Movies, TV series, TV shows, Episodes, and Seasons.
  • Languages: Multiple languages including English, Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian, and several others.
  • Signup Requirements: None, but you can create an account to interact with the community.
  • Ads: Yes, the service is ad-supported but you can opt for VIP membership to remove ads.
  • Price: Free.

#10. BollyNook

BollyNook Subtitles for movies and lyrics for music

For those who love to watch Bollywood movies but can’t really understand the Hindi language properly then this website is the best for you as here, you can find subtitles for almost any Bollywood movie in the majority of the popular languages. Not only in movies but also you can find lyrics for Bollywood and Indian music as well.

Apart from the subtitles and lyrics, BollyNook has a dedicated page for all the Bollywood celebrities where you can find the biography, their favorite dialogues, quotes, and other relevant information about each actor.

  • Unique Features: Subtitles for almost every movie; Lyrics for Bollywood music and songs; and a dedicated biography page for every Bollywood artist.
  • Available Categories: Indian and Bollywood Movies and Songs.
  • Languages: Multiple language support including English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Malay, and several others.
  • Signup Requirements: None.
  • Ads: Yes, the service is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free, but you can donate as well.

Bonus: Use VLC built in subtitles Tool

vlc for android

VLC Player for Android is one of the most trusted and popular audio and video player among Android users because of its ease of usage and how it has support to play almost any video files without downloading any additional extension or plugin. One such feature is the option to search and download subtitles directly from the player

This is a built-in feature. After you load a movie, press the Audio tracks and subtitle button (the second button from the left on the interface itself). After that tap on the Download subtitles option. The Android app will automatically search for the subtitle and load it on your device’s screen. You can get more information from here.

Download Subtitles in App

Alternatively, in case you are unable to find any suitable subtitles for the movie or TV series you are watching then you can manually download subtitles for that specific movie in your preferred language from the other websites we have reviewed in the list below and then load the srt, sub, or sbv file manually.

  • Unique Features: Plays all kinds of videos and TV series in almost any format; Let you find and download subtitles from within the player;
  • Available Categories: Movies, TV series, Seasons, and Episodes.
  • Languages: Multiple languages but preferably English.
  • Signup Requirements: None.
  • Ads: None.
  • Price: Free.

We hope you found value in this review. If we helped you make a better decision about finding and downloading subtitles for movies and TV shows in any way then please share your opinions with us in the comments down below, we read and respond to each one of them! 🙂

Also, if you happen to use an app or website that we haven’t included in our review then let us know that what influenced you to make this decision. We will have a look at it and might include that app or subtitle provider in our review during the next update.