Are you looking to get your hands on some new skins for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang characters and heroes? New BoxSkin apk is a powerful injector tool that lets you change the character skins and smartly personalize the MLBB game according to your liking.

With this mod, you will gain exclusive access to premium features including battle effects, skins, and drone view. And that too without paying for them.

mobile legends bang bang new boxskin screenshot

Skin Mods of New BoxSkin

Here are the skins mods available in the New BoxSkin app for Android that can help you become a pro player:

  • Skins: A dedicated menu for skins where you get access to skins for different heroes including Marksman, Mage, Fighter, Tank, and Support.
  • Revert Functionality: Get access to the revert functionality that allows you to reset the changes.
  • Recalls: To maintain the personalization for the avatars and their skins, the app allows you to perform over thirty-nine recalls.
  • Respawning: About nine animations are easily usable for respawning and you can create a backup of the same.
  • Emotes: For action-filled games with survival mode, there are emotes to help you have interactive conversations with your squad members.
  • Drone Views: Unlocks a variety of views including the tablet view as well as 3x, 4x, and 5x zooming.
mobile legends bang bang screenshot

Features of New BoxSkin

These are some key features of the New BoxSkin that make the app powerful enough to apply skins and modifications to the game:

  • Safe to Use: The injector is safe to use and helps you gain control over the Mobile Legend game.
  • Anti-Ban: New BoxSkin injector is safe to use as it is smartly designed to remain undetectable and keeps your account from being banned.
  • Ad-Free: The app is free from advertisements, which makes the hacking experience clutter-free and simple to use.
  • Up-to-date: Developers make sure to keep the app updated with all the latest bug fixes.

About New BoxSkin

Whether you are looking for some new angles to view the game from a different dimension or you want skins, notifications, emote, or respawning.

The New BoxSkin apk offers you tons of modifications and customizations for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game.

Its user-friendly interface and anti-ban capabilities make it one of the most reliable skin mod apps among its competitors.

Previously, we discussed New Imoba (add link) app, which offers similar modifications and hacking capabilities.

But the menu available in the New BoxSkin for the skins and other added effects is more reliable.

And the best feature is the ability to reverse the changes and restore to the default settings through the backup option.