Summertime Saga for Android is an exciting novel-based dating game that lets you make quick decisions to complete the story. The game is a visual novel in which you are the main character of the story where you have to perform daily chores and complete assigned tasks to find the ultimate truth behind the father's death.

Summertime Saga APK for Android, talking to Jenny

The story proceeds on a day-to-day basis, and it's entirely up to you to make his daily decisions just like we do in real life. The Summertime Saga app is a very interactive game that can quickly grab your attention.

The game has no dull moment, and the storyline is designed to keep you thoroughly involved. You will continue to play it with keen interest as the novel story progresses and the tasks are completed. The game has three major tasks that need to be completed. You will also find mini-games and challenges to help you progress further in the storyline.

What's New in the Beta Version

Summertime Saga new updated map

After much anticipation, the new and fresh beta version has been publicly released, bringing many improvements and enhancements. Here are some of the most noticeable ones:

  • Better Graphics: High definition and enhanced graphics.
  • Widescreen Support: The game is now released in a 16:9 aspect ratio, compared to the previous 4:3 aspect ratio, which increases the overall quality as the game covers the wider screen.
  • Bigger Map: It brings new location additions, which increase the size of the map and the areas you can explore to collect more items. Most of the locations are unlocked and accessible.
  • Performance Improvements: The developer has worked on overall performance improvements and speed enhancements by optimizing images and graphics and using a totally new source code.
  • Not Compatible with Old Saved Games: If you have previously played the game and already have the saved games, you won't be able to use those, as this newer release uses a new source code.
  • Unlimited Money Mod and Max Stats: When you start the game, you have 3 different options, one of which is to begin the game in cheat mode, i.e., unlimited money mod and maxed-out player stats.

The biggest improvement in this new release is the frequency of updates, which will ensure that new content and characters are added to keep the game interesting. And yes, you don't need any Summertime Saga mod APK as the game, by default, offers you the option to have unlimited money cheat.

Features of Summertime Saga

Interested in finding out all the features of this interactive Android game? Here, we have listed all the key elements of the Summertime Saga app:

Debbie in the Summertime Saga for Android
  • An interactive game based on an exciting storyline with more than thirty unique locations to discover and visit,
  • The story unlocks as you proceed after completing different tasks,
  • The entire story is in your hands to control,
  • It comes with various quests, treasure hunts, and over 25 mini-games,
  • There are several different scenes in the story with great visual graphics,
  • Maps and stats option is available to keep you updated with the progress
  • The mystery and suspense in the story are never-ending and maintain your attention,
  • You will get over 65 characters to meet and interact with the game.

Review of Summertime Saga for Android

As for our opinion and review of the game, the Summertime Saga game for Android has a preliminary introduction to the story to help you understand the entire situation. The story revolves around a young boy whose father has recently been killed in mysterious circumstances. And in the whole gameplay, you will be the story's main character.

The young boy is about to enter college when that incident happens. These hardships just continue to grow as the boy learns that his late has been in debt to a group of underground criminals.

Summertime Saga APK for Android screenshots while talking to Mia

After his father's death, he is now living with one of his father's old friends. The lady has been pressured to pay back the debt the main character's father owed. The story starts on the day when the young boy has to start college.

The young boy is facing the challenge of saving money to pay for the college semester and to find out the killers of his father. The game's main controls are enabled when the young boy wakes up on his first day at college.

On the very first day, the game will help you explore different locations, and all the controls will be displayed on the screen. It will begin with a scene in the room where different controls are shown on the sides of the screen:

Summertime Saga for Android, having conversation with the principal Mrs. Smith
  • There is a map on the top left side, which will be unlocked as you progress further. It will help you explore different locations and places.
  • The current location and day are also mentioned in the top left corner.
  • The time in the game is divided into four periods, and the blue bars on the top center show the period.
  • Moving further to the right are three buttons: money, phone, and inventory. You are required to keep track of these three items all the time while managing money, stats, and other items in the inventory.
  • The main menu is present on the top right side. All other options are available in the main menu.

At the game's start, you must familiarize yourself with the interfaces available and then move further. Also, you will notice there is a cookie box on the couch; you can pick it up and have a look around the room. You will find a broken computer and a telescope in the room. You will have two other people in the house with you. Debbie is an old friend of the young boy's father. A young girl, Jenny, is Debbie's daughter.

In conversations with Judith, a character in the game

The game gives you complete control to change the names of the people you meet during the gameplay. The story will have some small tasks to help you earn money. The first task will be to help Diane in her garden. Diane is Debbie's friend and neighbor. The map will now unlock; you can access it to visit different locations and schools.

The daily routine comprises going to school and attending lectures. As you attend classes, more options and locations will continue to unlock. By the end of the day, your map will show you multiple options, like visiting the library, visiting a friend's home to study, or going to work to earn cash.

The map will guide you regarding how many places have been unlocked. You will be entirely in control of how to utilize the time after school before going home in the evening.

Coach Bridget of Summertime

The story continues as you meet different people and interact with them. During the gameplay, you will come across various tasks and challenges. Summertime Saga's latest version is about daily routines, house chores, jobs, and making everyday decisions based on your relationships with different people and characters.

Different options will pop up on the screen for you to select from. For example, if you visit the grocery store, you will be given the prices of the items, and it will be entirely up to you to buy them. Some can be affordable to purchase right away, while some will be out of budget range.

Daily Required Tasks

You need to finish specific tasks at the very beginning of the game. Those are as follows:

  • A master key will be needed to finish different quests in the game. The master key is available with one of the teachers at school.
  • There is a broken computer in the room, which needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Fixing the computer at an early stage will help you to study.
  • It would be best if you unlocked the stats tracker early in the game; I will tell you more about this in the next section.
  • You have to buy a bicycle to deliver pizza, as it is necessary to earn more money in the game.
Talking to Diane

Stats Tracker in the Game

The user has to keep track of the stats that are available in the top right corner. There are a total of four stats options, and the user has to maintain all of them. The user has to gain strength by joining the gym to complete different quests in the Summertime Saga game.

Joining the gym is not a piece of cake in the game. The user has to do multiple tasks to do the exercise and training in the gym. The user also has to learn French and gain intelligence in the game. French can be learned at school. Intelligence is earned by playing a maze runner on the computer. That is why it is necessary to fix the computer in the first place.

Earning Money in Summertime Saga

The user has to earn money throughout the game. There are a total of three mini-games within the Summertime saga apk that will allow the user to earn money. The gardening game is quite simple, and the user can set a time to play the game.

The user has to remove the unwanted things from the garden. The pizza delivery mini-game is a bit difficult, but the user can earn more money from it. It is a time-bound game where the user has to deliver the pizza to different houses. The third mini-game is a shooting competition where the user has to shoot various items that appear on the screen. The user can make maximum money out of the shooting game.

The user has to earn money, perform tasks, and listen to other characters in the story to proceed. Looking at other people will help the user to make the decision accordingly. One has to find a golden compass that will require a complete treasure hunt within the game.

One has to rest properly and sleep during the game to gain energy for the rest of the tasks. The user must also collect as many magazines as possible to improve the stats. The user should maximize the stats during the game. The game's stages are divided into characters' stories and their interaction with the main player.