Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed apk for Android is a brand new role playing gaming series released by the NEXON Company, who is a global leader in developing online games for mobile devices. And with the release of this series, the developers have taken RPGs to the next level.

The game is filled with a variety of new content to help keep you entertained and kill your boredom. Don’t know what those amazing content are? Continue reading to find out more…

What’s New In Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed apk is jam-packed with the thrilling actionable warfare and adventurous RPG gaming experience.

  • An epic war has been unleashed that will let you dominate the war with stylized and brutal weapons of mass carnage.
  • During the gameplay, you will experience a heroic journey to unite the three kingdoms while relishing the brilliant cut scenes and intense graphics.
  • The game includes over eighty legendary characters from various series including the Dynasty Return and Dynasty Combat, making it the most emblematic series of all time.
  • Strategize your moves appropriately to survive massive battles against ruthless throng of enemies in gaming modes like Conquest and Real-time Player Versus Player (PvP).

Features of Dynasty Warriors Unleashed App

This latest release of Dynasty Warriors sequel features a range of gaming quests and modes that can keep you engaged for countless hours of gameplay.

  • Unlock and enhance all the 80 characters to unleash the real battling power and build your own powerful warrior team to conquer all gaming mode.
  • Each of the character has extraordinary combatting capabilities to help you defeat several enemies.
  • Experience the historic battles and expressive story in the filmic cut scenes included during the gameplay.

Game Modes

The Dynasty Warriors: Unleased features over five different gaming modes where you have play smartly and strategize your moves to win the fights against enemies. Game modes include:

  1. Boss Fight — Battle the boss along with your friends.
  2. Conquest — Combat with rivals as well as other players and take control of the map.
  3. Raid — Invade your opponents to steal from them.
  4. Skirmish — Begin a real-time fight with up to four players.
  5. War Supply — Strengthen war supplies by conquering mines and securing resources.