Are you looking for the GTA 5 APK to run the game on your Android phone? You have come to the right place where I will reveal the truth behind GTA V. Continue reading to find out… :)

As you already know, Grand Theft Auto V is an all-in-one action, RPG, driving, and shooting-based game developed by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games. Soon after its release, the game quickly earned the rank of one of the most popular and successful gaming titles. The main reason behind this huge success is the open world's scale, the amount of detail in the fictional local neighborhood of Los Santos, the superior visual quality, and the improvement in the overall graphics.

GTA 5 manual for Android

First of all, before we discuss the game, it is better to clarify that Rockstar Games has not developed GTA 5 Optimize for Android because it is not possible to play it on Android due to the hardware limitations (including Processor, RAM, GPU) which is currently not capable enough to run this resource hungry game. Even if, in the near future, the Rockstar Games developers try to optimize GTA 5 to run on Android, then the storage space requirement would be far greater than 10GB for the game data alone.

Moreover, dozens of websites on the Internet claim to provide you with GTA 5 APK for download or anything related to the game. Remember that those are entirely fake, and there is a possibility that those APKs might contain Trojans and viruses.

So, downloading and installing them on your Android phone or tablet may result in permanent data loss. I will suggest you stay away from those fake APKs.

Also, you may come across some modified or hacked GTA 5 APK, which is a mod version of the original GTA San Andreas mobile app to make it look like the original game.

Apart from that, Rockstar Games developed a GTA 5 app for Android, an official game manual. Yes, that is only a manual. The manual is spread over 100 pages and includes almost everything required to help you play and complete the game.

Considering the enormous scale of the in-game world, it becomes necessary for the developers to design an app, especially a manual, so that players can keep it handy and know all the ins and outs of the map without ever needing to pause the game.

In the manual, you will find help with game controls, a full-featured tour of the local neighborhoods and available activities, and an interactive game map with zoom capability to explore the areas. This will help you find your way around the game’s open-world environment.

GTA 5 – Storyline

Unlike the previous Grand Theft Auto series, the GTA 5 contains not one, not two but a total of three different lead characters i.e. Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton. And throughout the gameplay, you are free to switch between them whenever you want. Also, there are some missions where two or more characters are involved; that’s precisely where the game will automatically switch characters to complete a certain objective of the mission. This strategic feature added tactical shooting elements, which helped the game win the title for one of the best games ever made.

What makes Grand Theft Auto V different from any previous release of the series is the inclusion of multiple lead characters, the exceptional heist mission strategy, and remarkable world planning along with the great story structure. All of these combined makes the game interesting and stimulating than ever.

All three characters have their own set of over 8 skills, each with one unique expertise skill set. Like, Franklin can slow down time while driving, Trevor can do twice as much damage to its enemies during combat, and Michael can enter time slice during combat.

The unique skill set of each character needs to be trained during the gameplay. And these skills are limited so whenever you use these special skills, they will deplete. If your character is running low on their unique ability, then you can easily replenish it by performing and practicing skillful actions.

There is even a GTA Online, which is also known as the online multiplayer mode, that allows up to thirty players to explore the vast in-game open-world environment to simply engage as well as compete with each other in multiplayer missions and game matches.

And if you have played the previous releases of Grand Theft Auto, then I am sure you must be aware that the character needs to complete the missions in order to unlock certain parts and localities. However, that’s not the case with the latest GTA V release. You are free to explore the whole open-world environment right from the beginning of the game. However, as you complete missions and progress through the game then you will be able to unlock more exciting content and items.

Soon after the official release of Grand Theft Auto V, the game managed to break all the sales records of the industry by becoming the fastest-selling game title in history and generating over $1 billion during the first three days alone.

The huge virtual world and three lead characters are the main reason why the developers created GTA 5: The Manual app for Android, as it will be easier for the players to follow the 3D and interactive guide that you can keep handy at all times also, as the whole guide is easy to navigate around and will be available on your Android phone all the time, this way the player doesn’t even have to waste much time roaming around the huge world in search of any specific mission, area, or shop.

Gameplay Video

Do you know what the original GTA 5 gameplay looks like? Check out the official short introductory video by the Rockstar Games below: