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Ultimate Guide to Block YouTube Ads on Android

YouTube is an American website with headquarter in San Bruno, California. It was developed in February 2005 and has been


YouTube is an American website with headquarter in San Bruno, California. It was developed in February 2005 and has been exceptionally grown ever since. Mobile website and app were developed over time, which attracted almost 1,300,000,000 active users today and 300 hours of videos being uploaded to YouTube every single minute. Yes, it is amazing and signifies the popularity of YouTube in the current era.

Nevertheless, in late 2007, after Google acquired YouTube, they started to monetize the website and added partner programs. Then they begin showing in-video ads, but users were always given the option to skip those ads, so it didn’t cause any hassle.

Today, several types of ads are being shown on YouTube, few are very much intrusive and affect our overall experience so let’s talk about those first, and then we will move onto the apps and tricks to block YouTube ads on Android.


Types of Advertisements we see on YouTube

  • At the Beginning of the Videos – You often have to watch the ads at the start of a video, and you get the option to skip those ads only after 5-10 seconds. These do cause hassle, but the idea is to give users the convenience of an uninterrupted video by showing an ad in the beginning.
  • In-video Ads – Some YouTubers allow YouTube to show ads in-between their videos, and such ads do help YouTubers to earn some extra bucks even though they can get a bit annoying when you are watching a video, and you are forced to wait for about 15-30 seconds for an ad to finish.
  • Unskippable Ads – YouTube introduced these ads in late 2018, and they are quite a hassle for us viewers as we are not able to skip these ads and forced to watch it until the end.

We all want to be able to skip these ads or somehow block them on our mobile devices so we can enjoy our favorite videos without going through those unnecessary ads.

Well, nothing to be worried about, and you are in the right place as we have thoroughly researched for this and compiled a list of ways through which you can block ads on YouTube and have the seamless YouTube experience that you are looking for.


How to Block YouTube Ads on Android

There are several options that we have tried ourselves and will be sharing with you in detail about blocking YouTube ads on Android phones.

Whether you prefer using the official YouTube app, want an alternative YouTube app with built-in ad blocking on Android, or maybe you want to stream YouTube directly on the Android web browser.

We have divided this section into two subcategories and reviewed all the possible options below:

  1. Using Browsers with Built-in YouTube Ad Blocker – If you are comfortable using a new browser for streaming YouTube videos, then we will suggest you consider installing a browser with a built-in ad-blocking feature. We have compiled a list of browsers for Android discussing their features to help make your choice easier.
  2. Third-party YouTube Apps with Ad Blocking – Many third-party YouTube apps come with ad-blocking while giving you the exact same feature and functionality of the original YouTube app. In this section, we have reviewed some of the most popular YouTube alternative apps.


1. Android Browsers with YouTube Ad Block Feature

To help you block YouTube ads on Android devices, we have reviewed a handful of Android web browsers that comes with native ad-block functionality:


Brave Browser

Built on the same engine as Chrome and with a similar interface, Brave has a built-in ad blocker that ensures no ads may interrupt your internet browsing, and you can stream YouTube videos without being forced to watch an advertisement.

The features are similar to that of Chrome-like history, bookmarks, and allow you to keep track of third party cookies. The only con is that you cannot sync your bookmarks and history across devices.

So if you would like to use the default Chrome browser for your day-to-day web browsing and you are tired of those ads, Brave is the best choice for you.



ArmorFly focuses on user’s data protection and safety over the internet. Its core purpose is to ensure the safekeeping of your personal data while the built-in ad blocker ensures that no ad can interrupt your web browsing experience.

ArmorFly comes with a vault that you can use to encrypt your sensitive data and also has native malware protection that scans every downloaded file for malware and viruses, which keeps your Android device safe and secure.

Other features include night mode, effective incognito mode, and customized ad blocking settings that allow you to choose the websites you want to add to either whitelist or blacklist to unblock or block advertisements.



We all must have heard the name of Opera and have used it at least once in our lifetime. It’s one of the oldest web browsers designed developed back in April 1995. It is well known for its safety, stability, and agility. Its built-in compression allows you a faster web surfing experience while consuming fewer Internet data.

Opera comes with a built-in adblocker feature that can be enabled with a single click, and you can stream YouTube videos or surf through the internet without watching the ads. The only con is that the ad-blocking feature is non-customizable, and you cannot whitelist or blacklist websites.


Turbo Browser

As the name suggests, the Turbo browser focuses on speed and is extremely fast. It comes with an ad block feature that allows you to block all the unwanted ads with a simple tap so you can just sit back and enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube.

For an enhanced and superfast browsing experience, Turbo Browser allows you to choose not to load images while browsing websites. It has a minimal interface, and similar to other browsers, it fills the spaces from where ads were removed for an immersive experience.


Mozilla Firefox

Released in 2011, Mozilla Firefox for Android carved its niche by extended security and stability. It utilizes lesser hardware resources compared to other web browsers ensuring a fast browsing experience and offers optimum security for regular users. Firefox is one of those rare browsers that allow the installation of add-ons.

Below we have listed three popular Mozilla Firefox add-ons that allow you to block unwanted ads while streaming YouTube videos on Android without affecting your browsing speed.

  • Adblock Plus (ABP) – Adblock Plus is one of the most popular and open-source add-ons for adblocking and content filtration. It not only allows you to block ads on static webpages but also enables you to block annoying YouTube ads. It also supports websites that run unobtrusive ads by not blocking them.Download Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox
  • uBlock Origin – uBlock Origin is another popular and efficient adblocker that not only blocks static and pop-up ads but also helps you block video ads on YouTube. It is very light on hardware and consumes minimal resources that ensure optimal browsing experience. You just need to install and activate the add-on to start enjoying YouTube videos without ads.Download uBlock Origin add-on for Firefox
  • Ghostery – The primary focus of Ghostery is to secure your online privacy by blocking web trackers and analytics from tracking your online activities. It has a very efficient ad-blocker that gives you a truly customizable ad-blocking experience and can help you block video ads on YouTube as well as other video streaming sites.Download Ghostery for Firefox


2. Third-Party YouTube Apps with Ad Blocking

Some of us want to stick to the original YouTube app while others are okay with third-party YouTube apps that come with additional useful features. We have tested and compiled a list of popular third-party apps that you can use as an alternative to the official YouTube app and avoid those video ads while enjoying your favorite music videos, vlogs, or watching tutorials on YouTube.

NOTE: You may need to allow installations from unknown sources on your Android device to be able to install these YouTube ad-blocking apps. To do so, on your device, go to Settings -> Security and enable the option “Allow installation from Unknown Sources.”



NewPipe is one of the latest additions to the league. An open-source app that does not require you to root your device to block ads on YouTube and let you download videos in audio and video formats.

NewPipe gives you a search bar using which you can search for your favorite YouTube videos and watch them because it does not support logging into the YouTube account. The resolution choices are also limited. But if you are looking for an app that is light on hardware and does the job with zero ads, NewPipe is your go-to.

  • Features – Audio playback in the background, no ads, allows audio and video downloads.
  • Pros – Zero ads, minimal interface, no need to root your device.
  • Cons – Does not allow login to YouTube account, does not support 1080p or higher resolutions.

Download NewPipe


iTube Android

iTube for Android mainly focuses on the music part of YouTube and loads the playlists very well. Other usual videos can also be played in the app as a secondary feature. It does block YouTube video ads. However, it has its own in-app ads that can be a headache unless you have an ad blocker installed already.

  • Features – Support for YouTube playlists and lyrics, allows background music playback.
  • Pros – Blocks YouTube ads, available on the Google Play store.
  • Cons – Has its own in-app ads.

Download iTube Android



OGYouTube is one of the most popular and widely used alternatives for the YouTube Android app. It is a modified version of the official app but has all the basic functions along with additional useful features like the ability to download videos and background playback, which makes this app irresistible for Android users.

If you are looking for an ad-free YouTube experience, then we will highly recommend OGYouTube. You can even log in to your account to enjoy the personalized YouTube experience.

The background playback feature comes bundled with a floating window (also known as picture-in-picture mode) that lets you watch YouTube videos while using other apps on your mobile like text messaging or emailing. The app also has a dark mode, so you can watch videos for a longer time without hurting your eyes.

  • Features – Dark mode; background playback; picture-in-picture mode; ability to download videos; blocks all the advertisements.
  • Pros – No root permission needed; no need to uninstall the official app.
  • Cons – The app might feel lagging sometimes.

Download OGYouTube



Basically, TubeMate is a video downloading app but supports video streaming too. It has native support for dozens of video streaming websites. Talking about YouTube, it can load the mobile version of the YouTube website and lets you stream or download videos from there.

Although TubeMate itself is free to download and use but it is ad-supported so that the developers can keep the app updated, but it can block YouTube ads on Android. Talking about its download functionality, it allows you to download videos directly to your phone’s internal storage or SD card.

  • Features – Ability to stream and download videos from multiple websites;
  • Pros – You can access all of your favorite video streaming websites; an easy and quick way to download MP3 or videos from YouTube.
  • Cons – Needs to be updated frequently; shows in-app ads.

Download TubeMate



FlyTube is one of the most lightweight alternatives to YouTube that uses minimal resources, blocks all the unwanted ads, and does the job just fine without putting much strain on the hardware of your Android device.

Similar to OGYouTube, FlyTube has a hover mode (Picture-In-Picture mode) too, that allows you to watch videos in a small window while you are using another app. It also lets you sign in to your YouTube account and use your customized playlist.

  • Features – Extremely light on hardware; and supports hover mode.
  • Pros – Puts less strain on hardware; supports all the basic functions of the official YouTube app.
  • Cons – Does not allow downloading like other apps; a bit outdated and no longer receives updates.

Download FlyTube


YouTube Go

Yes, believe it or not, YouTube Go is an official app developed by Google itself. It is a lightweight version of the official YouTube app that allows you to stream videos while consuming lesser data and is really helpful in scenarios where you have a slower or intermittent internet connection.

YouTube Go is not limited to streaming, but you can even download videos for offline viewing while keeping a continuous check on your data usage and storage. The app is so data-friendly that it lets you preview videos before you watch or download them.

  • Features – Consumes minimal data and hardware resources.
  • Pros – Designed to work with slow internet connections; allow you to download videos to watch them offline without buffering.
  • Cons – Does have ads on videos.

Download YouTube Go


BONUS: Watch Ad-Free Videos with YouTube Premium

Similar to other video streaming services out there, YouTube is free to use. However, they offer a paid subscription as well named as YouTube Premium. The subscription not only lets you enjoy a truly ad-free experience without any boundaries of platforms ranging from website to mobile app.

YouTube Premium also grants you access to the exclusive content available on the platform, including YouTube Originals, which includes exclusive series and movies, and YouTube Music Premium, where you will get to use features like background playback as well as the ability to download them for offline playback.

Google does offer a one-month free trial, and after that, you need to pay $11.99 a month for YouTube Premium.

There are chances that a lot of us are not able to afford a monthly subscription for YouTube Premium or it might be possible that the Premium service is not even available in our country so this is where we have to find alternatives to enjoy the video content without being disturbed by unwanted ads.


FAQs about YouTube and YouTube Ads on Android

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to YouTube and blocking YouTube ads on Android phone and tablet devices:


What is YouTube all about?

YouTube has grown to be one of the most popular and trending social media platforms in the modern world of technology. While other social media apps serve different purposes ranging from letting you upload photos, send messages to others (in the form of texts, videos, or photos), to allow communication in the form of audio/video calls. YouTube was introduced as a platform to upload and share videos with the world through the internet, and it has kept its focus on the core purpose till date.

On this platform, one can find videos of all kinds like music videos, educational, tutorials, entertainments, vlogs, movies, and whatnot. YouTube is the largest social media platform known across the globe for all kinds of videos and provides exceptional streaming and multiple quality options to better match your internet connection and screen size.


Some of you might question the legality of blocking ads on YouTube or any other website. There are no laws that forbid you from blocking ads from any website. It may have an impact on the earnings of content creator who is relying on the income from ads to develop and provide you with the valuable/entertaining content. However, if you want, you can choose to block those ads.



We have done extensive research and compiled all the possible ways to block YouTube ads on Android.

So whether you are looking to block video ads on the web browser, YouTube app or looking for an alternative YouTube video streaming app that not only allows you to block ads but has additional premium features as well then we hope that the solutions provided above have helped you choose the best option for yourself.

Share with us your views, experience in the comments below, and tell us which of the methods mentioned above did you try and which solution worked for you.