How Dating and Video Chat Apps are Tackling Ghosting, Scams, and Bots Once and for All

Are you tired of being ghosted, scammed, or catfished on dating apps? You're not alone. Today, we're diving into how dating and video chat apps are stepping up their game to combat these common issues once and for all.

A modern dating application should not only allow its users to meet their soulmate but also guarantee safety, data security, and a comfortable stay on the site. It’s worth noting that not all of them can do this.

Ghosting, scams, and bots remain serious and common problems in modern web dating. Although many dating services are trying to combat this issue actively and effectively, it is not always possible to solve the problem 100%. Therefore, in many cases, users must be careful and ensure their safety.

Firstly, let’s understand the concepts below:

  • Ghosting: is a situation when the interlocutor stops answering messages or calls without explaining the reasons.
  • Scam: is when a person tries to deceive another, for example, by asking for money or trying to get one’s personal information for negative reasons.
  • Bots: are programs that imitate real people and send automated messages.

Today, we will talk about the actions developers of dating services are taking, as well as how you can personally protect yourself from ghosting, scams, and bots.

New solutions from popular dating services

An excellent example in this regard is the dating service Bumble, which implemented a ban on the use of automation tools and scripts for automatic searches and likes. The company has blocked more than 8 million accounts this year. It is also developing machine learning models to track inappropriate behavior and punish users who don’t show up on a date.

Incidentally, Bumble strongly recommends that users who have been ghosted should not attempt to continue communicating with the ghost and move on. There is no need to waste your time on someone who can cut off contact with you anytime. Bumble also recommends using built-in video chats to ensure you’re talking to a real person.

Communication via video chat fits perfectly into the fight against bots since you will communicate via video with a real person. In addition, video chats allow you to know each other better, see and hear your chat partner, and read their gestures and emotions. There are many video chats with good support and functionality, for example:

  • ChatRandom: is a popular random video chat that connects you with people from around the world. When selecting interlocutors, you can select interests, language, gender, and region. In addition, you can visit thematic chat rooms based on your interests and create a room to communicate with a group of like-minded people.
  • CooMeet: a video chat for men who only want to meet ladies. The gender filter here works better and more accurately when compared to ChatRandom and does not make mistakes. Thus, CooMeets is great for those who are looking for a soulmate and are in the mood for a serious relationship. It has applications that are available for iOS and Android for the convenience of users. Also, you can use the built-in message translator to meet and chat with foreigners.
  • Fruzo: an application for video communication and meeting people around the world. In many ways, Fruzo resembles most other random video chats. However, it has one distinctive feature: the main page of your profile in Fruzo is similar to Instagram. You can share photos, tell a short story about yourself, add users as friends, etc. That is, Fruzo is a random video chat and a social network.
  • Tinychat: is not a typical alternative to ChatRandom but more of a video streaming service that allows you to conduct your streams on almost any topic of your choice or watch broadcasts from other users that interest you. The site also allows you to search for streams from people near you for your convenience, which can be useful at times.

When we talk about the fight between dating services, scammers, and other violators of the service rules, Bumble is the only platform actively working in this direction. Thus, the dating site Badoo prohibits the use of scripts and various programs that may violate the terms and conditions of the service. It has been running its own bounty program for searching for vulnerabilities for several years, automatically blocking suspicious accounts. Additionally, Badoo has a help section where you can find answers to various questions related to security and confidentiality.

Can Modern Dating Services be Genuinely Safe?

The answer to this question depends on what we mean by “Genuinely Safe.” If we are talking about complete safety, then, unfortunately, the response is “No.” No app or service can guarantee full protection against all possible risks.

However, modern dating services do everything possible to ensure the safety of their users. They use various techniques such as profile verification, development of machine learning algorithms, and security recommendations.

Modern dating sites and apps have become safer and more reliable than five years ago. However, it is impossible to talk about one hundred percent security and protection of users. You must be vigilant and follow basic rules to protect yourself from risks.

Tips For Safe Online Dating Experience

If you want to protect yourself from ghosting, scams, and bots, we can provide you with several recommendations:

When creating your profile:

  • Be mindful of the photos you share. Avoid using revealing photos or pictures that show your location.
  • Don’t share personal information. This includes your address, phone number, and workplace.

When talking to someone online:

  • Be wary of people who seem too good to be true. Be cautious if someone is showering you with compliments or appears to be moving the relationship too quickly.
  • Keep the conversation on the dating app. Don’t move to texting or social media right away.
  • Trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is. Don’t be afraid to block and report someone who is making you uncomfortable.

When meeting someone in person:

  • Meet in a public place. Choose a well-lit and populated location for your first date.
  • Tell a friend where you’re going and who you’re meeting. Share your date’s profile information and keep your friend updated throughout the date.
  • Go with your transportation. Don’t rely on your date to pick you up or take you home.
  • Have a plan for how you’ll get home. If the date isn’t going well, you should be able to leave easily.

More Tips To Stay Safe:

  • Be wary of people who ask you to send them money or give them personal information.
  • Don’t send your photos to strangers.
  • Don’t meet strangers in real life until you know them better.
  • If you are ghosted, don’t take it to heart. It simply means that the person was never interested in you.
  • If you think that you have been deceived, contact the application administration.
  • To ensure your safety, it is important to keep yourself informed about the latest online dating scams. Stay up to date to avoid falling victim to such fraudulent activities.

Concluding Thoughts

Dating service owners have been striving to enhance their security systems in order to safeguard their users from attackers. The application of machine learning tools and artificial intelligence has been effective in achieving this goal. Nevertheless, users should not be complacent and solely rely on algorithms.

After the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, when there was a real surge in the popularity of web dating, the number of scammers in dating services increased rapidly, as well as the number of their victims because many users who have just started using dating apps and sites had no idea how many dangers can wait for them online. Therefore, another important task of modern online dating services is to increase the awareness of their audience in matters of security and confidentiality.

We want to reiterate the importance of being vigilant and not overly trusting when it comes to dating. It’s important to check information about your potential partner before getting too involved and not to rush into things with someone you barely know. Follow the guidelines we’ve provided and you’ll be able to avoid any unpleasant surprises in your dating life.