7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

Fifteen best torrent search engine apps and websites that can help you find your favorite movies, TV shows, music, games, software, anime, and apps on your mobile or computer.

Torrent search engine indexes torrent files and help us find torrent files or magnet links to download with a client, the search engine system works very much similar to Google, but you will be using it to find and discover torrent files. You can perform a search, sort the results based on various variables, and download either a torrent file or magnet URI. These are available on mobile apps as well as websites.

Since torrent works on a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing technology and every active seeder have a copy of the torrent file and its data, so it’s humanly impossible to delete pirated data and its record. This is the reason why torrents are one of the most reliable ways for file distribution and still exist.

Here in this review we have manually tried and tested each torrent search engine and compiled a list of fifteen best search engine apps and websites. We have divided this blog post into two sections i.e.

  1. Torrent search engine apps, and
  2. Torrent search engine websites.

Without any further ado, let’s jump on to the review:


This post is only for informational purposes. You are responsible for everything you do online. We do not take any responsibility for your actions. Make sure you do not break your local laws while using torrent sites. We would not be held liable for any of your actions.

6 Best Torrent Search Engine Apps

In this section, we are going to share with you the six best torrent search engine apps that are suitable for your Android devices, will allow you to download torrents too, and can be directly installed from the Google Play Store.

#1. BitTorrent

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

BitTorrent is one of the well-known torrent clients for all the supported platforms including computer and mobile devices. And the best thing about this official app is that it has a discovery option that allows you to find and download your favorite content of the torrent and play it directly on your Android mobile device.

  • Types of Torrent: Find videos, movies, music, and albums based on the artist’s name. And even applications.
  • Unique Features: Lightweight, download torrent on WiFi only to save data, access, and play your music and video libraries using the integrated media player.
  • Ads: Yes, the app is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free with ads. Pro ad-free version is available for a one-time payment of $2.99.

#2. TorrDroid

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

TorrDroid does not require you to launch any web browser to randomly search on the internet for a torrent file and see whether the site you are grabbing a torrent file from is reliable or not. The app eliminates the need to torrent websites as you can use the built-in search engine to find the files or magnet links. Moreover, the app prevents any fake torrent file from appearing in your search results.

  • Types of Torrent: Find and download almost any type of torrent files including apps, software, movies, series, anime, documentaries, and e-books.
  • Unique Features: Download individual files from a torrent, share magnet links, multiple simultaneous downloads.
  • Ads: Yes, the app is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free with ads.

#3. FrostWire

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

FrostWire is one of the very few torrent clients that are highly popular and used by people on various platforms including Android and Windows, and unlike most of the competitors, this includes a torrent in-app search functionality along with a media library, music player, and feature-rich download manager. So whether you want to download music or movies, you can use FrostWire and then use the same app to play those files as well.

  • Types of Torrent: Almost any torrent file including movies, music, TV series, software, games.
  • Unique Features: Peer-to-peer download feature, ability to download large file sizes whether it is a 4K movie or software for your computer.
  • Ads: Yes, the app is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free to download.

#4. TorrHunt

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

The name of the app itself suggests it is a dedicated app that can help you with hunting torrent files on the internet. TorrHunt is an amazing Android app that not only enables you to download torrents and begin downloading files without the magnet URI. The app is configured by the developers to automatically fetch torrents from multiple and reliable torrent sources. You can further sort the results based on size, title, seeders, leechers, date, and category.

  • Types of Torrent: The app gives you the possibility to search, find, and discover torrents from all the categories including software, games, multimedia, e-books, and others.
  • Unique Features: You can read the comments from the fetched torrent files results; the app is compatible with almost any torrent client; you can see the number of seeders and leechers.
  • Ads: Yes, the app is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free to download and install.

#5. TorrCrow

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

If you are one of those torrent downloaders who specifically look for magnet URIs and don’t want to download the actual torrent file then TorrCrow torrent search is the app you should install as it is a fully customizable torrent search engine for Android smartphone and tablet devices that is one of the easiest apps to discover torrent. You can sort torrent based on multiple variables, there is a filter option that let you shortlist the results.

  • Types of Torrent: The search engine is highly capable and you can find any type of torrent including software, apps, games, photos, videos.
  • Unique Features: search numerous torrent sites using a single torrent search engine app; add torrent to favorites to download it later; voice search capabilities.
  • Ads: Yes, the app is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free to download.

#6. Torrent Revolution

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

Developed by TMK Mobile Developers, the Torrent Revolution app features a powerful search engine that can help you find and discover almost any torrent file as it uses multiple torrent database sources and websites. So all you need is a single app and you can easily find any torrent file within a matter of minutes. You can then open the magnet URI using any of your favorite torrent clients to start downloading the torrent directly on your mobile.

  • Types of Torrent: The search engine fetches data from other torrent websites, making it highly capable of finding any type of file including apps, games, movies, videos, and series.
  • Unique Features: Enable or disable search engine sources from the list; easily sort the results based on the size, category, seeders, leechers; multiple themes.
  • Ads: Yes, the service is ad-supported.
  • Price: Free to download and use.

9 Best Torrent Search Engine Websites

In this section, we are going to share with you the nine best torrent search engine websites that you can use to find and discover almost any torrent files and either get a magnet URI or download the torrent file.

#1. 1337x

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

Believe it or not, 1337x has stolen the number one spot among torrent search engines as it has been active for so long and is supported by reputable uploaders. All of this makes it one of the largest torrent search websites where you can easily find almost any file or multimedia whether it is pirated or genuine.

The community is very active and you should be able to find relevant comments in most of the reputable torrent results.

  • Types of Torrent: You can find and download torrents from categories like anime, games, movies, TV series, apps, software, documentaries, e-books, and many others.
  • Unique Features: Multiple alternative and mirror website links officially created to continue serving you with an active site if in case the website is officially taken down; find top 100 torrents; sort torrent files based on the release date or the number of seeders.
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#2. KAT – Kickass Torrent

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

KAT has always been one of the well-known and the most reputable websites to discover and download torrent files until when it got seized during mid-2016 by the U.S. government. Then after around six months, one of the KickAssTorrent members revived the site, used the same theme, and provided users with a similar experience.

And since then there have been countless mirrors circulating around the internet that works similar to the original one, despite the censorship and blocking by ISPs and countries. That’s because the KAT has a reputation and has millions of active users from almost every part of the world.

  • Types of Torrent: You can find torrents related to movies, TV shows, music, games, anime, books, and apps.
  • Unique Features: A dedicated section for popular and top torrents where you can find all the best games, software, movies, and other files. You can even sort the torrent search results based on the size, seeders, leechers, and age of the torrents.
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#3. ThePirateBay

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

The Pirate Bay, which is also known as TPB, is one of the oldest and best torrent files and magnet link indexing websites to find and download digital content like software and multimedia through a P2P file-sharing system. On the homepage, you can find the search bar along with direct links to the top 100 torrents, TV shows, and music.

The site has been officially translated into over 35 languages. The home page of TPB features a pirate ship logo that was used in the anti-copyright infringement campaign during the 1980s.

  • Types of Torrent: You can easily find tons of torrents for movies, games, apps, ebooks, TV shows, and a lot more.
  • Unique Features: The search engine gained a lot of popularity among torrent users as it used to offer verified and trusted torrents; you can easily find reputable and malware-free torrents.
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#4. LimeTorrents

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

LimeTorrents is a reliable torrent directory and search engine where you can find direct links to the torrent files as well as magnet URIs, which you can easily open on any torrent client and begin downloading your selected files over the P2P connection. The interface is clean and easy to navigate around.

On the homepage, you can see links to browse, new torrents, and top torrents, and then there is a search bar where you can enter any keyword and the site will show all the torrents related to that including games, apps, anime, and other streamable and digital content.

  • Types of Torrent: Find, discover, and download TV shows, music, games, movies, anime, and apps.
  • Unique Features: Find when the torrent was uploaded; sort the results based on the size, leechers, and seeders; and show you a health bar to easily find out which torrent file is healthy.

#5. Zooqle

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

Zooqle is a reputable torrent-indexing site that indexes verified torrent files only. At the time of writing this review, the site has over six million torrents in its index, the majority of which consists of movies, TV series, episodes, and other digital media. However, the site is designed to openly index almost every type of content.

The site’s home page, on the very top, has a search bar along with icons to directly jump into the categories including movies, TV shows, games, apps, anime, books, and other files. And just below that, you can find all the latest TV seasons, episodes along with a calendar, and then there is a movies section too.

  • Types of Torrent: You can download books, pictures, shows, TV series, movies, apps for PC and mobile, and other files.
  • Unique Features: The site features all the verified torrent files from all the categories; it has one of the best indexes to find and download any movie, TV series, or episode.
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7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

RARBG was launched in 2008 and since then the site has been actively indexing torrents from all around the web. Due to the reputation, they managed to develop over the year, the site managed to rank in the fifth position, as it is one of the most frequently visited torrent search engine sites.

To maintain the quality of the torrent and to avoid any malware or virus-infected torrent from being indexed, the owners have closed the registration and only the staff manages the torrent indexing, which further improves its reputation.

  • Types of Torrent: All the usual torrent files including software, music, games, TV shows, episodes, movies. 
  • Unique Features: The site owners have their own team who manages the torrents that are indexed by the RARBG; the site is popular among those who watch movies and TV series.
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#7. iDope

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

iDope is a relatively new torrent index site with a unique privacy feature where it says the site won’t track you, which means they are not going to store any of your public or private details, and neither it records what you have searched on their site.

The site’s homepage has a search bar along with a link to recent torrents and most popular torrents, both of which can be used if you are looking to browse and discover torrents. And for those of you who have Android devices, the site has its own dedicated iDope Android apk too.

  • Types of Torrent: Quickly find and download any videos, games, movies, anime, apps, books, TV series, and music.
  • Unique Features: Cluttered free site that respects your online privacy; you can find your favorite content using a simple search bar and grab a magnet link.
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#8. TorrentGalaxy

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

TorrentGalaxy is one of the limited torrent search engine sites where you can get yourself registered to enjoy added benefits. The site indexes tons of torrents and allows its users to upload their own torrents for the other site users.

The site is well known for being one of the first ones to release movies and TV episodes. Moreover, you can see the comments from other downloaders to figure out how the torrent performs actually. TorrentGalaxy is one of the few sites that have an active forum where you can ask questions and interact with other users.

  • Types of Torrent: Discover torrents from categories like TV series, movies, games, apps, software, documentaries, and anime.
  • Unique Features: Comes with a dark theme, which is great if you are browsing or searching for torrent during nighttime; has an active forum where you can interact with other registered users; section for onliners where you can find all the users currently online.
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#9. TorLock

7+ Best Torrent Search Engine Apps and Websites

TorLock makes sure that the user is served with original torrent files only as they strive to make sure their database indexes no fake torrent. The site has a slightly different structure as compared to the other torrent sites. On the homepage, you are going to find a search bar alongside the categories, top 100, and account options.

Right underneath is a tag cloud of all the recently popular keywords and then right after that, you are going to find the latest popular torrent files list. The list shows the time of upload, file size, number of seeds and peers, and the overall health of the file.

  • Types of Torrent: You can find and download torrents from movies, games, television, images, ebooks, software, music, apps, and others.
  • Unique Features: All the verified torrents are marked with an orange tick; any torrent with a comment will have a comment icon; also good and reputable torrents are marked with green thumbs up and the bad are marked with red thumbs down icon.
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Which one is your favorite?

We hope you found value in this review. If we helped you make a better decision in finding some of the best torrent search engine apps and websites then please share your opinions with us in the comments down below, we read and respond to each one of them! 🙂

Also, if you chose an app or using a website that we haven’t included in our review then let us know what influenced you to make that decision. We will have a look at it and might include that torrent search engine in our review during the next update.