Clash Royale apk for Android is available for download, and it is one of the most popular strategy-based Android games for phone or tablet devices with support for multiplayer in real-time. Use your best troops and create real-time strategies to destroy your enemy’s tower.

Features of Clash Royale for Android

Clash Royale is a feature-rich Android mobile game with a number of possibilities to keep you engaged in a clash and multiplayer duel for endless entertainment:

  • Rewards – Unlock rewards by earning chests,
  • Cards – Collect new cards and upgrade existing cards to make them more powerful,
  • Crown Chests – Win epic crown chests by successfully destroying your opponent’s tower,
  • Battle Deck – Defeat your opponents by constructing your ultimate battle deck,
  • Clan – Build your very own battle community by forming a clan and sharing cards with the clanmates,
  • Private Duel – Use private duel mode to challenge your friends and clanmates privately,
  • Clash Troops, Spells, and Defenses – Build, upgrade, and unlock your favorite clash troops, powerful spells, and great defenses to protect your tower from the enemy.

About Clash Royale

Clash Royale is another successful realtime strategy gaming title developed by the Supercell for mobile devices from the creators of the popular game Clash of Clans. A multiplatform game is compatible with various devices. It is a multiplayer game featuring Royales, all the Clash characters, defense units, and a lot of new items to keep you entertained for countless hours.

The graphics and quality are fantastic, and if you love strategic games where it requires you to play the card at the right time, then Clash Royale is the game that you should download and play.

The Royales that are being featured in the Clash Royale to help you secure your tower and destroy your enemy tower units include Knights, Princess, Baby Dragons, and Balloons. And you can battle against players from all around the world using different cards and different strategies to defeat your opponent.

Each Clash Royale battle game has three towers, which include one king tower and two queen towers. You have to use a deck of eight cards to destroy your opponent’s towers while defending yours as well. Each battle lasts for three minutes.

The game offers several different battle modes, including tournaments, clan wars, clan battles, friendly battles, balloon festivals, and several more.

You have to complete quests, which are like tasks that will help you earn additional rewards. You can play in ladder battle wars to compete in the league, which starts once you cross 4000 trophies. The total number of trophies points are reset to half at the end of every season.

There are over 98 cards in total, and each has different elixir costs and specialties. You can strategically create a personalized deck of eight cards.

Supercell also added Pass Royale into the game, which can be bought from within the game and offers bonuses and rewards, additional free coins, unlimited gems, extra chests, exclusive in-game items, and above all, the ability to queue next chest. Each pass lasts for one season, and then you will have to repurchase it.

The exclusive rewards and bonuses include selective emotes and limited-time tower skins.

Gameplay Demo Video of Clash Royale

Don’t know what to expect from the game? Watch this short gameplay demo video to find out how Clash Royale actually looks like on Android: