Are you looking for a way to download the original Pokémon GO APK for your Android phone because it is currently not available in your country? Don’t worry as you can download the game from our website here and begin to discover and capture Pokémon in your neighborhood and explore the real world of Pokémon. :D

Pokémon GO by Niantic, Inc. is one of the top greatest adventure games of all time for Android where you must need to step outside of your comfort zone, move around your neighborhood, explore your city in search of the Pokémon and capture them to ultimately become a true Pokémon trainer.

After the release of the latest Pokémon GO 2nd Generation, Niantic added over a hundred new Pokémon which means to be able to complete your PokéDex you now need to capture a total of around 250 Pokémon. All of these can be discovered in the different parts of the planet Earth. Also, some Pokémon are region specific, which makes it even harder to complete the Pokémon collection.

The game does not end there. You need to find some powerful, legendary, and ultra-rare Pokémon with high IVs and attacking capabilities because you need those dominant Pokémon to battle for the reputation and ownership of the Gyms around your locality.

Searching for the Pokémon is simple. You need to walk around your neighborhood with the Pokémon GO game running on your Android phone, whenever there’s a Pokémon found nearby your phone will vibrate to let you know about its presence. Now, you just have to take perfect aim and throw a Poké ball at the Pokémon to catch it.

The game is completely dependent on your Android phone’s GPS and Internet connectivity. And both of these functionalities are important to properly run this game, detect your true location, and move your gaming character along with you.

Pokémon GO Features

Apart from exploring the Pokémon world and catching those Pokémon, there are some additional features waiting for you to discover which makes the game more challenging and interesting:

  • Hunt for Environment Specific Pokémon:
    There are different types of Pokémon and each one of them appears within their own proximity and suitable environment, which means if you are near some beach, ocean, or river then there are higher chances to find Water-type Pokemon.
  • Find Special Items:
    Poké Balls and other special items like incubators and eggs are an important part of the game. You can find and collect these items by visiting PokéStops, mostly located at interesting places like historical landmarks and museums.
  • Catch Pokémon, Hatch Eggs, and Evolve:
    The first goal of the game is to catch Pokémon. As you level up and your trainer gets some experience points, you will be able to catch powerful and strong Pokémon which brings you closer to completing your PokéDex. Some Pokémon are found by hatching eggs. And there is an option to evolve your Pokémon if you have caught many of the same kind.

Pokemon GO Gameplay Video

Check the video below to see and discover what the Pokemon GO mobile video game looks like on Android:

Pokémon GO is an amazing role-playing game for Android where players are forced to leave their homes, go out in the real world and actively explore the nearby vicinity to find and catch all those Pokémon. Moreover, the game has fantastic visuals, and a sophisticated user interface, and is well-optimized for smartphones.