OneBox HD mod apk will let you watch, stream, and download all the latest movies and TV shows on Android in HD quality. It is one of the best apps with a vast entertainment collection to amuse you for countless hours with your choice of content, including movies, TV shows, and Documentaries without ads.

Features of OneBox HD App for Android

OneBox HD is a future-rich entertainment app compatible with various Android devices. Some of the most notable features include:

  • OneBox HD has one of the best user interfaces, making navigating the list of movies and TV shows more accessible and user-friendly.
  • The in-app filtration features, like showing movies and TV shows from specific genres and dates of release, will make it quicker for you to sort, find, and search for the movies.
  • You can download and store movies and videos on your device to watch them later while you are offline or don’t have an active Internet connection.
  • Developers behind this app have added an automated scraping script that automatically scans and updates the movie and TV show databases daily.
  • The latest version of the OneBox HD mod app now brings native support for Pro Player on all Android devices to enjoy TV shows and movies without any interruption or streaming issues.
  • The OneBox HD mod version has an ad-free experience and doesn't require installing MV CastPlayer.

About OneBox HD

OneBox HD mod for Android has an insanely enormous database of old and new movies and TV shows from different genres, including but not limited to action, comedy, romance, sports, horror, biography, sci-fi, drama, and whatnot. Even documentaries are available. Moreover, most of these movies, documentaries, and TV shows are available in HD quality with over 720p resolution.

When you launch the OneBox HD app, there are sections for movies, TV shows, favorites, and history on the right-hand side. Each section has a subsection that lets you sort the movies and TV show titles based on their popularity, ratings, recent updates, and new titles.

onebox hd mod apk movie playback mv castplayer

One of the best features of the OneBox HD mod is that it lets you download your favorite movies and all the episodes and seasons of your favorite TV shows without any restrictions. The only limiting factor will be the availability of free storage space on your device.

The app natively supports Pro Player to provide users with uninterrupted movies and TV shows streaming without glitches. However, with the release of the latest update, the movie streaming app now requires you to have Pro Player, known as the MV CastPlayer in the Google Play Store, installed on your device to play movies and shows and let you watch your favorite titles.

The MV CastPlayer for Android is free to download from the Play Store, and the app will automatically prompt you to download the Pro Player whenever you try to open any movie or show from within the app. The on-screen notification will be similar to the one in the screenshot below.

onebox hd app new player requirement prompt

It will say, “You need to install a new player to support subtitles and play this video. It’s available and free on Google Play.” Tap the “OK” button, and the Play Store should open automatically. You will see that the “MV CastPlayer” installation page has been automatically opened. Tap on the Install button.

onebox hd install new player mv castplayer for streaming

Demo Screenshot

Here are some of the demo screenshots of the OneBox HD to show you the user interface as well as how the app looks on Android devices: