VideoBuddy mod apk has a huge database of movies and TV shows. Including web series, HD quality content, and newly released content.

You can find every detail related to the movies and shows. Whether it is rating, synopsis, trailer, or even the release date.

VideoBuddy is an all-in-one solution for all your movies related requirements. The app features a modern design with easy to use interface.

What’s Modded in VideoBuddy

Here are the features modded in the VideoBuddy for Android. These let you do a lot more than what the original version allows:

  • Permissions Removed: Excessive and unnecessary permission are removed to improve privacy.
  • Ads Removed: Advertisements are removed to make the app lightweight.
  • Removed Shortcut Creation: Removed the automated home screen shortcut creation.
  • Optimized APK: Developers have optimized the overall apk and zip-aligned app resources.
  • Debug Removed: The app’s debugging section has been removed to stop it from collecting data.

Notable Features

These are the most notable features of VideoBuddy that make the app stand out as an HD movie downloader:

  • Modern Design: The app features a simplified and modern design. Aesthetically developed to make sure the app remains easier to use.
  • Huge Database for Movies and TV Shows: VideoBuddy has a huge database for all the new and old content. Suitable for TV shows and movies.
  • Popular and Top Rated Movies: Use the Discover tab to find top-rated and popular movies.
  • Read Reviews: You can use the reviews section to read all reviews. Especially those left by the ones who have already watched the movies.
  • Advanced Search: You can use the native advanced search to find all the TV shows and blockbuster movies.
  • Favorites List: Save all the HD movies and TV shows by adding them to your list of favorites.

About VideoBuddy

VideoBuddy is like your go-to friend from whom you can ask and get every detail related to any movie title.

It is a database to collect information about the movies and TV shows you are planning to watch.

The app consists of lists of top-rated and popular movies and shows. Which helps you discover all the latest as well as old titles that you might have missed.

To gain further knowledge about the titles, you can read their reviews and watch trailers. Or even read the synopsis.

Once you have gathered all the information. You can then add all your favorite titles to your personalized list.

That list can then be referred to whenever you have free time and want to watch a movie or TV series.

Unlike most of apps, the VideoBuddy mod does not support various aspects, which includes watching, streaming, or downloading movies. As it is against their terms of service.

The app is solely designed to provide you with the relevant details about the content.