Stick War Legacy mod apk is one of the highly popular strategy games for mobile devices. The mod version gives you access to tons of in-game resources, including gems, gold, and skills.

Having all these at easy access gives you an added advantage. It lets you create your powerful army and enjoy thrilling battles against enemies.

stick war legacy mod screenshot

What’s Modded in Stick War Legacy

Here are the features and in-game currencies that are modded in the Stick War Legacy for Android:

  • Gems: Gems are the essential resources that you need to have to buy premium in-game items. And you get those by completing specific missions. But the mod gives you unlimited gems.
  • Skills: Skills are enhanced by continuously playing wars. And missions that automatically strengthen your skills. But the modded version gives you added skills without actually playing the game.
  • Gold: Gold is the most valuable in-game resource in Stick War Legacy. It allows you to buy upgrades for your army and improves your units. And you get unlimited gold with the mod.
  • Ads Removed: The official version is ad-supported. But in the mod version, developers have removed the advertisements so it is ad-free.
stick war legacy modded apk screenshot

Notable Features of the Game

This section highlights the most notable features of Stick War Legacy that you are going to find in the game:

  • Fresh Levels and Missions: New levels are added almost every weekend on Friday. This ensures players are interested in returning to play new and improved levels. As well as exciting missions.
  • Various Difficulty Levels: There are various difficulty levels to cater to the broader audience. This includes hard, normal, easy, and insane. You will also unlock crowns for passing each difficulty level.
  • New Game Types: There are various game types. This includes Triple Barricade Gold, Deathmatch, Mini-Bosses, Forward Statue, and Win Before Sunset. All of which require a different level of war skills.
  • Added Damage Animations: Damage animations were not present. But they are added to make the game look realistic. By adding blood effects and damage animations whenever you are having battles.
  • In-Game Improvements: The aiming capabilities and unit formation of the army have been improved. To further increase the AI and gaming aspects of defending and attacking during wars.

About Stick War Legacy

Stick War is a popular mobile game for Android and iOS devices. The game is designed and developed by Max Game Studios. And Stick War: Legacy is the fifth edition in this game series.

Since it is a strategy game, we are required to accept the challenge and lead the stick in the battles. You have to collect resources like gold, which will then be used to get workers and warriors.

There is the in-game currency that remains the same throughout the series. It has been added to the Stick War Legacy, too, which includes gems, gold, skins, and spells.

For gems, you can purchase those using the actual money by entering your card details. And buy gems in exchange for real money. Those can then be used to buy in-game items and upgrades.

The gameplay is simple but needs a proper strategy where you have to have real-time challenges. You can create attack units. And you need to create an army and keep them in either attack mode or defense mode.

There are various game modes, each of which comes with its very own challenge. The gaming mode includes survival mode, story mode, and challenge mode.