Terraria mod apk unlocked for Android with unlimited items, offers you tons of modded features to help you quickly advance to higher levels without much effort.

You get God mode, the ability to do maximum damage to your opponents, and the magical splitting of inventory objects. These mods and hacks will help you fight for glory, survival, and fortune.

terraria mod apk screenshot

In the Terraria World, you can either combat or make your city.

What's Modded in Terraria for Android

Here we have listed all the features of the game that are modded and hacked that can help you win all battles effortlessly:

  • Immortality: This mode can be enabled from the menu and is also known as God mode as it increases your health so you can survive for a long period.
  • Higher Damage: You get to do a higher amount of damage to the opponent during battles for survival, glory, or fortune.
  • Magical Inventory Objects Splitting: You can split any of the objects stored in your inventory using the magical spell, which can be customized from the menu.  
  • Complete Challenges: You get challenges to complete and earn rewards.
  • License Check Disabled: The app’s built-in license check has been disabled to ensure it doesn’t create any issues with the Play Store since it is a paid app.
terraria screenshot

How to Install the App?

The installation process for the Terraria on Android devices is easy and takes less than three minutes to complete, depending on the speed of your phone’s performance. Just follow these steps and you are good to go:

Note: You may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources through the Android security menu to sideload/install the app.

  1. Download the Terraria mod apk file from the download section at this post's beginning.
  2. Tap the apk you just downloaded and follow the onscreen process to install the app.

Once installed, you should be able to find and launch the app from the app drawer. Now you can play the game with god mode and increased damage enabled.

terraria screenshot

Features of Terraria for Android

Do you know about all the attractive features the Terraria app offers for Android? Here, we have highlighted all the prominent ones that make the game attractive and adventurous:

  • Multiplayer Support: The game has native support for multiplayer capability and allows you to play with over seven other players at a time and each one of them can join via either a WiFi hotspot feature or a local WiFi network. There is a possibility to set up a dedicated server for the PC, an app for which is available on the website.
  • Gamepad Support: If you are trying to experience the game in the best way possible, then use the supported Bluetooth gamepad and configure it through settings with the remapping functionality and enjoy the game as you play on a gaming console.
  • Variety of Enemies: The game has a variety of enemies, over four hundred, to be precise, with whom you can combat and defeat for maximum loot.
  • Multiple Map Sizes: Maps are available in multiple sizes including large, medium, and small; which you can select based on the number of players.

The Terraria mod apk unlocked version is fully compatible with Android smartphone and tablet devices. Comes with unlimited items, God mode, and infinite health.